Top 10 Movie Cars From Our Memory

Everyone has a favourite movie and everyone has a favourite movie car. Younger fans may opt for Cars while older fans may opt for Knight Rider or something from, however everyone loves a celebrity four wheeled vehicle. Here are the best movie cars of all time.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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A car that flies?! That’s incredible. Or so thought children of the sixties and seventies. Now we have Need For Speed and Gone In 60 Seconds, and Chitty has been relegated to the shelf. Bring back Chitty. The world needs more flying cars.

Starsky & Hutch

That red and white Ford Torino (lovingly reprised in the 2004 remake) is an icon to a generation. Any sensible car fan wants one – and a chunky knit sweater to go with it.

Le Mans

Steve McQueen’s 1971 classic car movie with a Porsche 911S to die for. That beast is lowered so far, it’s practically underground. All car freaks love this movie with minimum dialogue, sweet motors and roaring engines. It’s genius of the highest order.

Knight Rider

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A talking Pontiac Trans Am with built in flame throwers? That’s almost as good as a flying car. KITT also reappeared as a Shelby GT500KR but the original Trans Am can’t be bettered. Knight Rider will forever be reinvented because you can’t beat a talking car and a Hasselhoff inspired crime fighter.

The A-Team

That black GMC Vandura with the red stripe made vans sexy again. You can even hire a replica for your wedding or prom, though you might not be able to get a Mr T lookalike to drive it for you. Or maybe you can?


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You can’t leave the (questionably lovable?) Volkswagen Beetle off a list of classic movie cars – even if he does annoy the hell out of you, it’s guaranteed the movie industry will keep reinventing him every few years for each new generation of movie-goers. Beetle fans can point out the evolution of Herbie from the sixties through to the noughties. Don’t encourage them.

Back to the Future

A DeLorean DMC-12 that runs on plutonium and can travel through time is something that any sensible person wants – and any car with doors that open upwards is super-cool. End of story. But then you get flaming skid-marks and the story just gets better and better.

The Fast and the Furious

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How do you pick one car from a movie that’s jammed full of sweet motors? Surely it’s got to be the Toyota Supra Mk IV driven by Brian O’Conner? Or maybe Dominic Toretto’s Mazda RX-7? Too much choice.

Mad Max

A black Ford Falcon XB Interceptor with an exposed super-charger poking up through the bonnet? Oh yes. It’s not good to shatter illusions (or is it?) but that super-charger was non-functional. Who cares? It looks totally awesome and form over function wins out in this instance.

Scooby Doo

Who wouldn’t want a lime green Mystery Machine for fun-times with Fred and/or Daphne (your choice) in the spacious back of this Ford Econoline Van? There’s plenty of room for ghosts, hungry dogs and bearded hippies in this classic movie car.

Did we leave one off the list? Tell us about your favourite car in the comments below.

Respecting the Rules and the People on the Road

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I’ve been an admirer of German discipline particularly on following traffic rules, at least in our area. Coming from a country with a very high rate of vehicular accidents because of undisciplined drivers and even pedestrians, it’s really a spectacle for me to see some remarkable display of discipline on the road. I guess patience is the main ingredient here (which I guess many of us in the Philippines don’t have). People here seem are not always in a hurry. They wait until the driver in front shifted to first gear, until a pedestrian crossed the street, slow down when the 30kph sign is seen and many more. Unnecessary honking is prohibited and deemed nuisance so silent and stress-free driving is experienced here.

Pedestrians are always given the priority here. Drivers should stop and give way upon seeing a pedestrian about to cross although I can say there are still some bad tomatoes, as they say. I still remember just a few days ago, I was with the kids and about to cross the street. When we reached the sidewalk, the car on my right stopped to give way but the one on my left still went on. The car on my right honked as if showing his disgust over the other car. I thanked the driver by waving my hand with a smile. A simple wave to the other driver is also what I have noticed here as a nice gesture. It’s an act of thanking the person for giving way. Just like in our country which is a short blow of horn.

Before having that stress-free driving experience, of course everyone has to have that golden ticket (as what an American classmate said). I’m talking about the driver’s license. Passing the driving test is a bit hard here as many people say. So one must always abide with the traffic rules because if not, heavy penalties await violators and could even cost one’s license.

I don’t see enforcers on the road so often. Yes, there are cameras monitoring a car’s speed but not everywhere. It’s human nature to follow a rule when there’s someone looking but it takes discipline to abide by it when there’s none. I don’t just see drivers here as law-abiding but respectful. They give respect to the rules and the people as part of the road.

4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained on Long Car Trips

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Travelling with kids can be a challenge if you aren’t properly prepared, but with a bit of prior planning you can make your car trip an enjoyable one for the whole family. One of the biggest potential problems you might run into is trying to keep the kids entertained for the whole trip, as they often find it hard to sit back and settle in for hours at a time. Here are some simple ideas on how to keep your kids entertained on long car trips.

Talk Before You Leave

Speaking openly with your kids before you leave on your road trip is a great way to make sure they know what is happening, and can start preparing themselves for it. Tell them about where you’re going, how long it is going to take, and tell them about any interesting landmarks or other points of interest that they can look out for along the way.

Plan Your Stops

Regular stops allow your kids to get out, stretch their legs and work off some off their pent up energy. Try and find a few parks along the way and take a ball or a Frisbee along so everyone can get active and enjoy a 20 minute break. Not only is this great for the kids, but whoever has been driving will benefit from some time away from the wheel as well.

In Car Games

Find some fun games to play that involve the whole family. It helps to have games which incorporate your surrounds, and encourage the kids to be involved in what is happening around them. A classic example of a great game that can keep kids entertained for hours is the old favourite of Eye Spy. Everyone can get involved and have some fun with this simple activity, and it’s a constructive way to pass the time while on a long road trip.

Technology Helps

Last but certainly not least, there’s the magic of technology. With the amazing range of interactive apps on smartphones and tablets, as well as handheld gaming devices such as the DS, there’s always something for the kids to do in the car that will keep them occupied for hours on end. The best option is to mix up the entertainment between social games with the whole family, a bit of physical activity then leaving the kids to their own devices for part of the time as well. With all of these bases covered, you’re bound to have a great family road trip.

Happy and content kids mean that you can all relax and enjoy your car trip together. There’s nothing like a good road trip with your family, and with these simple ideas you can make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves. When you’re hitting the road for a long time, comfort is also an important consideration.

New model cars such as the Suzuki Swift are perfect for long family trips, with top safety features, great handling and impressive passenger and driver comfort. If you have an older model car, make sure you invest in good seat covers and upgrade some of the interior features to ensure that you and the kids will be comfortable and entertained for the entire trip.

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Crash-proof Bike Gone Wrong

The other night, hubby was watching videos in Youtube about Germany’s infamous Autobahn. Then I was surprised when suddenly I found him laughing. I got curious and saw that it was a video on a crash-proof bike invented here.

It’s not that we’re laughing at the fate of the motorcycle rider. It’s just that it was so funny when after being dubbed as “crash-proof” bike and boasting of the technology used in the motorcycle and the helmet, it wasn’t able to perform its functions. Like what everyone say, epic fail. The motorbike would have been a good invention. It would have ensured the rider’s safety (as what it said it’s supposed to do).

My Dad used to drive a motorcycle. I could still remember I used to sit in front of him (when I was small, of course) and my brother at his back. He was wearing his helmet, the likes of a schuberth and his jacket. Maybe that’s where I started the love of wind blowing on my face. He used to bring us to school on his bike or just drive around. I have known him as a very cautious and a good rider. He could have had some accidents but these were all minor and were not his fault. Still, we were thankful that none of these took him away from us.

Every vehicle made comes with its safety features, whether it’s a car, a truck or a motorbike. Nevertheless it’s still the driver’s responsibility to be cautious, disciplined and rightfully geared up to ensure his safety.


RV for Travelers in Europe

Planning for a vacation in Europe? If you’re a person who’s fine with driving big vehicles, appreciates natural beauty and doesn’t need going to big cities to have fun, then getting a RV for a stress-free vacation would suit you. Did you know that every country in Europe has camping spaces available for RVs? And it’s easy to get around because major highways are built to carry large vehicles like these.

There are three ways to get a RV in Europe; through rent, lease or buy one with a contract to sell after you have used it. But if you’re just in for a short stay, of course you’ll just have to rent one. They say start your rent here in Germany even if most of the places in your itinerary lies outside Germany because it is less expensive and the insurance lets you drive pretty much in the western part of Europe. RV insurance is very important especially for travelers like you. So look into the rv insurance quote for the coverage so that you can be sure that you and the RV are protected.

Known for their love for travel, Germans really use their six weeks off from work and spend this going to their neighboring countries. Probably as early as now many, not only Germans, are already looking for sites on RVs for rent for their summer vacation this year.