Give or Sell Option in Disposing Old Mobile Phones

Techie or not, consumers can be easily drawn to purchase the latest phone models or upgrade their existing mobile phones. Aside from attractive designs and modern features, the phone applications in new gadgets are also fun and practical for everyday use. When the tablets and the smart phones were introduced in the market, I knew I just had to get an upgrade even though I’m not a trend driven buyer by nature. Devices like these enable us to enjoy the convenience of having a combination of phone and laptop tools in our pockets. After getting an upgrade, my next concern was how to dispose my old mobile phone.

Mobile phones and other electronic devices contain metallic and hazardous waste that can harm the environment if not disposed properly. They are not like toys or furniture that one can simply put in the trash. Those who would simply like to discard their phones can inquire at their local sanitation office for instructions on proper phone disposal. However, one can still find some use for old mobile phones that are still in relatively good condition.

The first one is to give it away to friends or family members who don’t have their own mobile phones yet. But in this day and age, almost everyone has mobile phones already including the kids. Since my kids are still too young to have their own phones I considered other more promising options like giving it away to charity or selling it.

There are charity organizations that recycle and reuse old mobile phones to fund their activities. You can simply contact them through their online sites to make arrangements for your phone donation. You can also sell mobile phones in one of the online sites that offer competitive rates for used ones. I find it convenient since everything is done online and they facilitate the transfers of the phone and the payments.

Another variation of the sell option is trading in the old phone for a new model. This enables the buyer to get the latest or more recent phone model at a discount in exchange for surrendering an older phone model.

There is no need to throw away your phone when you have the option to help a charity cause or make a little profit out of it. Giving away or selling your old mobile phone to reputable organizations ensures that it gets disposed properly and doesn’t harm the environment. For those who simply throw their old phones away, please consider the give or sell option for your old mobile phone on your next phone upgrade.

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10 Memorable Birthday Gifts For Your 10 Year Old Kids

It’s that time of year again when you start sending out birthday invitations and you have the difficult task of buying a memorable gift for your 10 year old. To make your job as easy as possible, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that are sure to please every personality type at the ripe old age of 10.

charm bracelet, birthday gift1. Charm Bracelet

Bling is a very important accessory in a girl’s life. Your little sweet heart is also old enough to appreciate a more expensive gift and with such a huge array of charm bracelets on the market, you’ll be able to give a gift that not only looks beautiful and is ever lasting but tells the story of her life so far. (Image credit:

2. iPod

If you have been a brave parent up until now and not succumbed to the electronic age, you will be loved for this gift. They can fill their new iPod with their favourite music, games (educational or just plain fun!), email their friends, Skype relatives and do just about anything an iPhone will do except make a call, which will also keep mum and dad happy.

3. Video Camera

Whether it is a standard handheld camera or one you attach to your helmet, your action packed, sporty kids will love filming themselves out and about and making memories with their friends and family.

4. Kindle Fire

Is your 10 year old a bookworm but still loves to play the occasional game and watch a movie? Then the latest Kindle makes the perfect gift for them. The new Kindle Fire with Wi-Fi is available in two screen sizes, 7 or 8.9 inches in HD and has a full colour screen allowing them to access over 20 million books, movies, games and apps. (image credit:

5. Telescope

Moving away from the digital age we live in and into outer space. A telescope will interest not only your budding scientist and astronomer but any inquisitive 10 year old. It’s also a great way to get the kids outdoors to appreciate the bigger picture.

flik flak watch, ideal gifts for 10 year olds6. Flik Flak Watch

Flik Flak is the world’s best selling children’s brand of watches. Known for their quality, quirkiness and creativity, even the coolest kids will love wearing them. With an abundance of designs to choose from and made from the toughest materials, you know that this is a gift that will last the test of time.

7. Razor Products

Razor Scooter, Razor Wing scooter, Electronic Scooter, RipStik, BoGo, FlashRider 360, Ground Force Drifter…the choices truly are endless!

quality time with mom, gift ideas8. Quality Time

A memorable gift doesn’t have to be material. Your kids will love spending time with you…why not take them to a concert or show of their choosing. (image credit:

9. Fifty pranks to freak your friends

Everything you need to become the professional prankster including fake coffee spills, cracked computer screens and many more. It won’t only be memorable for your favourite 10 year old but also the person they’re pranking.

10. Personalised Gift

iPhone cases, mugs and USB flash drives are some of the things you can have personalised these days. Your kids will love designing their very own items.

With these great gift ideas, your kids are sure to remember their 10th birthday for many years to come.

Written by Marney Atkins-Smith

All I Need Now is a Mic

All of my friends know I love to sing. I love to sing sentimental songs especially when in “emo” mode. Old songs by the Carpenters since I have a slightly deep voice. But once in a party mood, I could sing anything. A little of rap, upbeat, R&B and even try to reach the high notes sung by Mariah or Beyonce. But my favorite… Better Days by Diane Reeves. 🙂  Company and location are very important to me when singing. 😛 I need “supportive” friends to be able to sing and the location should be private. No audience except us so I can sing (read: shout) to the top of my lungs. 😀

Since I came here in Germany I’ve never had that chance again. I content myself singing along from the songs saved in my old mobile phone. I could not “shout” here, well I’ve done it once or twice but that’s it. I didn’t want the police come knocking at our doorstep because a neighbor reported a noise coming from our house. 😀

As far as I remember it has been weeks since hubby and I are contemplating on buying a new TV. We were giving it a hard thought because considering that I seldom watch TV and the kids use the other laptop and watch programs from Youtube, you might say it’s impractical to buy a TV set. The one we were using was an old CRT which was given to us by our former Filipina landlady. We just bought a satellite receiver to be able to watch TV programs based mostly from UK. Hubby was the only one using it most of the time as I usually fall asleep while watching with him at night.

We were eying at the latest trend, the smart TV’s. Hubby wanted a LED TV for it’s energy-saving feature and of course because of its internet capabilities. Who also wouldn’t want to watch movies in High-Definition? As for me, as long as the picture is so clear is fine.

smart tv, samsung, samsung series 5, samsung smart tv
Hubby, during one of our trips to the store.

After those many trips to the appliance store we finally decided to buy one. Another consideration why it took us long to decide is the size but I told him we need not a very huge screen. Our home is not that big and unless we want our kids to go blind, we go buy the smaller one. 😛

So here’s our Samsung Smart TV E Series…

samsung, samsung smart tv, smart tv, samsung E series
My first song… 😀

Hubby being the techie one has gone exploring the Smart TV’s features and one application he showed me is the Red Karaoke. 😀 Yes, there is a karaoke where I can choose songs and sing with it. Yey! Finally, I can sing and with the number of songs to choose from I know my vocal chords would be so stretched before I could sing all the songs I missed singing. Now I don’t have to ask hubby to buy the Magic Sing available in our country. All I need is a microphone but I guess I can’t have that “concert” here… 🙁

We have bought accessories of this Smart TV like the camera and the wireless LAN adapter to fully maximize its features and so far we are enjoying it. We also use the TV when we chat with our family back home through Skype. Now they have a better view of my kids and their every move.

But I suddenly miss our home theater back home… 🙁 Oh well, may next time when we’ll have a budget, a better sound system would be perfect for this smart baby…

Shielding PC Data from Cyber Threats

These days one can hardly live without having at least one desktop computer or computer gadget. These devices help us manage both personal and business concerns that involve data management, communications, presentations, etc. The list grows longer as new applications are continuously developed for almost every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, the list of dangers in using the computer is also expanding. A few years ago, my only concern was keeping my data safe from computer viruses that may crash my computer or my phone. Now, threats that range from virus infection, hacking, identity theft and other cyber crimes are being faced by users of the internet. Fortunately, there are also effective ways to combat these threats and protect your business and personal PCs.

I consider myself lucky for having my computer crashed by a virus at a time when my desktop’s sole purpose was for personal recreation as the software securitydamage was minimal compared to now that I use my computer for work and business. Nevertheless, I still experienced the frustration of not being able to retrieve data from it and the inconvenience of not having a PC to use while it was being serviced. Since then, I became conscious of the importance of PC security and kept my eye out for tools that will ensure its protection. I started out by installing firewalls and anti-virus programs in my computer then evolved to more sophisticated programs that the present necessity dictates. Keeping your data safe is a matter of prudence and vigilance. Availing of an efficient software package that cleans, protects and troubleshoots your system is one of the best ways to secure your data. These programs can be set to automatically scan, clean and block malicious software from infiltrating your PC. But this does not mean that one can simply surf as he pleases, practicing safety in your internet searches and transactions is also one way to protect yourself and your business from hackers or identity thieves. Don’t be content with simply installing the software, exercise vigilance in updating your software so you can get the latest protection there is.

Computers and gadgets are necessities of today, both for personal and business use. Shielding them from cyber threats is the best way to protect your data and allow you to enjoy continued use of an efficient device to run your business.


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Hubby, the Laptop Saver

I am dependent on hubby and big bro when it comes to technology especially when it concerns laptops and personal computer. I admit I can be careless with my gadgets. My old laptop has been reformatted for how many times due to virus. I leave it turned on 24/7 and most of the time hubby was the one dusting it. Haha! I remember he would get irritated when he also sees some programs and applications saved in my laptop which he thinks are carriers of malware. I observe that he knows how to go around with software and even hardware, too.

Last time, he received a call from his former classmate from the language course. He was asking what to do with his laptop. It seemed he was having problems the same with what I had when my laptop was attacked by a malware. We went to his house and hubby took care of it. Funny he was given 5euros for the work. We could have not accepted it but his classmate insisted aside from the cookies and lollipops he gave to the kids.

When we got in to the car, I kidded him. I told him we can now open a computer repair business! Hahaha! Well.. if only our visas would authorize us to do so. It was clearly stated in our electronic resident permit that we are only allowed to work for a company but not open a business.

And I think it’s not that easy to open a computer repair business. Expertise of the owner is needed. He must be up to date with the latest technologies. Although various tools are available in the net to fix some problems within the software, owners should ensure their reliability and efficiency. And that’s only for the software. Hardware requires the businessman to have contacts from suppliers of computer parts. That’s where networking comes in.

Maintaining our gadgets in good working condition is very important especially if our income depends on it, like me. 🙂

My Sony Vaio – A Fruit of My Labor

For the past months I have been wanting to buy a new laptop or just a notebook for my blogging. I know you might say I already have one, what will I do with the new? That’s what hubby said to me when he saw me looking at some displays and told him I wanted to buy one.

The reason why I wanted to buy is so that I will have my own laptop to use while the kids are using the old one. Yeah, they use it. They watch their favorite TV programs or playing games. Although I have added a monitor on it so they can watch while I’m working, it still was so hard to focus. This went on for months. I still couldn’t buy a notebook because we did not think of it as one of our priorities.

Middle of last month came an opportunity. A new Filipino colleague of hubby offered to sell his one-month old laptop. Their company will be issuing one for him to use, so thinking that he won’t be needing two laptops he sold it. I said yes without second thoughts when hubby called me up all of a sudden and asked if I want a laptop. I said, “You are asking me if I want a laptop?? Of course, yes!” The following night, hubby already came home with it.

fruit of labor
My Sony Vaio E-Series

I have dreamt of owning a Sony Vaio since it came out in the market years ago. I got attracted with its vibrant colors. Haha! I thought if only Sony Vaio came out before we bought our Toshiba, we would have considered it. But that of course depends on hubby. He knows more than me when it comes to gadgets.

Now why did I call it fruit of my labor? Because I paid for it. It’s not really that expensive but still I paid thru my earnings from blogging. I also realized I wanted something I could call my own. I haven’t bought a thing from my earnings since I came here and become a work-at-home-mom. I wanted something tangible that I could be proud of. It really was a great feeling seeing the fruit of your labor. I just wish it’s pink. Haha!

With my new laptop I can now focus on everything I do. I let my kids watch and play inside the room using my old one and I work here in the dining. But of course not all the time. We still have our bonding and playtime. 🙂

Analytic Tools for Web-Based Business’ Progress

As a mother who is bent on securing a comfortable future for her family, I dream of having my own business one day. I have my eyes set on setting up an Internet-based business since almost everyone is highly dependent on the Web these days.

However, I do know that if I were to start a marketing campaign for my business, keeping track of its results is very crucial. This is especially true if I wanted to launch a full-scale Internet marketing campaign for my “business.” For that, I would need the right set of tools so I can continually monitor the progress of my business and ensure that the strategies I am utilizing are really working.

I plan to try out InetSoft for analytic tools, should I finally decide to put the business up. I heard that it doesn’t only keep track of algorithms that matter to Internet entrepreneurs but it also provides important reports to help business owners keep track of how well a business is doing. These reports include production reports and interactive reports, which are very important for web-based businesses. This can provide convenience for me since aside from handling the business I still have to take care of my kids and perform my duties as a mom and wife.

Well, it looks like I wouldn’t have a hard time setting up the business I have in mind. Surely, not with such helpful tools available.

My Pink Samsung Galaxy Pocket

One of the things I requested from hubby to buy for me when he went to the Philippines last month is a mobile phone. Yep, I prefer buying there than here since I seldom see phones that are not locked in a network or we find them very expensive. Up to his last day there, I didn’t know if he bought me one because I, myself can’t decide what model to buy. I’m not up-to-date now on the latest mobile phone technologies and I don’t know much of their features either. Yeah, I know iPhone 4S and Samsung SIII are the top two competing mobile phone models today. I would have wanted one from the two but still it is not practical. So he came home with this…

My Samsung Galaxy Pocket. Cute, right? Hubby knows I love pinks. He was accompanied by my brother-in-law and nephews since we really are not in touch of the trends nowadays, hehe… I love it because first, it’s an Android phone and it keeps me still in touch in Facebook even when I’m not logged in my laptop. I have installed the Viber application and still can talk to my family and friends for free. I like the games especially the Cut the Rope and of course the Sudoku with its other versions. My kids? Of course they love it! Love it so much that I was only able to use the phone the day after it arrived! Haha! Zyc immediately played the Angry Birds (even if we already have it installed in my laptop), they also like the Fruit Ninja and more!

Also, one thing I like most  in this phone is the Instagram application. I like taking pictures and it’s easy to share the photos with it.

The drawback? The keys are too small it’s hard to type a message, hehe.. But overall it is a practical phone for me.

Hmmm… reading this post made me realize that I am so outdated with the latest phones. People had gone gaga over this kind of OS (Android) and I am just having it now! Haha! Too much loyalty on Nokia, I guess. But I still love my Nokia 5800’s camera and still using it now, well when it’s having its lucid interval. Haha!

Germany, Eco-pioneer

For years and years Germany has been ahead of the curve in Europe when it comes to innovation and technology.  Many of their engineers and physicists helped shaped the modern automotive, air transport and even space travel industries.

Now at the beginning of the new millennium they are also the nation in the world with most solar panels and their government is investing vast sums of money in new technologies in an attempt to make the country greener. According to Wikipedia’s solar power by country page, Germany create almost half of the solar power in Europe and a third of
that in the world.

In towns like Lemgo there are piloting schemes where solar powered street lights are turned off at nights and can be turned on when locals request it via a phone system called ‘Dial4Light’. This energy not only saves energy, but also puts power back into the grid when it is not used.

The German nation however boasts the use of many more green technologies than just solar panels, into their info structure they have included Wind Turbines, Biomass, Hydroelectric , Biofuels and Geothermal technologies.

The German industry seemed so promising that American technology giant Google has so far invested a whopping five million Dollars in the industry. In Hamburg at the end of 2010 130 Eco-friendly taxis where introduced, lowering CO2 emission by nearly 4 tonnes.

Germany have plans in place to see that by 2050 more than half of their electricity is made by renewable sources, even now an impressive 17%  of German electricity comes from renewable sources, a statistic that no other nation can beat.

Even house holders are getting on board with the scheme, as Utility costs in Germany are reduced due to the quality of insulation. Many homes even have solar panels which pay for themselves after 8 years on average.

All in all the benefits are clear both for the country, its population and the environment, it is almost a mystery that this is
not a more widespread phenomenon.

Cutest Little App on the Market

Have you ever had any trouble naming a young one? It can be a lightning quick decision or it can be a hard and arduous task that requires sifting through mountains and mountains of possible options. However there is help out there for those of you that are stuck.

Bounty, one of the leading website for pregnancy advice and pretty much anything toddler related has just released an app for the IPhone that can help you choose a name for your little one. There are many websites and other mobile phone applications that simply list names, they work by clicking on a letter and boom, in glorious alphabetical order you get a mammoth list that can more often than not be overwhelming and intimidating.

What is good about the bounty app it can help you find both boy and girls names by combining every method that has proved to work for parents in the past. It gives you the choice either of the simple A-Z list of baby names, and it includes both the meaning and the origin. It includes advanced searches for fussy parents that want a specific number of syllables or even find names only of a certain origin.

If you find a name that think you might like it allows you to upload it to face book so that you can get the opinion of your friends (whether it be good or bad). The database is also constantly updated as new baby names hit the news. If however you are a parent who is looking for a popular name this app can also help you. With ease it can find the most popular names in your area and give you a list of the top 100.

Finally if you are really desperate, don’t flip a coin. Shake your IPhone!  This will bring up a random name from the massive database. Don’t like it? Go again! This could be just the thing you are looking for.