Which Tennis Player are You?

Hi tennis players and fans! Aren’t you just curious of which tennis player are you on the court? Well, quizzes are all over in Facebook nowadays; from personality tests to determine the color of your aura or even which character fits you in a TV series. Some may find them silly, and others just take it as truth to their characters. So for the sake of fun let me give you one of those quizzes. If you’re a tennis fan or a player, you can relate to this enjoyable quiz. If not you can still take this so you’ll know and if ever you don’t know much about the player, there’s always Google. 🙂

nadal, tennis, quiz

This quiz is simple. You may opt to answer it by creating an account or you can just proceed without it. There are only eight questions and this won’t take much of your time although I know if you’re a tennis fan you wouldn’t mind how long it takes. Just answer the questions honestly and you’ll know the result in no time.

Have fun!

How I Enjoyed a Live Football Match

I am a sports fan and I won’t deny that. My brother was a big influence on my love for sports. I played volleyball in high school because of him. I love watching basketball. The thrill in the action and physicality between the players and even the passion of the fans make me enjoy the game.

For those who do not know, football (soccer in US) is the prominent sport here in Germany. Since we came here I began watching football games on television. Actually hubby is more oriented in the game than basketball. I’m not familiar with the rules of the sport. Honestly, I used to get bored watching football. Seeing the players running back and forth on the field and taking too long for them to score, I found the game less exciting. I feel their exhaustion, actually.  Yesterday we had the opportunity to watch a live game courtesy of the school where the kids are going.  Free tickets were distributed to the kids. The Scholz Arena where the game was held is just a walking distance from our home. Knowing it would be difficult to find a parking space we opted to walk and enjoy the sunny weather.

Aalen vs. Frankfurt, 2. Bundesliga

The match is between our city, VFR Aalen and FSV Frankfurt. Actually I just learned last night what VFR means. Haha! I will not delve into the technical details of the teams or the league coz I really don’t know much. Anyway, when we got to the arena we found out that our place was behind the goal. It would have been better if we were seated on the sides but nevertheless it was okay. You can’t complain when your tickets are free, right?

Chants and flags adding excitement to the game.

I was entertained by the non-stop chanting of the fans. I may not understand what they were saying but still I got carried away by the “noise”. It made me so excited and really enjoy the game. I can’t imagine how a football game would be without this chanting from dedicated fans…


It took a little over 30 minutes when Aalen made the first goal. The crowd just went crazy and of course there’s the chant again. I was amused when Zyc was also doing the chant. I didn’t even know he knew it. I was hesitant at first to let Zyc watch a live match. I didn’t know if he could stand the noise made by the crowd. I remembered when he cried during a live basketball game we watched in the Philippines. I guess it helped that the venue was an open air and of course if he is familiar with the game and players.

First half ended and we hoped Frankfurt would not make a goal anymore but they did. Since they are the visiting team of course no noise was heard. Hehe… Good thing Aalen scored a goal again a little over the 60 minute mark and soon the game ended. We won 2-1. 🙂

I realized it’s not hard to appreciate this sport. I think the excitement relies on the challenge of taking away the ball from the opponent and making a goal from any part of that wide field. Really not an easy sport. I admire the energy and stamina of the players in this sport.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas your Son will Love

Is your son seriously into sport? Does he love Aussie rules, rugby league, rugby union, soccer or all of the above! Or maybe he’s is into cricket, particularly with the Ashes on at the moment. If this sounds like your son and you’re stumped for what to buy him this Christmas, check out Mick Simmons Sports Store . They stock official replica team gear so your son can take his love and support for his team to the next level. Here are my top five picks for Christmas gift ideas for that special little man in your life.

team clothing, offical clothing, replica clothing,Official NRL team clothing

Oh the sensational Storm, the brave Bulldogs, the courageous Cowboys… you get the idea. Your son will love wearing his official rugby league gear while his beloved team are playing. Or if he’s like my son, he’ll want to wear it to school, the supermarket and of course, bed! You can buy training singlets, t-shirts and shorts as well as official hoodies, jackets, caps and jerseys.

Official AFL team clothing

Is your son practically glued to the TV when his beloved team are playing? Does he jump and down when his team win a game or his bottom lip quiver is they lose? That kind of dedication deserves to be rewarded with an official replica team Guernsey. That’ll have him singing “Up there Cazaly” with even more gusto than you thought possible!

Official Wallabies clothing

With the Bledisloe Cup and Rugby Championship coming up in 2014 and the Rugby World Cup in 2015, your son will be over the moon with an official replica Wallabies outfit. Our fellas have had a tough 2013, so help your son get behind the squad with an official Wallabies jersey or t-shirt.

Official Cricket Australia clothing

For Aussie blokes (big or little), summer = cricket. Right now, the cricket world is abuzz as the Ashes Test Series is on, and it’s a very special one. Since the Ashes began 131 years ago in bonny Britain, it has been played every four years, alternating between here and England. This year however, the series began in England and a second round of tests is currently being played here to decide the winner. With domestic matches and one day internationals (ODI) about to start, help your son get behind Michael Clarke and the boys with an official replica Cricket Australia 2013/14 kids ODI home shirt.

Official football (soccer) clothing

The 2006 soccer World Cup had a profound impact on the sport in Australia. Even I was roaring (but eventually sobbing) at the Socceroos unprecedented success at the penultimate football championship. Mick Simmons has a great selection of official replica kids clothing not only for the Socceroos, but our domestic league, the English Premier League and European teams like Real Madrid.

Whether your son is a footie fanatic or cricket nut (or both), make his Christmas this year with official replica clothing for his favourite sports team.

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5 Reasons to Join a Cycling Club

cycling, cycling clubJoining a cycling club brings many benefits. Club membership will give you access to retailer discounts, organised social events and training rides. If you are a newbie to cycling or getting back on a bike after a long break, joining a club will set you on the correct path to improve your skills and gain confidence. Cycling clubs provide for every style of rider.

Connect with other cyclists

This is a great way for solo or group cyclists to become part of a club of like-minded cyclists. You will feel part of a community and form a social circle and be able to refine your cycling skills through training rides and organised club events. You will also have access to a club’s website and newletters. There are cycle clubs catering for all types of interests which can become a great social network of recreational cyclists, historical bike cyclists, over 55 clubs or touring cyclists who enjoy coffee breaks along particular routes.

Discover new places

Belonging to a club will take you on organised rides through new routes and pit stops. Cycling is a great way to see the countryside. The scenery is close up and you can take advantage of this by having a break at a picturesque location. There is also safety in numbers when cycling with a group.


Being physically active is important for good health. It is human nature that we are filled with good intentions, but sometime lack the motivation to actually see our intentions through. A cycle club will provide the encouragement and motivation needed to start pedalling! Cycling can make you feel more energetic, help manage weight, improve blood pressure and can also reduce stress levels.

Energy efficient

Everyone knows cycling is good for the environment. However, there is also a reduction in energy through the use of slipstreaming. Always cycle with someone who has a similar fitness level to you. On group rides, try and use the same gear ratio that the group is using. Each member of the cycling group will have a trained eye for loose gravel or potholes. Scan a few riders ahead of the group to try and anticipate anything unpredictable. Being aware of these obstacles will help avoid damage to rims or punctures.

Progress to racing

If you wish to take part in cycling race events, you have to be a member of a club. If your goal is to become a professional bike racer, you will need to be super fit. Riding on grades or circuits suitable for your level of ability is a great way to get started. A cycling club will give you valuable advice on what path to take and will have a calendar of organised practice race days.

Before commencing cycling, it is important to have the correct type of bike and the correct equipment. For professional advice, head to 99 Bikes Australia who can guide you in the direction of suitable protective clothing, the appropriate bike and bike rider’s nutritional needs.

Kim Blair

Image credit: wyreforestdc.gov.uk

10 Tips for Safe Cycling


Cycling is a fun, healthy hobby that millions of people enjoy – but like any other activity, cycling is not without risks. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or simply a weekend bike rider, keep these tips in mind to ensure that your cycling experience is both safe and enjoyable.

  1. Obey all traffic laws. Never ride against the flow of traffic. Signal every turn, and never exceed the posted speed limit – especially on long downhill stretches of road.
  2. Always wear a properly fitted helmet. A helmet can dramatically reduce your risk of head injury while cycling; however, to function properly, your helmet must be fitted correctly. The straps should be snug but not tight, and the helmet should cover the front part of your forehead. If you’re unsure about fit, take the helmet to your local Merida bikes shop – they’re usually happy to help adjust your helmet.
  3. Don’t wear headphones. It’s easy to see the appeal of listening to your favorite songs as you pedal. However, it’s important to be able to hear what’s going on around you at all times. Headphones can cause you to miss important external cues, like car horns, that help you avoid danger.
  4. Keep your bike in good condition. When was the last time you had your bike serviced? If you don’t know, it’s time for a tune up. Tires, shifters, and brakes all require periodic maintenance, even if you’re only an occasional rider. A tire blowout at high speeds, a brake failure, or a sudden derailment all have the potential to cause accidents.
  5. Use lights at night, and reflectors at all times. Never assume that other motorists and cyclists can see you, especially after dark. Blinkers, reflectors, and lights will all help increase your visibility.
  6. Never pass on the right. Most cars have a blind spot at the rear right of the vehicle. Given that cyclists are already at a disadvantage when it comes to visibility, it’s even more important to be aware of this, and plan accordingly.
  7. Ride defensively. Never assume that other drivers will act predictably. Stay aware of what’s happening around you, both in front and behind. Road hazards like broken glass, tree branches, and sewer grates, which might not be problems for cars, can certainly be dangerous to cyclists, so keep a keen eye out.
  8. Make eye contact. As much as possible, make eye contact with drivers and cyclists around you. It will help ensure that you’re noticed, and will help in sharing the road.
  9. Know your brakes. Every bike is a little different – don’t wait until you need them to get to know your brakes. It’s particularly important to know whether your bike uses front brakes, back brakes, or a combination of both. In an emergency situation, it’s best to brake from the rear tire first, if possible.
  10. Make sure your bike is properly fitted. It’s difficult to ride safely on a bike that isn’t properly fitted. The frame should be correctly sized, and the seat and handlebar heights should be at the right levels for your body. If you’re not sure how to achieve a good fit, your local bike shop can help you make the adjustments.

The Fanatic in Me

It’s not a secret that I am an avid basketball fan. I root for San Mig Coffee Mixers team from the professional basketball league in my homeland. So whenever there’s a game I make it a point to watch their matches thru online streaming in Germany. Now that I’m here I’ll make sure that I get to watch a game live. I am glad that it’s still the elimination round and I guess it would be easy to get tickets and not worry for them selling out.

As soon as I learned that there’ll be a match, I immediately told hubby that I want to watch it. And who else will I be watching it with but my everdearest Big Bro and my Dad. We have been watching live matches everytime we get an opportunity. Actually I’m thinking of making it a family tradition, that everytime I come home from Germany we’ll see to it that we’ll watch a game of our favorite team live. Anyway, since my nephew also loves basketball I asked if he wants to come with us. He said yes and eventually the entire family went to see the game except for hubby’s sis and bro who were both working then.

The game was scheduled at 7pm but we went to the venue as early as 4pm because it was held in Pasay which we are  not familiar of. Since we were really early, we decided to watch the first game. While waiting for the gates to open we stayed near the parking lot where the basketball players park their cars and enter the venue.

I was so happy that we decided to stay there because I was able to see two of my favorite players from my team, PJ Simon and Marc Pingris. I saw Marc Pingris first and ran towards him. He was already heading for the entrance gate but the goodhearted man still accomodated me when I asked for a photo with him. I’ve been hearing good words for him actually. Some say that he really is kind and very approachable.

Marc Pingris, basketball, fanatic, basketball fanatic
With Marc Pingris

Still we waited and after a few minutes it was PJ Simon who arrived. He plays the Guard position in the team so I really didn’t expect him to be really tall. He seems to be the silent type. Even if I only see him play in the court on TV and watch interviews on him, I find him to be a man of few words and humble. Actually that’s what I liked about the team and the players. They have humble players. They don’t play dirty. If ever there’s an instance that they get too physical in the game or get involved in a fight, for sure they didn’t start it but they were just provoked.

PJ Simon, San Mig Coffee, basketball
With PJ Simon and my nephew, Kyle

Unfortunately I didn’t see my favorite player and the star of the team, James Yap, up close. He’s the only one missing in this photo collection as they are the Big 3 of the team. They are its heart and soul.

As we went in to watch the first game it was noticeable that the venue was not filled with basketball fans. The two teams playing really don’t have large number of fan base. Funny though, it was Zyc’s frst time to watch a basketball game and I was really glad he enjoyed it. Even rooting for a team he had only seen play for the first time. 😛

As the game nears its final buzz, people started pouring in. Empty seats became less noticeable and chants from the fans of the opposing teams started to fill the venue. As the players of San Mig Coffee enter the court, shouts and screams were heard. This just proves that San Mig Coffee is one of the most well-loved team in the PBA.

However the noise changed Zyc’s mood. Actually he hates noise such as this. He started to cry and wanted to go home. This added to my frustration as San Mig Coffee were losing the game. I had to hold him near me to pacify him. I could not shout or cheer or react to the game.

Sad to say, San Mig Coffee lost the game. It was just so disappointing for me because I didn’t expect them to lose over a less-taleted team (in my opinion). Oh well… that’s basketball. We can really never tell, momentum shifts, players have off-nights and there are lucky breaks.

Nevertheless I still was happy I came to watch a basketball game again with Dad and Big Bro. It was indeed our bonding time and still hoping it won’t be the last.


Why Horse Riding is Worth Doing

One of the most elegant sports in the world to take up, horse riding is every bit as entertaining as it looks to participate in. With the London 2012 Olympic Games on the horizon, horse riding is going to play a big role in the games, and with good reason. As challenging as it is exciting, there are many reasons why horse riding is worth doing. Here are five reasons why it’s worth buying horse equipment to help get you started:

  • The clothes: by looking on the websites of specialist horse riding equipment retailers such as equestrian clearance chaps, jodhpurs and jackets look so much better than clothes worn in other sports. They combine style with comfort, and help to keep you safe while riding your horse.

Equestrian chaps

  • Another reason why horse riding is worth doing is that you get to spend plenty of time outdoors. When riding a horse, you get to explore vast amounts of countryside, and you can go wherever you want your horse to take you.
  • Horse riding is ideal if you love animals, especially horses. By riding with one that’s been trained, you get to build up a rapport with them, and by putting your trust in them; you can ride safely.
  • Taking up horse riding can be very comfortable to do. While wearing the correct horse riding equipment, you will be able to ride without experiencing any bumps as you’re secured onto your mount.
  • Horse riding is also fun to take up because, if on a special course, you can jump over numerous obstacles such as fences and ditches. Jumping one of those obstacles is one of the most exciting things you can do while riding a horse.

Ryz is fond of horses lately. She’s been watching this cartoon series, My Little Pony, and has a collection of their miniature characters. I wonder if she’ll still like them and be responsible to take care of them when she grows up. If she will, there will be a big possibility that horse riding will be her sport and hobby.

B-Meg vs. Ginebra in Live Streaming, Yipeee!

I am a big basketball fan. It’s obvious from my previous posts on how I love watching the sport with my dad and big bro. I am thankful for the internet I get to watch my favorite PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) team, B-Meg Llamados play against the Barangay Ginebra Kings in their best of five semi-final series through live streaming. Dubbed as Manila Classico, it is reminiscent of the classic rivalry between the two teams which started way-back in the late 80’s when B-Meg was still Purefoods. I like the team because of their image and the kind of game they play. With rookies fresh from college basketball lead by “The Captain” Alvin Patrimonio, it’s like they were the “good boys” during those times. Players don’t usually get involved with squabbles or commit hard fouls. Unlike Ginebra players, especially their playing coach who normally curses the referee, commits hard fouls and was really known for playing “dirty” but still well-loved by millions. I think it was his charisma that was adored by the crowd.

The game started 6:45pm (Philppine time). It was a bad start for the Llamados, now lead by “The Big Game” James Yap, as they struggled against the strong defense of the Kings. 1st quarter ended as Llamados trailed by 13, 21-8. When I saw how they played I almost stopped watching and thought of just updating my other blogs. Good thing I continued and saw they regained composure and ended the 2nd quarter leading by 3 points. I was already shouting that time. Zyc even said, “Mommy, you’re like a man.” because that is really how I watch basketball. Their momentum continued in the 3rd quarter and the Ginebra team just doesn’t know what else to do.  The players also went too physical which lead to flagrant fouls and Ginebra’s import even pushed a Llamado on his face. The game ended with the final score 87-62.

It was a game well-fought. I am really excited for the coming games but hopefully they don’t reach Game 5. It’s hard when you face Ginebra where you not only play against the 5 players on the court but against the thousands of  fans who could put pressure on each player when they shout “Ginebra!”

I Want to Try Out Yoga…

Spring officially starts tomorrow on our side of the globe. Stores are starting to sell different items which relates to spring. Home decors such as plants and flowers, garden furniture sets and even barbecue grills since people here love to spend their afternoons grilling and enjoying the outdoors. Since this is the perfect time Germans would do their sports you will find various sports outfits in boutiques. Trekking jackets, jogging pants, yoga apparel, rubber shoes and more. Some fitness studios are also offering programs especially for women. As I have told before, many women here either only stay at home or have a part time job so sports center have their eyes on stay-at-home moms like me. Long before I wanted to try yoga. My sis-in-law was an instructor in a fitness studio back home and I saw how it benefited her. One might say she’s weak but she really has this body strength hiding behind her frail-looking physique. Now, one of my American classmates in my German class will be training and is planning to open up a yoga class. I’ve been thinking of enrolling and I hope I can while we’re on a summer break.

I know I’ll be comfortable in this..

In yoga you need clothes that perfectly fit. They must not be too tight or too loose. Flexibility and support for complete ease of movement must be taken into account. You also need to consider of course, comfort. Clothes must be made of soft fibers which can allow your skin to breathe. Wearing the appropriate attire when doing your exercise is important so as to maximize your workout’s full potential.

Of all the advantages I’ve read about yoga, the most important thing I want to achieve is to have a good and proper posture. I’ve been having back pains because of my posture and I want to correct it. I hope I’m not too late for this.


My Future Equestrienne?

A horseback ride has always been present when there are festivities here in our city. Kids always love to ride on these horses. Lucky me Ryz is never scared of it, she just loves it. She would even stand in line on her own just to have that ride. Even when we’re driving and she sees someone who’s horseback riding, she would scream and feel happy seeing one. For her love of it, can she be an equestrienne someday? I wonder how would she look in her chaps. Hihi..

But before I think of how she would look like, I think I should know what she needs to become an equestrienne. There have been tips on how to be a professional equestrian, or in my case equestrienne. It isn’t just riding well. They say that aside from the talent, attitude is also important. How motivated are you to become a professional in this field of sport? And while being a student, you have to learn the styles of all, if not of the majority of the top riders. By observing their techniques you can learn eventually and apply those techniques to your own horse. You have to listen and have a grasp of what experienced people say. But still, attitude is the most important because these techniques can be acquired and it will depend on your desire to learn.

Now here are what you’ll need before you can ride. Riding is a risky sport so you have to be properly equipped and protected. Aside from the chaps or the boots, you’ll need also helmets. Not only an ordinary helmet but it should be approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). You’ll also need jodhpurs. Although these are not necessary, they allow for a fuller range of motion than most pants at the same time avoiding the saddle sores you might get from riding in jeans or thinner tights. There are caldene jodhpurs which fit to your planned use, either just for your yard work or for training or competition. You should look for strong, attractive fabric. If possible with fabrics technologically incorporated into the seat and thigh panels for breathability. Another apparel is the jacket. Material of a riding jacket varies depending on the weather. You may opt for a lightweight jackets or waistcoats for warmer weather or the quilted types for autumn or winter. Navy or tweed, caldene jackets have these styles and material and are of good quality.

For now, riding horses could just be a play time for Ryz. But I believe that with independence and strong will as her strengths, she can achieve her goals and be whatever she wants to be.