5 Christmas Gift Ideas your Son will Love

Is your son seriously into sport? Does he love Aussie rules, rugby league, rugby union, soccer or all of the above! Or maybe he’s is into cricket, particularly with the Ashes on at the moment. If this sounds like your son and you’re stumped for what to buy him this Christmas, check out Mick Simmons Sports Store . They stock official replica team gear so your son can take his love and support for his team to the next level. Here are my top five picks for Christmas gift ideas for that special little man in your life.

team clothing, offical clothing, replica clothing,Official NRL team clothing

Oh the sensational Storm, the brave Bulldogs, the courageous Cowboys… you get the idea. Your son will love wearing his official rugby league gear while his beloved team are playing. Or if he’s like my son, he’ll want to wear it to school, the supermarket and of course, bed! You can buy training singlets, t-shirts and shorts as well as official hoodies, jackets, caps and jerseys.

Official AFL team clothing

Is your son practically glued to the TV when his beloved team are playing? Does he jump and down when his team win a game or his bottom lip quiver is they lose? That kind of dedication deserves to be rewarded with an official replica team Guernsey. That’ll have him singing “Up there Cazaly” with even more gusto than you thought possible!

Official Wallabies clothing

With the Bledisloe Cup and Rugby Championship coming up in 2014 and the Rugby World Cup in 2015, your son will be over the moon with an official replica Wallabies outfit. Our fellas have had a tough 2013, so help your son get behind the squad with an official Wallabies jersey or t-shirt.

Official Cricket Australia clothing

For Aussie blokes (big or little), summer = cricket. Right now, the cricket world is abuzz as the Ashes Test Series is on, and it’s a very special one. Since the Ashes began 131 years ago in bonny Britain, it has been played every four years, alternating between here and England. This year however, the series began in England and a second round of tests is currently being played here to decide the winner. With domestic matches and one day internationals (ODI) about to start, help your son get behind Michael Clarke and the boys with an official replica Cricket Australia 2013/14 kids ODI home shirt.

Official football (soccer) clothing

The 2006 soccer World Cup had a profound impact on the sport in Australia. Even I was roaring (but eventually sobbing) at the Socceroos unprecedented success at the penultimate football championship. Mick Simmons has a great selection of official replica kids clothing not only for the Socceroos, but our domestic league, the English Premier League and European teams like Real Madrid.

Whether your son is a footie fanatic or cricket nut (or both), make his Christmas this year with official replica clothing for his favourite sports team.

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5 Bizarrest Products You Can Buy On Ebay

These days, many people choose to spend their hard earned money online. EBay is one of the most common destinations for people who wish to purchase something online. Unlike most brick and mortar stores, you can buy just about anything on EBay. However, some of the things offered on EBay can be eye openers.

egg cube presserEgg Cuber Press

For those who prefer their eggs in square form, you can purchase the Egg Cuber Press, which will transform your oval-shaped egg into a squared egg with roundish edges. Some of the uses that are listed for this plastic product are making deviled eggs that don’t roll, for stacking eggs, and having a great conversation piece.

Inflatable Toast

If you happen to appreciate the aesthetic appeal of toasted bread, you can purchase inflatable toast, which you can display in your home with pride.

Each tin comes with one slice of inflatable toast, which are made out of soft vinyl. Each slice of toast has the dimensions of 12.7cm x 14cm, and it also comes shrink wrapped.

uranium oreUranium Ore

Whether you want it for a science project or for a collection of radioactive material, you can purchase Uranium ore on EBay from various sellers. The cost of the uranium ore is never expensive, and the uses of the uranium ore tend to be only for scientific or education purposes, not that they have any way of stopping you from using it for anything else.

Fortunately, the uranium ore sold online tends to have low radioactivity since they never ask for a license. The comments of “buyers” of the uranium ore also tend to be quite amusing.

Squirrel Underpants

If you don’t like having to watch naked squirrels scamper up and down your trees and across the street, Squirrel Underpants is the perfect product for you. One purchase gets you only one pair of white squirrel underpants, and they are all made for a three inch waist, which is a perfect fit for squirrels.

twinkies. ebayTwinkies

Ever since the Hostess Brand went bankrupt, the amount of sellers offering Twinkies on EBay skyrocketed. However, the weirdness is not so much that food is for sale on EBay, but more the prices.

If you search up Twinkies on EBay right now, you’ll find more reasonable prices, along with a few sellers asking for hundreds of dollars. Go deeper and you’ll find outrageous sellers offering a few boxes of Twinkies and asking for millions of dollars.

As you can see, although the wide variety of products offered on EBay is definitely a pro, it can definitely cause quite a few “Huh?”s and “What in the World?”s. Many of these products are absolutely unbelievable and seem like complete jokes, until you receive them in the mail. Some of these products are easier to believe, yet the same can’t be said about their prices.

If none of these bizarre products appeal to you, check out the Big W catalogue for a great range of gift ideas for yourself or your loved ones!

Written by Kyla Houston

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