Cat in the cradle

I’m really not fond of pets. We’ve had dogs before but it was usually my dad who takes care of them. I loved playing with them when they were still puppies but it seems I stopped loving them when they became dogs! Hehe.. Cats? I just love staring at them, I don’t know why. Maybe it stuck into my mind that they don’t like water and don’t take a bath. And I was used to seeing my neighbor’s cat and it wasn’t appealing to me. It’s not one of those furry ones which you’d like to sleep beside with. It was a stray cat actually.  I remember I usually go to my neighbor’s house and stay there for a chat with my friend, I would smell something disgusting. Later did I know that it’s the cat’s urine. Eeew… I realized they are not using a cat urine odor remover. Have you smelled a cat’s urine? It has this distinctive odor that would really make your head spin! I hate that smell especially when it’s on a cloth material, like a carpet or on a sofa. Aargh! I searched in the internet what causes that unique odor of cat urine and I was surprised that it contains ammonia and that explains the strong smell! It says that cat’s urine is very concentrated which may cause allergy. So I guess keeping our home and our pet’s litter box clean and odor free would make us and our pet stay healthy.

A stray cat here? With this size it could already be a pet back home!