Zyc and the Keyboard

I’ve been thinking of letting the kids have a productive summer vacation. Productive meaning I want them to learn something that is not taught in their Kindergarten. Something that could enhance their personality, abilities or talents. I remember during this time in the Philippines, parents enroll their kids to either swimming lessons or anything related to sports, or music schools. I would have wanted them to learn to swim but maybe not this time yet. I want them first to be acquainted to the different bodies of water and let them feel the fun in playing in them and not just from what they have which is a bath tub. 🙂 Now I see my kids’ love for music and I was thinking of signing them up to a music school. Although we have given Ryz the Barbie keyboard last Christmas, it was Zyc whom I noticed who is more inclined to music. One feature of the keyboard is called “Role playing”. Here, the player is supposed to press the key for each note of the song and I’ve seen and heard Zyc play with it. And not only in this time I’ve seen his talent in music. He can easily grasp the tone of a song which he had only listened for just a few times. I even find it funny that he hums the angry birds theme including the tiniest and shortest note he has heard. He listens to every detail in a song. With his talent I wanted him to explore and enhance it.

I would love to give him a keyboard of his own like the ones from  Waldorf Keyboards but I guess he’s too young for such kind of instruments. I’ve seen the features of one of their products and even I couldn’t understand what are they. Haha! Although it claims to be user-friendly I think it will take time for Zyc to be able to understand how to maximize its functions and capabilities.

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard

For now, I will just let Zyc enjoy what he has, his talent. And hopefully as he start in the music school and learn to play a keyboard he will grow and continue to love music like how he does today.

My Future Equestrienne?

A horseback ride has always been present when there are festivities here in our city. Kids always love to ride on these horses. Lucky me Ryz is never scared of it, she just loves it. She would even stand in line on her own just to have that ride. Even when we’re driving and she sees someone who’s horseback riding, she would scream and feel happy seeing one. For her love of it, can she be an equestrienne someday? I wonder how would she look in her chaps. Hihi..

But before I think of how she would look like, I think I should know what she needs to become an equestrienne. There have been tips on how to be a professional equestrian, or in my case equestrienne. It isn’t just riding well. They say that aside from the talent, attitude is also important. How motivated are you to become a professional in this field of sport? And while being a student, you have to learn the styles of all, if not of the majority of the top riders. By observing their techniques you can learn eventually and apply those techniques to your own horse. You have to listen and have a grasp of what experienced people say. But still, attitude is the most important because these techniques can be acquired and it will depend on your desire to learn.

Now here are what you’ll need before you can ride. Riding is a risky sport so you have to be properly equipped and protected. Aside from the chaps or the boots, you’ll need also helmets. Not only an ordinary helmet but it should be approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). You’ll also need jodhpurs. Although these are not necessary, they allow for a fuller range of motion than most pants at the same time avoiding the saddle sores you might get from riding in jeans or thinner tights. There are caldene jodhpurs which fit to your planned use, either just for your yard work or for training or competition. You should look for strong, attractive fabric. If possible with fabrics technologically incorporated into the seat and thigh panels for breathability. Another apparel is the jacket. Material of a riding jacket varies depending on the weather. You may opt for a lightweight jackets or waistcoats for warmer weather or the quilted types for autumn or winter. Navy or tweed, caldene jackets have these styles and material and are of good quality.

For now, riding horses could just be a play time for Ryz. But I believe that with independence and strong will as her strengths, she can achieve her goals and be whatever she wants to be.

Safety first

Yesterday, I decided to go the supermarket nearby with my kids. Now that they have  their own scooters it’s easier for me to persuade them to go out unlike before because they’re lazy to walk. On our way to the grocery we had to pass a downhill street which is kind of steep. Ryz went so fast that she fell. Good thing nothing serious happened to her. Only her eyeglasses got broken. I thought, we should buy them both helmets for their safety. Something worse could happen, right? So they need helmets that could give them superb protection like the Gmax helmets I saw when I browsed online.

My kids on their scooters.

There could be many helmets available in store, pricey you might say but there’s nothing expensive when you talk about safety and lives.

Aalen City Festival

Yesterday hubby noticed some kiddie rides while driving along the city center when going to the auto repair shop. We weren’t able to go back yesterday because we had to go to Heidenheim (another city near us) to shop for the week’s grocery. This late morning we went to the center to check out what’s going on. And this welcomed us…

Only now did I know that our city, Aalen, celebrates its biggest festival every second weekend of September. So that’s why we heard fireworks last night.

As expected, people flocked at the city center to experience the fun. There were rides and games for kids and adults too.

Stages were also set up to different areas. Bands played and some dance performances where showcased.

People were having fun while eating their snacks and drinking beer, of course!

main street of the city center

We’ll be back tomorrow for the flohmarkt or tiangge. I’m hoping to buy something of good use. I need a bag to use when I go to my language course and maybe a jacket or two for the season. Wish me luck!


It’s Chinese…

I had fun with my kids during their summer vacation. Well, not always but these were the days when you realize that you’re missing a lot when they’re in school. Sometimes I’d laugh out loud when they blurt out something really funny. Lately, hubby and I noticed that they love drawing or writing anything. Zyc loves to copy words from anywhere, like from the boxes of his toys. Ryz loves to draw herself as a princess. They used to write on papers but we realized they were already wasting too many so we bought them their own small whiteboards. One day I noticed Zyc writing so fast I wondered what was it.

Then I saw this…

 I asked him, “What are you writing?”. He said, “It’s Chinese!”. I laughed really hard and thought where the heck did he get this idea!! So, can anybody interpret this for me?


Fish in the cage

One thing I like about my daughter is her wide imagination. I’m surprised most of the time with her unique thinking. She creates games using her toys with impromptu rules which only she can understand. She loves making up stories that once I hear, I can’t help but laugh out loud. An example is this: She has colds that day and I told her to just hold a towel for her to wipe her nose. I left her playing. Late that afternoon I asked her where her towel is and she said, “I want a new one, Mommy. Because the fish might go out.” I said, “What fish?” Then she lead me to her play area and I saw this:

 Yup, there’s a clown fish printed on this towel and yes she put it in a cage! Lol!

Last time, I posted about her astigmatism and her need to wear eyeglasses. We got her glasses last Saturday and here she is wearing them.

We didn’t get yet a more chic one for kids because we thought this is her first and she’s in a “trial period”. So maybe we could just get one when she’s used to it.

She just loves to make funny faces and this is one of them. Truly a comedienne.