Get Studio Experience in the Best Recording Studios Glasgow has to Offer

The recording studio is where the magic happens for a musician, as you go in the door with an idea, and then out the other side with a completed piece of music. You can get an insight into what life is like inside the studio with some studio experience, and you’ll hopefully come out with your first demo.

recording studioThere are countless classic albums and singles out there that have quite literally changed the world, and this is a real testament to the power of music. Despite the idea of what popular music sounds like changing every few years, music is still something that everybody has some interest in – everyone has their favourite albums that they can listen to over and over again. All of that amazing music that you listen to on your computer, on your iPod, through a CD player or on a turntable all starts in one place: the recording studio.

For many musicians the recording studio is their favourite place to be, as this is the place in which the songs that they have in their heads become a reality. There are many famous recording studios around the world where some if the most influential albums of all time have been recorded with a lot of infamous studio stories, and despite the fact that each studio will differ from the next, they all have the same thing in common: this is where music is made for the masses. You go into the studio with an idea, and come out the other side with what is hopefully a great piece of music – there is no better feeling for a musician, whether you’re a member of a local unsigned band or you’re in The Rolling Stones.

Anyone that is a budding musician will have a desire to get into a recording studio and learn the ins and outs and get to record something – this is an experience that anyone can have. Whether it is for you or a gift for a friend, a recording studio experience will be a fascinating insight into what life is like in the music industry, and you will get to see first hand the entire recording process. This will give you even more appreciation for all those brilliant albums that you love, so it will certainly be a memorable experience and something that will give you a new look on music and the music industry.

Those living in Scotland should check out the best recording studios Glasgow has to offer, as there are some truly fantastic studios here. You can get studio experience here and even record your own music, something that all musicians aspire to. No matter your experience level you will find great inspiration as soon as you step foot through the door, so it is certainly a worthwhile experience for anyone interested in music and how music is made. If this sounds like something that you would like to experience, or if you have a friend or family member who is a huge music fan then consider booking them in for some real life studio experience, and you can be sure that it will really open your eyes and give you a new found appreciation for music.

Parenting The Younger Generation

Parents these days shouldn’t stick themselves with their generation. There is no other way to keep up with your kids but to somehow learn some of the things that their generation has been doing.

One of the aspects that had a major turn-around through generations is music. Different genres were introduced decade by decade. Different beats, different tempos creating various sounds that either the young and the old liked or not. Today, music has evolved and captured diverse audiences. There are instances that young and old prefer the same music. Both generations agree with the same genre. These kinds of music can either be created with the old style of composition or using software like sibelius 7 musicians friend. A software which is sought after by top composers and music professionals and yet could be easily used by beginners. There is no denying that technology had done a great change in our lifestyle and in music.

Another is fashion; We all know that clothes has been the subject of evolution. Trends come and go but expect that after a decade or so they will come back although with a diversified motif which suits the taste of the latest generation.

This doesn’t mean that parents should also wear these clothes although some just have that knack in fashion that they can carry them with confidence. For parents, they could at least you have some idea and could somehow give them their kids on how to further enhance their way of dressing. It actually feels good to be branded by your kids as a cool mom or cool dad because it would mean that you’re not considered as a villain to their lifestyle. In this way, parents can have full access to their whereabouts and make guidance more effective.

Present day kids or youth should be allowed to live their life to the fullest and with proper parental guidance, it can be assured that they would be able maximize their existence and be better citizens of the society. After all, these kids would become parents in the future and later pass on the values and morals that their parents taught them to their kids as well.

Super Busy Moms De-stress Thru Music

For a mom who’s also having a separate working career, taking care of the kids and the entire household is considered one of the greatest challenges that a woman could ever face. When I was still working, I couldn’t imagine how I would handle such.

After a very tiring day’s work, you would clean up the kids and prepare everything for a sumptuous dinner. Sometimes, your kids would ask help for their homework while your husband would need a little soothing massage. It’s just amazing how all these things can be done without any trace of tiredness.

If you’re just resourceful enough, you can utilize a lot of stress relievers and energy boosting activities and one of which is the amazing uses of music. You don’t have to know how to sing (although this is my own way of de-stressing) or own extravagant musical studio equipment to make use of it stress relieving effects. You just have to know the genre that gives that certain relaxing feel.

In fact, music therapy can never exist if it doesn’t have an effective relaxing benefit. Moreover, you don’t have to stop everything that you’re doing while listening to it because it can be just played while doing your work. You can simply press the play button while cooking breakfast or driving yourself to your workplace or going home.

Zyc and the Keyboard

I’ve been thinking of letting the kids have a productive summer vacation. Productive meaning I want them to learn something that is not taught in their Kindergarten. Something that could enhance their personality, abilities or talents. I remember during this time in the Philippines, parents enroll their kids to either swimming lessons or anything related to sports, or music schools. I would have wanted them to learn to swim but maybe not this time yet. I want them first to be acquainted to the different bodies of water and let them feel the fun in playing in them and not just from what they have which is a bath tub. 🙂 Now I see my kids’ love for music and I was thinking of signing them up to a music school. Although we have given Ryz the Barbie keyboard last Christmas, it was Zyc whom I noticed who is more inclined to music. One feature of the keyboard is called “Role playing”. Here, the player is supposed to press the key for each note of the song and I’ve seen and heard Zyc play with it. And not only in this time I’ve seen his talent in music. He can easily grasp the tone of a song which he had only listened for just a few times. I even find it funny that he hums the angry birds theme including the tiniest and shortest note he has heard. He listens to every detail in a song. With his talent I wanted him to explore and enhance it.

I would love to give him a keyboard of his own like the ones from  Waldorf Keyboards but I guess he’s too young for such kind of instruments. I’ve seen the features of one of their products and even I couldn’t understand what are they. Haha! Although it claims to be user-friendly I think it will take time for Zyc to be able to understand how to maximize its functions and capabilities.

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard

For now, I will just let Zyc enjoy what he has, his talent. And hopefully as he start in the music school and learn to play a keyboard he will grow and continue to love music like how he does today.

The Ultimate Drum Set for Musicians

When you listen to beautiful music playing on the radio or if you have a compilation of CDs from some of the best artists in the world, you probably marvel at how wonderfully the music or the song was put together. Well, one thing’s for sure. Musicians don’t create music out of the blue. It takes time, a lot of effort, tons of know-how, and ingenuity.

Why should musicians, musical scorers, and composers be ingenious? The answer is pretty simple. They can’t employ a horde of other musical greats to help them; at least, not unless they have the money or are backed by a big music label. Most of the time, musicians are a one-man band. That means they make their music by themselves and sell these to bigger music outfits who, in turn, buy the music and place their copyright on it. If a musician is fortunate, the music he had created would be used by big-time music producers, pay him royalty for it, and let him have the rights to the music.

In order to create music that sounds as if a band recorded it, musicians who are part of a one-man team makes use of software like the Toontrack Superior Drummer and other digital plug-ins to help them out. In the case of Superior Drummer, it’s a virtual drum set and synthesizer that helps musicians incorporate the sound of drums into their music. The result is a beautifully orchestrated music that sounds as if there were live drummers during the production.

a screenshot of the Toontrack Superior Drummer

It’s perfect for upstarts who are still trying to get their act together and can’t afford to shell out much money. Since music can now be made using computers, computer software, and other digital support, musicians are sure to create wonderful music without burning a hole in their pockets.

Music to my ears

I love music, I love to sing and even dance that’s why a walk without it would be incomplete. When I was still working I used to just walk going to the MRT station. It was a 20-minute walk and sort of became an exercise for me. Most of the time I’m with my colleagues who also use the train in going home. But there are times that I walk by myself. I prefer this than riding a jeepney where I could inhale the smoke directly coming out from the buses alongside it. During these walks a 2gb iPod shuffle was my companion.  My favorite songs stored in it. Songs that mostly relate to my experiences. Songs about the important people in my life and the ones I dedicate to them. I also have upbeat songs. I even remember I used to time my steps to the beat I almost danced while walking. Haha!

I haven’t updated the songs in my iPod and I think I don’t want to. Those songs will always be music to my ears and the memories will forever be cherished.