Turning Brown

Finally I was able to take a picture of the two trees I’ve posted in Green Monday. Too bad, I didn’t get to see what they look like during the start of autumn.  The leaves have already turned brown.

These two pictures were taken exactly a week apart. Indeed winter is just around the corner.

I can’t help but take pictures of trees nowadays coz of the beautiful autumn colors they radiate around us. Although I’m already late because most of the leaves now either had fallen or turned brown, still they look beautiful to me.



WBFC #28

Hello once again! Welcome to another Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. This blog of mine hasn’t been active lately so I have decided to join this week. Our task is GFC follow. My widget’s on the sidebar so feel free to stalk me. 🙂

Two lucky participants will win $5 each courtesy of Travels and Familia Wanderers. Thanks to them!

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme. It was designed for bloggers to help each other in terms of blog followers either through Google Friend Connect and email subscribers.

Yellow leaf

Hmm… Am I at the wrong meme? I know, the leaf’s yellow but still the background’s colored brown. Hehe.. 🙂 We went to the playground last Tuesday to let the kids (and ourselves) play. I also wanted to go back to the park where I took a shot of the two trees I once posted for Green Monday. Unfortunately, a group was playing this old sport (I still have to recall or might as well go back to read again what’s written on a board near the entrance of the park) in between the trees. I have been persuading the kids to go to the playground again but to no avail. I hope tomorrow, the kids will “let me play”.

Hubby took this and gave it to me because he knows I want to have pictures taken this Autumn. He took another two for the kids. I wonder from what tree this leaf came from…





Flat feet and bunions

“Given the chance, what part of your body would you like to change and why?” Sounds familiar right? This question is usually asked in beauty pageants and the hopefuls’ usual answer is, “Nothing because this is what God has given to me, blah blah…” O well, ask me and I will proudly say that I want to change my feet! Haha! All my life my flat feet and bunions have been my problems. What with their width plus the bunions, it’s very hard for me to get a pair that would perfectly suit my feet and be comfortable on it. Bunions are really painful if you wear wrong shoe styles or cuts. I cannot wear narrow or pointed ones. For my flat feet, wearing flat shoes is comfy but could be painful on the sole after hours of walking because of the absence of the arch. Yes there are some brands of shoes that cater to customers who have problems like mine but they’re too pricey for me. I can even have an option to have custom-made shoes. I’ve tried it and still it didn’t fit me well. I also considered having my bunions removed but the thought of being immobile and just staying at home gave me second thoughts. 🙂

My foot. That's also how my footprint will look like when I step on the sand. No arch! 🙂

Good thing I was lucky enough to see a pair of ankle boots here that fits me. With its broad width and sole, I could walk comfortably.

Ready for the cold season!



Two trees

This was taken early last month when it was still summer. It’s a park just behind the playground where the kids usually play. When I saw this I was instantly awed. I thought of it as a perfect place to spend with your special someone, very romantic.

And now it’s autumn, one of these days I’ll be back to check out how it looks like. Will it still be as beautiful as it is during summer?

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Open Sunday at Heidenheim

It was Verkaufsoffener Sonntag or Open Sunday yesterday at Heidenheim. Stores were open for business and since we have nothing to do and I heard that there’s a mall in Heidenheim, we took this chance to check it out. When I entered the mall I suddenly missed Glorietta or some parts of it anyway. I even remembered Market! Market! with the mall’s design.

Mall entrance
Market! Market! ?

I wasn’t able to buy anything. Haha! But it’s ok, I just really want to see how the mall looks like because I’ve been hearing about this from my classmates and some acquaintances.

After the window shopping, we just went out for a stroll at the city center.

We had to bring Ryz's scooter so she won't make her daddy carry her:)

A portion of the Hellenstein castle I captured.

We weren’t able to explore the whole city and its main attraction which is the Hellenstein Castle but for sure we’ll be back for it.

A day with sunshine

Since I have no Deutsch class today I decided to have a walk and enjoy the weather. Yahoo Weather says it’s 9ºC outside although I only see clear sky, almost no clouds to cover the fierce sun rays. I brought my camera just in case I see interesting subjects. Good thing I did and got these!


I immediately thought of this as a flame. Looks like the houses were on fire!


Yes, that’s a rainbow starting to form. I saw it clearly while wearing my sunglasses.


I found this funny. They look like they’re waiting in line to get “browned”.




Veggies I miss no more

Hah! Finally, the kids ate a vegetable without me trying hard to convince them. Last weekend (this is a very late post, actually) I was able to cook one of my favorite dishes, Ginataang Kalabasa. It was my first time and I can say it was a success. Hubby and the kids liked it so this week it will again be included in my menu (with the other half of the squash). The word “happy” is an understatement because I was really joyous seeing my kids eat vegetables. That’s what they lack from the food pyramid. Before we came here they were just used to eating chicken and pork dishes and unhealthy canned goods. Yes, they eat few veggies but with prodding and depending on their moods. So to complement I just give them multivitamins but still in candy form.

Was really proud I have cooked this dish, it was so good I could have eaten all of it!

Another vegetable that was in my menu (I say “my” because I was the only one who ate it) was Okra. I haven’t found fresh Okra here so I just settle for the frozen ones. Last time, I cooked Pork Sinigang and used only a few pieces. It would be bad if I freeze the remaining again so I decided to boil it and had a shrimp paste to go with it. Yummy!

I suddenly missed the summer outings I went with my colleagues. We used to have this as one of the side dishes.

I only eat few vegetables and depends on how they’re cooked. Hopefully my kids won’t get this habit.



Children’s Bazaar

It’s the change of season once again and one way to dispose of old clothes here is thru a bazaar. Yesterday we went to a children’s bazaar in Oberkochen. We thought we have to buy winter clothes for the kids. I was glad we found some clothes which are still in good condition and a good buy. But not only snow gears are on sale, there also toys and some baby items like strollers and carriers.

These are the items we bought…

sweaters and snow gears
a purple leather jacket for my little girl

And since my size belongs to the teens section, I got one for me! (still big though…)

We were also able to buy a few toys for the kids.

We spent €48 or $66, a steal! Imagine if we bought those in malls, we could only take home 3 to 4 items for €48!

Aside from food, clothing is where we spend the most here because of the seasons. We just really have to go with the fashion for us to also be comfortable.


Life and then SomMamee and Me Fashion

The celebration continues

When we went back to our city’s festival last Sunday morning, I was surprised when a woman from Red Cross approached us and gave us two yellow bands to be put around my kids’ wrists. We were instructed to write my kids’ names and our mobile phone numbers. It’s a security measure that in case my kids got lost they can have information about my kids and they can call us to our mobile phones. Neat, isn’t it? Unfortunately I had no photo of the bands. Hubby already threw them thinking I already took a photo of it. He even suggested to make a post about it! Hehe…

Anyway, I mentioned in my previous post about our festival and there will be a flohmarkt or bazaar right? Well I was able to buy a bag! Here it is..

The moment I saw it I liked it immediately because as I’ve said I need a big bag so I can put my book and all my stuff for my language course. I bought it for €8 or $11.70.  I don’t know if I really bought it at a discount or what because I don’t have an idea if the brand is popular or not. 🙂

The pink carriage she loved to ride on. She had just became familiar of the story of Cinderella that’s why when she saw this she immediately rode on it.

Compared to Saturday, more people came on Sunday to celebrate. The stores, though are normally closed on Sundays also opened their doors at 1pm.

It was a hot day but I’m glad that we experienced the fun and saw how people here take time to enjoy this festivity.