Building A Pool? How To Know What Surface Is Right For You

There are a huge array of pool surfaces on the market to choose from these days and a quick search of the internet will reveal dozens of companies urging you to click here to find out why their product is the best. In this article, we will look at some of the pros and cons of popular pool surfaces to help you decide which one is best suited to your circumstances and budget.


Tiles are regarded as one of the best pool surfaces you can have; they are easy to clean, durable and aesthetically pleasing due to the huge choice of colours and styles available. On the negative side, they are very expensive and require a skilled tiler to ensure they are properly installed and water tight. You can also have issues with algae building up in the grout between tiles and once they start to become worn or damaged, they can cost a fortune to repair.


pebble pool, pool with pebble flooring, pool surfaceRough pebble pool surfaces have several advantages such as being non-slip and very durable. However, they share some of the same problems as tiles in that they are prone to algae due to the many small gaps and crevices between the pebbles. They can also increase wear and tear on automatic pool cleaners, meaning your cleaners wearing parts will need to be replaced more often.


Composite pool surfaces are rapidly gaining in popularity and are marketed under a plethora of different brand names. Made up of a mix of concrete, pebbles and other materials, they come in a range of colours and can greatly enhance the look of your pool. They are also easy to apply to irregular pool shapes and create a smooth, yet non-slip and therefore safer, surface. On the downside they are rather expensive and can run into to trouble with calcium build up and staining if the water in your pool is not chemically balanced correctly.


vinyl liners, vinyl pool, pool liners, pool surfacesVinyl is mostly used for above-ground pools or to reline an existing concrete pool that has a leak problem of is in need of a revamp. While cheap, vinyl is prone to tearing and can be damaged by chemicals if they are not added correctly.


Fibreglass remains a popular pool surface for its flexibility and durability. Most commonly, fibreglass pools are prefabricated in a factory and moved by truck to be installed on site. They have the advantage of being relatively cheap, and their forms are usually mass produced so they have been tried and tested. They usually come with all necessary fittings in place making installation quick and easy. The strength of fibreglass means that they rarely leak or crack and last for a very long time without significant maintenance.

These are the main options for choosing a pool surface, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Have a chat with the staff at your local pool shop to see what surfaces are common in your area and which they think would be best suited to your needs.

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Laundry Mishaps to Avoid

washing clothes, washing clothes mishaps, avoid clothes mishap, laundryYou invest so much in your clothes and you want them to last and stay “wearable” after more than just a few spins in the wash. At the very least, you want your clothes to be in top condition for about a year. Proper care of your clothes is necessary to make this happen. Those care instructions you find on the tags of your clothes are not there for nothing. This information has been placed there to help you ensure that your clothes retain their color, form, and quality. The way you wash and store your clothes affect the quality and longevity of your clothes.

The following are some of the problems people commonly experience during laundry duty:

· Shrinking – your new shirt fit you perfectly when you tried it on at the store. It befuddles you that you look like Winnie the Pooh the next time you wear it. Surely, you couldn’t have packed on as much weight in such a short period. The change in fit is because of shrinking. Some fabrics shrink in the wash, mostly because of the water temperature. You might also find your clothes a little bit misshapen. The laundry process might be too “harsh” on your clothes. Check the care label for the right temperature and laundry cycle that’s best for your clothes. It would also be a good idea to check for clothes made of pre-shrunk fabric so you don’t have to worry about them at all when you put them in with your normal load.

· Running Colors – bleeding dyes is such a pain. Your reds become pink, your blacks become gray. Running colors can leave you with faded clothes. You don’t want your new dress to look old and drab after just one wash. An even bigger hassle is when the colors bleed into your other clothes. As a rule of thumb, you should not wash coloreds with whites. If you suspect that a particular piece of clothing is not colorfast, wash it separately or wash it by hand first. It might also be advisable not to use strong detergents and bleaches as they could be the cause of fading and running colors.

· Pilling, Snags, and Frays – these problems are common in knitted or crocheted articles of clothing. Delicate fabrics like silks and laces are also prone to snagging and fraying. Don’t wash these clothing items with other clothing that have hooks and zippers. The best way to wash these items, in fact, is to wash them by hand. Some of them are even recommended for dry cleaning only. If you do notice pilling, experts advise using sweater shavers instead of sticky tape lint removers.

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The Importance of Keeping your Gutters Clean

cleaning gutters, gutter cleaningIt’s the two last words any home owner wants to hear. Gutter cleaning. No one blames you for forgetting them. They are, after all, on the roof, out of sight and one of those things you think I’ll get on to that next week. The problem is, the longer you leave them, the more likely they’re not going to do the thing they were designed for. Gutters are installed in homes as a weatherproofing system to direct rainwater away from your house. Once you start to neglect them, they will build up with leaves, rubbish, branches and debris leading to an array of problem that could essentially end up costing you thousands. Here are some of the common issues that occur when you don’t clear out your gutters.

Leaking Basement

When your gutters are damaged or poorly installed, you’ll find a build-up of immovable water around the foundation of your home. You’ll find that the water has nowhere to go and it will start to flow into your basement creating pools that seep into the ground, and eventually penetrate the walls. This commonly happens during the rainy season, especially if it has been followed by a drought.

Breeding ground for pests

Tap tap tap. Hear that? That’s the sound of a bird living in your roof because your gutters are clogged. Believe it or not, a cluttered gutter is an invitation for pests like birds, snakes, possums and bugs. While you may think that this isn’t a major issue, birds and their droppings carry over 60 different diseases that can easily be transferred to humans just by being in the same vicinity. The most common is when birds leave behind tens of thousands of mites, which can cause severe irritation and bites of the skin for people.

Water Damage

Water damage from damaged gutters can cause major problem to the frame of your home. It leads to rotting and mildew which will weaken the foundation and in particular the walls. The symptoms of water damage include damp spots of the walls or ceilings, blotchy patches on the wall, an accumulation of mould, crumby plaster, and constant dripping through the walls and from the ceiling.

Broken gutters

As gutters are your first line of defence against mass amounts of water pouring into your home, it’s important that they are in adequate working order. Luckily, minor issues like patching a hole, sealing a leaky corner joint and securing a gutter that’s pulled away from the house are easy and cheap enough for the average Joe to fix. To patch a hole, simply buy a tube of roofing cement and a metal repair patch large enough to cover the damaged area. If you’re gutters joints are sagging or have been pulled away from the house, then it’s usually due to the spike that joins them together, to repair this, all you need is something that won’t detach easily like gutter screws.

Cleaning your gutters is a chore no one likes doing, but if you maintain them a few times a year, you and your wallet, will thank you for it. For ideas for what to use to clean them, check out .

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The Key to Finding the Perfect Apartment in Turkey

Relocating is not an easy thing to do. I know ’cause we just did. There is a long list of things to do and learn when you are relocating to another city whether temporarily or permanently, more so to another country. To start with, you have to find the right apartment to call your home. Just like in finding a home in any other country, you need to pay attention to several important details. For example, when looking through apartments for sale in Turkey or if you plan to relocate there, you can consider these factors:

apartments for sale in turkey, apartments in turkey, turkey apartments, apartment in turkey

  • Location. You have to know where in Turkey you want to live. You can be right in the hub of activity in Istanbul or just a stone’s throw away from the beach in Altinkum or Fethiye. If your reason for relocating is a new job, you might want to choose an apartment near your place of work. Your apartment should be easily accessible and near the places that you intend to frequent. Families with kids would have to consider apartments within close proximity of schools and health institutions.
  • Size. The size of the apartment that you choose should accommodate the size of your family. If you are moving on your own, you could consider a studio or a one-bedroom flat. You want an apartment where you can move about comfortably without feeling stifled. Of course, adequate ventilation is necessary especially in a country like Turkey where it is generally warm. Ample parking space is also necessary for those who are planning to buy or rent their own vehicle while in Turkey.
  • Furnishings. Depending on whether or not you are bringing your own stuff, you want to check out what the apartment that you are interested in is furnished with. The most hassle-free arrangement would be to move to a furnished apartment. However, if you wish to choose your own furniture, it’s alright to go for a bare unit that you can furnish with items you can easily buy from shops in Turkey.
  • Amenities. The great thing about apartments is that they often have amenities like swimming pools and fitness gyms. Take these into consideration if you would like to have the luxury of going for a dip or a workout anytime you want to.

When looking for an apartment in Turkey, the internet is a good way to start your search. There are websites that list apartments for sale or for rent, complete with all the details and even some pictures. You can even conduct your initial inquiries through these websites. An apartment search is more convenient nowadays no matter where in the world you are for as long as you know what you are looking for.

Get Organised with these Storage Ideas


If you are feeling hemmed in by clutter and are finding it hard to easily store and locate items, it’s time to check out some storage strategies.

Space is often a precious commodity for many of us and using it wisely and well is important. Effective use of space for storage is all about organisation. It’s about maximising the space you have and using it in an effective and logical way to reduce the clutter you have around the home. Good storage ideas really will improve your enjoyment of your home and make finding things a whole lot easier.

Consider Off-site Storage

Storage is all about maximising your precious living space, so if you have lots of things that need storing, you might like to consider using the services of a storage facility. It’s inexpensive, it’s easily accessible and in the case of companies like Fort Knox, it’s very flexible around space and terms. For Fort Knox storage MacKay, Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Gladstone and many other places in and around Queensland, just jump onto their website and you can use their calculators to work out how much space you might need and how little it will cost.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Often the biggest deterrent to getting organised is starting. Where do you begin? This is clutter overload, a scary condition, but it is easy to overcome. Simply break down the tasks into manageable pieces. Tackle one area at a time. Making your home more spacious and organised does not have to be a massive task. Start with the worst clutter first; a cupboard, a set of shelves, the kitchen drawers. Remember, any progress is good!

Getting Organised

If you are serious about getting organised, why not start with one of the most uses spaces in any home, the kitchen drawers. Go through each drawer and remove things you haven’t used for a while, say the last four weeks. Get rid of these items altogether or place them together in a plastic container labelled – use infrequently. This will stop the mad shuffle through your kitchen drawers.

Store in the Same Place

One of the keys to effective storage is having a place for things, especially commonly used items, and making sure this space is used each and every time. For example, buy an over the door hook for your child’s room and make sure they put their hats and bags there each day. This simple storage solution will prevent morning chaos as kids get ready for school.

Stuff without a Home

One of the biggest reasons for clutter is those things you have hanging around, just because they don’t really have a home. These things are usually items that need to be fixed or obscure odds and ends – spare earphones, old mail, loose coins, business cards, old bolts that must belong to something. You get the picture! Pop them all in a basket and sort through it, even if you just do 5 items a day. Repair, toss and return to correct owner. Getting rid of all those things lying around will definitely make you home feel more organised.

Apply these principles to each room and storage area in your home and pretty soon you’ll be organised!

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How to Find Low Cost Hotels in London

low cost hotels in london, london, travel to london, london eye, west minster
London Eye and West Minster

Travelling can be really expensive if you do not know how to plan your travel budget carefully and look for deals that will make your stay budget-friendly. You can search for low cost hotels in London from the web if you plan to visit this great country and see for yourself what more they can offer in a limited budget.. What you need to learn is how to allocate your funds to the travel activities and amenities that you want to enjoy the most. Unless you have a bottomless travel budget, you want to prioritize specific travel expense items. If you plan on staying out most of the time, you would not have to spend on a luxurious hotel suite, would you?

Here are some tips to keep in mind to find hotels that help you stretch your travel budget:

1. Schedule your travel. You have to give yourself time to find the best deals possible. When you leave your hotel booking to the last minute, you won’t have any other choice but to take whatever is available. Try to find promotional offers several months to a couple of weeks before your travel. Spring and summer are the best time to visit London so take note of these.  There’s a slim chance of finding rock bottom hotel room rates during these peak seasons.

2. Look for group rates. Hotels normally offer discounted rates for families or groups of friends. Find London hotels that offer group packages as well as all inclusive packages that could save you some money in the long run. There are various amenities like shuttle services, group tours, and dining privileges that are often offered with group discounts. Don’t forget to do your own pencil-pushing. What might appear to be a good deal upfront might not necessarily be as good when you get down to the computations.

3. Subscribe to travel deals websites. Even if you are not planning to travel yet, it would be a good idea to sign up for travel deals subscriptions. There are websites that regularly feature discounts on London travel packages including hotel bookings, air fare, tours, and other special travel inclusions. You would be surprised to find how affordable travelling or going on a vacation could be with various travel and tour operators all too willing to offer the lowest prices. With all the attractive deals feature on these websites, you might just have that dream vacation earlier than you originally planned.

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3 Steps to Invest in the Best Kalkan Property

kalkan property, properties for sale in kalkan turkey
Kalkan Property for sale

Real estate as an investment instrument is popular in all parts of the world and Kalkan property options are not exempt from this popularity. Properties in Kalkan, Turkey are among the most sought after by investors from all over. This Turkish territory is marked with high class living and spectacular views wherever you are. Many overseas investors own property in Kalkan, ranging from small villas to huge mansions. As in any other country, Kalkan properties are priced depending on the specific type of property as well as its location.

There are various reasons why you would consider buying property in this place. Whether you are doing it for you to have your own vacation home in Turkey or as a means to earn more profits, there are important steps that you should take to invest in the piece of property that best meets your needs:

1. Understand your motivations and set a budget. Properties can cost as low as a hundred thousand euros to upwards of 400,000 euros. To put it bluntly, it would not be a good idea for you to think about buying a piece of Kalkan property that is way beyond what you can afford. Be realistic in your buying decision. Especially if you are doing it for profit and if you are taking out a loan to finance your purchase, you have to make sure that you will be able to recover your money in the soonest possible time.

2. Look around for options. There are a lot of properties available for sale in Kalkan. You might want to get in touch with a reputable and reliable broker to help you find the perfect property. Make sure that your requirements are clear to your broker. Make sure too that you are clear about whatever your broker will require from you in exchange for his services. You need to be in control of the buying process. Do not be cajoled into making a premature buying decision if you are not completely convinced that the property is right for you.

3. Go through all the legalities of land purchase. Once you find the perfect piece of property, you can already go through with the preparation of documents to complete the sale. There are buying costs, stamp duties, and taxes that you will have to shoulder when buying property in Kalkan, Turkey. Your broker should be able to advice you about these costs as well as any other documentation requirements to transfer the property to your name. You may consult with a lawyer who specializes in real estate purchases and transfers to ensure that all the legal requirements are complied with. You do not want to have to face legal hitches on your property ownership later on.

Interior Design 101: Working on the Light Conditions of Home

The lighting conditions in a home have a lot to do with how conducive it is for work, rest, and social interaction. It can also enhance the beauty of the home or help achieve a particular theme for interior design. That said, effectively planning out your lighting at home is essential not only for the structure itself, but as well for the overall well-being of the people who live there.

Major factors to consider

In planning out a lighting scheme for home, you need to consider a number of factors which include the aspect at which the house is facing the sun — north or south-facing, and how much natural light actually gets in. Such factors will help you determine how many and how much artificial light you will need now and for the upcoming seasons. Generally, a north-facing house will have lesser sunlight even during bright summer days, so you might want to set the place up so that it’s geared up for the dark winter.

Bulb efficiency

Another important thing that you have to consider is the energy-efficiency of the lighting that you will use. This will help you save on utilities in the long run, because the more efficient your lights are, the lesser energy it will take them to operate efficiently. Today, the most energy-efficient type is LED, followed by halogen, energy-saving bulbs, and then incandescent bulbs.

Room-by-room lighting

After you have decided on how much artificial light your home will actually need and what types of light bulb you are to choose, it’s now time to carefully plan out one by one the lighting in each of the rooms in your house according to their individual purpose and function:


The bedroom is a place in the house where people retire to each and every day. It is a very personal space where they can have time on their own and rest. It’s therefore very important that the lighting in the bedroom is warm and soft to promote a feeling of relaxation. Ideal for this type of set-up would be wall sconces or any type of lighting that can be adjusted with dimmer switches.

Living room

The living room is usually every homeowner’s favourite part of the house to decorate. Whether it’s contemporary or modern design that you are going for, you will most likely bend over backwards on mulling over this: “Do I need a modern chandelier for my next project?” or this: “Where can I buy the best and most affordable chandeliers for my home’s remodelling?” Regardless of the design you end up with for your living room, it’s important that you have an overhead lighting that will serve as your main light source when there are parties or social functions being held in it. Adding a floor lamp will also be beneficial for those particular nights that you decide to watch movies in it with the whole family. The living room is a multi-functional area so you should be able to mix and match different lighting types that will support a variety of goals and activities.

About the author:Cedric Loiselle is a highly talented writer who enjoys imparting useful information about home improvement to his readers. For lighting options, he highly recommends

5 Things To Stock Up on For Winter


When the temperatures are freezing and snow is falling from the sky, the last you want to do is go to the store. Driving through ice and snow to pick up essentials can be extremely hectic. That is why you need to stock up on certain items before the weather gets really bad. If you have the essential items in your home already, you will not have to go out in the cold that much. Here are five things to stock up on for winter.


Most people do not consider stocking up on toiletries for the winter, but it is a very good idea. When it’s snowing, you will not want to go to the grocery store to pick up toilet paper or soap. Start stocking up on soaps, shampoos, deodorants and other toiletries a few months before the weather gets really bad.

Canned Goods

It is always a smart idea to stock up on canned goods before winter. If a major snow storm causes you to lose power in your home, you can eat the canned goods because they do not require any refrigeration. Make sure to stock up on canned meats and beans so that you can have plenty of protein to eat.

Fresh Vegetables

Do not forget to stock your kitchen with fresh vegetables before winter hits. Vegetables are very good for your body and will provide you with a lot of energy. You could stock these vegetables in the refrigerator so that they last you throughout the winter. If you stock up on vegetables when they are in season, you will save a lot of money.


Having medicine readily available is essential in the winter months. If you suddenly get a headache or feel nauseous, you definitely will not feel like driving to the store in the freezing cold. Make sure to stock up on over-the-counter medications like chest cough syrup, Aspirin, Pepto Bismol, Neosporin and Ibuprofen. If you start to feel ill, you will always have something in your medicine cabinet to make you feel better.

Dried Foods

Make sure to stock up on plenty of dried foods before the weather turns. Dried foods have a long shelf life and you don’t need to cook them. Crackers, granola bars, nuts and dried fruit make excellent snacks. You should also consider stocking up on beef jerky; it lasts a long time and is usually sold in reusable bags.

As you can see, it is very important to stock up on essential items before the weather starts getting really bad. If you stock up on the items mentioned above, you will be very prepared for the winter. You will not have to go grocery shopping during a snow storm.

Mandy is a stay-at-home mum with 2 children in primary school, in her past time she loves to garden, travel, bake and write blogs for other stay at home mums or just anyone who is interested in arts and crafts ideas.

5 Basic Bargain Hunting Tips

No matter how big or small of a purchase you are making, it’s likely that you would like to save some money on it. You might think that hunting for bargains is way too difficult and not worth the effort. However, if you follow these tips, you’ll soon find that it truly can be a fairly easy way to save some money.

shopping, bargains, sale, shopping storesGoing to Different Stores

When you want to find the best price on an item, it’s always smart to go to at least a couple of different stores. Chances are, you have multiple shops in your area, so it should not be too difficult to drive to two or three, and then go back to the one that has the best price.

Shop the Sales

Most items in life are not necessities. You can probably wait another week or two until you purchase that brand new car or pair of shoes. Instead of spending a huge sum of money on it now, wait until it goes on sale. When you see a sale, be careful though. Do not purchase items that you will never need simply because they are on sale.

Deals on Bulk Items

Whether you go through a lot of bottled water, diapers or hand lotion at your house, wait until these items go on sale in bulk. As a result, you will be saving money on the unit price of the goods, and you will have plenty of them saved up for several months at a time. Use common sense when buying items in bulk though. Purchasing a lot of milk, eggs or other perishables at once is sure to be a waste of your hard earned money.

bargain, brochures, shopping, couponsBrowsing through Catalogues and Brochures

It’s a bad idea to simply throw these publications out when they arrive at your home. They often contain special coupons and alerts for sales on tons of different goods and services in your area. When they are mailed to you, they are likely published with your specific location in mind. Go through them, and cut out any coupons you think would be helpful for you. Keep them all in an envelope in a safe place, so you know where they are. Check the expiration date, and make sure you go to the store and stock up before that day comes and goes.

Looking for Online Coupons

Many people do a lot of their shopping online, so you also need to browse the Internet when making such a purchase. Simply typing in the name of the store from which you are buying followed by the phrase “coupon codes” will bring up different searches that can be of help to you. You might receive free shipping, or the codes may be for a certain percentage off the price.

Following these tips should help to keep more money in your wallet, and you should see a positive change soon.

About the author:Nichole, from Brisbane, Australia, is a Mother of four children and is always looking for new ways to save money. She says that LDN provide the best service for leaflet delivery Brisbane has to offer and is always finding great deals in catalogues and brochures.