White is the new Black!

A white look is way better that an all black look. Wearing white in any season, carries anything but the staple look. No matter what season it is or which time of the year it is. Wondering how to look chic in all-white and yet avoid looking like lost nurses or lab geeks out on the loose? Here’s a few tips to pull-off your all whites look-

The Office look: Wear a white dress with heeled pumps in nudes or black. Carry a big black bag along with a white blazer or coat on top.You could also wear a white trouser suit, in a loose cut. The secret to this look is pairing the whites with nudes or black shoes and bags. An empowering look!

The summer dress look: Think super girly, feminine posh flirty styles. Beach dresses, cottons, loose, flirty, midi or pleated skirts with white tees. You could also wear pelazzos with white tops. Complete this look with pastel colored accessories, wedge soles and pinkish lip color.


A Casual look: Team up your white jeans or shorts and a white tee, shirt or blouse. You could probably experiment a causal look with a tiny white skirt and a linen white shirt. Go for flats, sneakers, boots, loafers, sandals, wedge ditching off those stilettos.

Trendy Hot look: Go white on white with a long silk tuxedo jacket or mini lengths dresses and sexy slouchy. You could totally dress up in your whites with ease, even if it’s a night out, say to a pub or to a bingo hall. Team up your outfit with nude pumps, red lips and golden necklaces or earrings for a chic look. The outfit would be quite a refreshing, flattering take on evening wear.

Yes, you Can Wear White— and Look Chic, Slim, and Fabulous. So white it is, for this season!

Hairstyling For Both Men And Women

When we think or talk about wigs, we always relate them with women. Most probably because women wants to look good and beautiful. We seldom relate hair pieces or wigs with men. Gone were the days when men had no choice but to endure in silence when their hair started to grow thin or go bald. Now, men can have the option to look good or remain as they are.

Men too care about their look and they too love to have great hairstyles. Nowadays, t is not surprising to find more and more men patronizing unisex hair saloons or hairstylists to groom their hair. Now not only women but men too can shop online for hair pieces or men’s toupee. We usually find websites providing human hair wigs only for women but recently I came across a website selling men’s toupee for men.

ScreenHunter_06 Jul. 14 12.13

For men who wants to buy men’s toupee whether it is for creating a new hair style or for covering their thinning hair, they can check it out at hairbro.com. Hairbro.com offers a wide range of lace hair replacement systems. It says that with lace hair replacement systems, the wearer could benefit from its invisible pleating and a transitional density hairline, and even bleached knot that are not detectable and have a very natural look. And above all, the wearer will feel that lace hair replacement system is lighter, more comfortable and have a better airy feel.

ScreenHunter_03 Jul. 14 12.09

The men’s toupees comes with different types of base designs and sizes. They also comes in various hair colour with curls or wavy. The toupees also come in different hair density and hair direction, whether it is centre parting, brush back, free style, etc. and they are of different lengths. The toupees are made from all virgin hair, Chinese hair which are extremely straight, and European hair. Besides men’s toupee, hairbro.com also offers a wide range of full lace wigs for women too.

10 Memorable Birthday Gifts For Your 10 Year Old Kids

It’s that time of year again when you start sending out birthday invitations and you have the difficult task of buying a memorable gift for your 10 year old. To make your job as easy as possible, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that are sure to please every personality type at the ripe old age of 10.

charm bracelet, birthday gift1. Charm Bracelet

Bling is a very important accessory in a girl’s life. Your little sweet heart is also old enough to appreciate a more expensive gift and with such a huge array of charm bracelets on the market, you’ll be able to give a gift that not only looks beautiful and is ever lasting but tells the story of her life so far. (Image credit: peppercornkids.com)

2. iPod

If you have been a brave parent up until now and not succumbed to the electronic age, you will be loved for this gift. They can fill their new iPod with their favourite music, games (educational or just plain fun!), email their friends, Skype relatives and do just about anything an iPhone will do except make a call, which will also keep mum and dad happy.

3. Video Camera

Whether it is a standard handheld camera or one you attach to your helmet, your action packed, sporty kids will love filming themselves out and about and making memories with their friends and family.

4. Kindle Fire

Is your 10 year old a bookworm but still loves to play the occasional game and watch a movie? Then the latest Kindle makes the perfect gift for them. The new Kindle Fire with Wi-Fi is available in two screen sizes, 7 or 8.9 inches in HD and has a full colour screen allowing them to access over 20 million books, movies, games and apps. (image credit: abcnews.go.com)

5. Telescope

Moving away from the digital age we live in and into outer space. A telescope will interest not only your budding scientist and astronomer but any inquisitive 10 year old. It’s also a great way to get the kids outdoors to appreciate the bigger picture.

flik flak watch, ideal gifts for 10 year olds6. Flik Flak Watch

Flik Flak is the world’s best selling children’s brand of watches. Known for their quality, quirkiness and creativity, even the coolest kids will love wearing them. With an abundance of designs to choose from and made from the toughest materials, you know that this is a gift that will last the test of time.

7. Razor Products

Razor Scooter, Razor Wing scooter, Electronic Scooter, RipStik, BoGo, FlashRider 360, Ground Force Drifter…the choices truly are endless!

quality time with mom, gift ideas8. Quality Time

A memorable gift doesn’t have to be material. Your kids will love spending time with you…why not take them to a concert or show of their choosing. (image credit: embracingbeauty.com)

9. Fifty pranks to freak your friends

Everything you need to become the professional prankster including fake coffee spills, cracked computer screens and many more. It won’t only be memorable for your favourite 10 year old but also the person they’re pranking.

10. Personalised Gift

iPhone cases, mugs and USB flash drives are some of the things you can have personalised these days. Your kids will love designing their very own items.

With these great gift ideas, your kids are sure to remember their 10th birthday for many years to come.

Written by Marney Atkins-Smith

My First Purchase Online

One of my challenges in shopping is buying a pair of shoes that could fit comfortably on my feet. It has been my problem since ages ago because I have flat feet with bunions.  It takes hours for me to fit shoes and most of the time still ends up coming home empty-handed. This always irritates my husband, haha!

Last week as I was bloghopping I saw this pair of wedges a blogger-friend made an article on her shoe blog. As I have been searching for a pair for this season, I immediately asked her where she bought it and how much it costs. She gave me the link of choices in Amazon.

Many times I’ve wanted to try purchasing anything online but I’ve always had second thoughts and I don’t know why. I think I just need someone to vouch for the product just like my friend did. Someone to reassure me that the product is good. It’s always been like that even when I’m shopping for clothes, I need second opinions or approvals from other person.

Then there I was browsing the site looking for other choices. I wanted to have ankle boots at first but thought it will be really cold soon and I’ll eventually would use a pair up to near my knees. I already have one like that so for practicality’s sake I chose the wedges much like my friend bought. It was unfortunate as the one she was wearing in her blog is already out of stock so I ended up buying this.

My first online purchase.

I compared the material used here from the ones I find in the stores and I noticed this is better. It is thicker and well-crafted. There was also a red pair of this but I thought I might have a hard time giving justice to it.

My friend ordered it for me coz I can’t use my Paypal directly since the credit card I used to verify my account is already expired. Once she had ordered I told Zyc about it. He was just so excited that everyday he would ask when the shoes will come. Later on he already asked what the website is and he wanted also to buy toys from the site. 🙂

Good thing I was not disappointed with my first purchase online and I think this will be the start of more shopping. 🙂

Bonika Shears for a Great Looking Hair

I just cut Ryz’s hair last week. Yup, I do the hair cutting on my kids. Oh, my hubby does to Zyc. Why? because we find it expensive going to a salon. We just bought this hair clipper so he can trim or shave Zyc’s hair. It comes of course with shears in different sizes, combs and a cleaner. I also use it to hubby. At first I was the one who trims his hair but I find it hard really. We even watch instructional videos in Youtube. It looked easy just by watching but it’s different when you already apply it. I think it would take more practice to perfect of just to make a decent cut. It’s different when you do it on kids. Kids will not be conscious if ever you make a mistake but adults do. Unparalleled or curved cuts would of course not look good on men, unless you do it purposely. And hubby would not do that because he needs to have a decent, clean cut. For an inexperienced me, I couldn’t do it. Once, I even accidentally shaved his head when I mistakenly did a wrong setting. After that, I told him to just go to a salon!

That is for the boys here at home. What about us, girls? I first had a hair pampering here a year ago and I don’t know when will be the next. Luckily I had the chance to go home in the Philippines last November and there I had my hair cut so short so I could afford to let them grow again. But now it’s been almost a year and my hair is starting to get unruly. I’m thinking of getting another hair cut I but want to have it styled this time. A very short, layered one will do. Stylists can use one of the bonika shears on my hair.

Lefty Thinning Shears

With their Japanese-style scissors that are smooth and with soft cushioned close and ergonomically designed handles, I know the stylist will be comfortable whenever they use them. Left-handed stylists will also be happy Bonika hair shears have shears designed especially for them. No matter what Bonika shears they use, I’m confident my hair will turn out just the way I want it.

So maybe we can buy one of these to use on my kids, too! Hmmm…

Conveniently Fashionable Fleece Blanket Patterns

In the pursuit of comfort and convenience, man has tried out different ideas, done outrageous measures, considered abnormal methods and thought out of the box to say the least. People are actually willing to venture the unknown and un-scaled horizons just to achieve this. Because of this, unconventional and sometimes, even weird ideas are becoming widely considered and accepted.

This is true not only to inventions and technology, but literally to everything under the sun. Even in work places or any confined environment, convenience is widely sought. From the premises of giant manufacturing plants, to the high walls of huge corporate buildings and offices, even to the corners of our humble homes, convenience is greatly desired. This is why for most companies, working suits, uniforms and the likes have been designed and customized to give the best comfort for the workers and employees. This is how people regard comfort.

If there is a place where we should feel the most comfort, it should be our homes. Our house should be a place of rest and relaxation, and rightfully so. Regardless how unconventional it may take to attain this, it should be a goal for everyone. Talking about unconventional, one particular comfy material for house use that is slowly brewing in the market is the fleece blanket patterns. It is actually a type of comfy blanket which has sleeves. The difference of this item compared to the others is its fashionably chic designs. There are so many designs and themes to choose from.

People whose fashion sense or level of creativity is on another plane compared to others will definitely appreciate this. Aside from the comfort that you get, you also get to satisfy your fashion appetite. You can visit Spencer Gifts store to check out the designs.

Combining comfort and fashion is usually not that easy to pull off. But thanks to unconventional thinking, the horizons have been opened.

Beating the Chills with Snuggly Fleece Blankets

In a few months time, we would be feeling the harsh coldness of winter. Having come from a tropical country, I still find it hard to bear wintertime in Germany. Nevertheless, I can’t really do anything about the change in seasons; thus, I’d have to do my best to bear with the cold. It took some time for me to acclimatize and get used to everything. Thankfully, all’s well now.

In fact, I’ve found an awesome way to combat the chills of winter. “If you can’t beat them, join them” so the saying goes. What did I do? I searched online for some stores that sell affordable stuff my family and I can use during winter. I found a great online store that sells cool and fun products. Included in their inventory are fleece blankets in a plethora of designs and styles. Of course, they also have lots of other stuff in their collection, which are perfect for all genders and ages. Another great thing about the store is that they really offer great deals on their products. It’s really worth checking out especially if you need to find the coolest gift for a friend or loved one who’s celebrating a milestone in life.

I was browsing through the online store earlier and I came across these unique fleece blanket patterns.

I say styles because they actually have regular fleece blankets and fleece blankets with sleeves. I really think it’s a brilliant idea to “wear” the blankets, so hubby and I would stay warm while watching tv or snug all throughout the night. They actually look funny and I know the kids will laugh at us when they see us wearing these.

The wearable fleece blankets also have the following designs: Spongebob Squarepant, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Wonder Woman, Spiderman and Superman! If I’ll buy one of these of course I’ll choose Wonder Woman. I could at least look sexy even in a blanket. Hihi…

Metzingen – The Outlet City

Now here’s my post on our tour in Metzingen. Dubbed as “The Outlet City”, it is haven to all shopaholics out there. Why not when it houses factory outlets of almost all the famous brands in the field of fashion. Like I’ve mention in my previous post, they have Hugo Boss which was on sale of up to 50% , Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Esprit, Fossil, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Armani and a lot, lot more!

While walking we chanced upon a parked Ferrari. Of course, hubby and Zyc will not let go of this opportunity to take a pic beside it. Hehe..

Our primary purpose to go there was to buy a pair of sneakers for me. I’ve been trying to look for one since I wanted my 3-year old Nike sneakers put to rest. I think it has served its life for me. Hehe.. I couldn’t find a pair here that could give my feet comfort like what my Nike gives. And of course if ever I buy something a little over my budget, I want it to be worth it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy one that suits my feet and budget. I was really disappointed then and I know hubby too. Imagine driving for almost 2hrs for nothing? O well, not really nothing ‘coz we were able to buy shirts and pants for my kids at Esprit and a bag on sale at Fossil for me. We were also able to buy a cap and a replica scarf with Manchester United logo for my brother-in-law from Nike.

With a limited budget, we weren’t able to really shop and maximize our trip there. We just had our car fixed a day before so we can’t really spend that much. But I hope to go back there. I was even thinking of making it a business although I know there will be drawbacks such as high cost in shipping fees. So maybe we can go back just to shop or buy goods for our family back home.

Why Horse Riding is Worth Doing

One of the most elegant sports in the world to take up, horse riding is every bit as entertaining as it looks to participate in. With the London 2012 Olympic Games on the horizon, horse riding is going to play a big role in the games, and with good reason. As challenging as it is exciting, there are many reasons why horse riding is worth doing. Here are five reasons why it’s worth buying horse equipment to help get you started:

  • The clothes: by looking on the websites of specialist horse riding equipment retailers such as equestrian clearance chaps, jodhpurs and jackets look so much better than clothes worn in other sports. They combine style with comfort, and help to keep you safe while riding your horse.

Equestrian chaps

  • Another reason why horse riding is worth doing is that you get to spend plenty of time outdoors. When riding a horse, you get to explore vast amounts of countryside, and you can go wherever you want your horse to take you.
  • Horse riding is ideal if you love animals, especially horses. By riding with one that’s been trained, you get to build up a rapport with them, and by putting your trust in them; you can ride safely.
  • Taking up horse riding can be very comfortable to do. While wearing the correct horse riding equipment, you will be able to ride without experiencing any bumps as you’re secured onto your mount.
  • Horse riding is also fun to take up because, if on a special course, you can jump over numerous obstacles such as fences and ditches. Jumping one of those obstacles is one of the most exciting things you can do while riding a horse.

Ryz is fond of horses lately. She’s been watching this cartoon series, My Little Pony, and has a collection of their miniature characters. I wonder if she’ll still like them and be responsible to take care of them when she grows up. If she will, there will be a big possibility that horse riding will be her sport and hobby.

A Guide to Buying Clothes Online

Like many other consumer products, the world of fashion has taken a big turn to e-commerce. Buying online can be a truly fruitful experience. A lot of the time, items on the internet, especially those from abroad, have subtle differences from those you can find on your local high street. Quite often you can be happy in the knowledge that you won’t be caught in that awkward moment where you are wearing the same thing as someone else!

Another great point for internet shoppers is that it is often cheaper and you can shop anytime you like day or night, perfect for those whose busy schedules won’t allow for time to shop during the day.

If you are worried about the authenticity of products go for well-known retailers. You can shop for all types of clothes online so don’t forget about underwear and nightwear. Figleaves nightwear offers great prices with the guarantee of quality.

Midnight Grace Nightwear

If shipping costs worry you, many online stores offer you free shipping over a certain amount of purchases and next day delivery is available in loads of internet stores.

Another concern of shopping online is sizing, you aren’t able to try something on before you buy. If this is a distressing element of shopping online make sure you go for brands who offer refunds and exchanges. This isn’t something that can be enjoyed with shopping on bidding sites. Another great way to tackle this problem is going for a brand that offers extensive sizing guidelines. This is especially important for underwear. Again Figleaves.com has a really helpful section on size and a phone line for those who are still confused; this even goes for men’s underwear from Figleaves.

Payment is one of the biggest worries out there but if the site you are using allows you to use your accounts for global payment methods you shouldn’t have any worries. In this way if you do have any anomalies in your account you can get in touch with the provider and they can act as a middle man between you and the e-commerce site.