I’m Hooked

I’m hooked with Asian dramas, particularly the Korean ones. Actually I’ve been watching Korean series, mostly romantic comedies since the early 2000’s and then I stopped. What made me watch them again? Blame it on a Facebook friend who liked a page of a drama which just had its premier. I got curious so I went to the page and saw that it looked interesting so I watched it and my “addiction” began. 😛

From then on I searched and watched other series that would fit my taste while waiting for the next episode of the drama. By the way, the drama’s called My Love from the Star. It’s a love story about an alien, who landed during the Joseon era and lived on earth for 400 years, and a top actress who fell in love with each other. It really got popular around Asia and I guess in some parts of the world. I see some comments coming from different continents so I guess it really made big. There are really a lot of sites that have compilations of Asian dramas that one could easily get hooked. I couldn’t anymore count how many drama series I’ve watched. I even got to watch and love those handsome actors! Haha! The highschool in me!!! Just imagine how many hours I had wasted idling around and doing nothing. As a result of just sitting around, I have gained weight. Waaaah!!! I guess it’s a goodbye for me to wear a decent, stylish swimwear this summer season. Tsk tsk..

There were even times I stayed up sooo.. late I couldn’t stop watching ‘coz every episode was a cliffhanger! I also watch behind the scenes in Youtube, and read articles about the actors and the series. Addiction it is!!

Just one of my favorites from the OST of the drama sang by the main character, Kim Soo Hyun (credits to the owner of the video)

Yes, even my blog sites have suffered! I would always say molds could have grown in my sites because I haven’t been updating them frequently. So unproductive of me thanks to my self control. Really, my failure in time management skills had shown! Sometimes I could also feel hubby’s irritation when he sees me in front of the laptop and just watching, haha!

I need to lose weight… I remembered the last time I gained this much was when I was pregnant with Zyc but since I was working then, I got my normal weight back. Now, after more than 3 yrs here in Germany I weigh the same weight minus the baby! :'(  I’m thinking of going on a diet (just thinking 😛 ) like what I did before. It was actually an unhealthy way and I don’t know if I could still do it. What I did before was I lessened my food intake especially at night. My problem now is I easily get hungry (normally I already get hungry 2-3hrs after a full meal 😛 ). I also bought a skip rope but I haven’t really been regularly doing it. My self discipline is a total fail. Oh my… I really have to get my weight back!

The Bro Show: A sports show of hilarity and wit

I can’t deny I am a sports fan, a basketball fan to be exact. That’s why everytime I get the chance to go home I make it a point to watch a live game of my favorite team. They won the championship recently and I followed the series through live streaming or the replays.

My “love” for the players went as far as following them in their social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram which led me to following some of the basketball personalities like the commentators and analysts. I could still remember when I was still young and watching a game with my big bro. He used to listen to what the analysts would say during a match. Maybe that’s why my fondness of the sports went beyond the players and the game itself.

When I followed Mico Halili, one of the analysts, in his Twitter account I found out he has a weekly show called The Bro Show. He’s with another analyst and former professional basketball player, Jason Webb, and also a former professional basketball player and one of the assistant coaches of my favorite team Richard Del Rosario. The Bro Show topics generally evolves around sports (although there can be others outside sports and their crazy ideas) and targets sports aficionados and enthusiasts.

When I first watched the replay of their first episode, I immediately fell in love with it. I love the humor in the show. I love the hosts’ spontaneity. It’s like watching a bunch of men just hanging out and having fun. I like the company of men especially those who really have a great sense of humor. I used to be “one of the boys” and hang out with my male colleagues when I was still working and there was never a dull moment with them. Whenever I watch this show, there really are times that I had to laugh out loud. But don’t get me wrong, this show is also full of wit (what with that crazy idea on how Philippines could make it to the Olympics. Hahaha! After watching the first episode, I went on to the next, and to the next… I just couldn’t help but go on and watch them. I couldn’t get enough of their humor really.

Here’s their pilot episode…

There are only two shows I watch regulary from our local channels in the Philippines and I’m glad that there’s another one for me to look forward to. This is a great companion especially that I’m alone at home and just waiting for the time to pass by until my kids arrive from school.

Getting Your Tickets in the Most Convenient Way Possible

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creamfields, creamfield tickets, creamfileds UK

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There are a lot of ticket sources online that all promise to give you the best deals possible. BigTicketShop scours these ticket sources for you so that you do not have to do the search yourself. You simply have to look through the list and pick the best deal for you. This means that you don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for tickets online or calling ticket outlets where you can buy your tickets not only for the Creamfields Festival but for other events and performances as well. It’s more convenient to have this website to do the searching for you. Now, all you have to do is to indulge in your excitement as you anticipate going to whatever event you desire with your tickets sourced from this website – the most difficult part you will have to deal with is having to deal with the sleepless nights of excited anticipation.

Image credit: harderbloggerfaster.com

The Fanatic in Me

It’s not a secret that I am an avid basketball fan. I root for San Mig Coffee Mixers team from the professional basketball league in my homeland. So whenever there’s a game I make it a point to watch their matches thru online streaming in Germany. Now that I’m here I’ll make sure that I get to watch a game live. I am glad that it’s still the elimination round and I guess it would be easy to get tickets and not worry for them selling out.

As soon as I learned that there’ll be a match, I immediately told hubby that I want to watch it. And who else will I be watching it with but my everdearest Big Bro and my Dad. We have been watching live matches everytime we get an opportunity. Actually I’m thinking of making it a family tradition, that everytime I come home from Germany we’ll see to it that we’ll watch a game of our favorite team live. Anyway, since my nephew also loves basketball I asked if he wants to come with us. He said yes and eventually the entire family went to see the game except for hubby’s sis and bro who were both working then.

The game was scheduled at 7pm but we went to the venue as early as 4pm because it was held in Pasay which we are  not familiar of. Since we were really early, we decided to watch the first game. While waiting for the gates to open we stayed near the parking lot where the basketball players park their cars and enter the venue.

I was so happy that we decided to stay there because I was able to see two of my favorite players from my team, PJ Simon and Marc Pingris. I saw Marc Pingris first and ran towards him. He was already heading for the entrance gate but the goodhearted man still accomodated me when I asked for a photo with him. I’ve been hearing good words for him actually. Some say that he really is kind and very approachable.

Marc Pingris, basketball, fanatic, basketball fanatic
With Marc Pingris

Still we waited and after a few minutes it was PJ Simon who arrived. He plays the Guard position in the team so I really didn’t expect him to be really tall. He seems to be the silent type. Even if I only see him play in the court on TV and watch interviews on him, I find him to be a man of few words and humble. Actually that’s what I liked about the team and the players. They have humble players. They don’t play dirty. If ever there’s an instance that they get too physical in the game or get involved in a fight, for sure they didn’t start it but they were just provoked.

PJ Simon, San Mig Coffee, basketball
With PJ Simon and my nephew, Kyle

Unfortunately I didn’t see my favorite player and the star of the team, James Yap, up close. He’s the only one missing in this photo collection as they are the Big 3 of the team. They are its heart and soul.

As we went in to watch the first game it was noticeable that the venue was not filled with basketball fans. The two teams playing really don’t have large number of fan base. Funny though, it was Zyc’s frst time to watch a basketball game and I was really glad he enjoyed it. Even rooting for a team he had only seen play for the first time. 😛

As the game nears its final buzz, people started pouring in. Empty seats became less noticeable and chants from the fans of the opposing teams started to fill the venue. As the players of San Mig Coffee enter the court, shouts and screams were heard. This just proves that San Mig Coffee is one of the most well-loved team in the PBA.

However the noise changed Zyc’s mood. Actually he hates noise such as this. He started to cry and wanted to go home. This added to my frustration as San Mig Coffee were losing the game. I had to hold him near me to pacify him. I could not shout or cheer or react to the game.

Sad to say, San Mig Coffee lost the game. It was just so disappointing for me because I didn’t expect them to lose over a less-taleted team (in my opinion). Oh well… that’s basketball. We can really never tell, momentum shifts, players have off-nights and there are lucky breaks.

Nevertheless I still was happy I came to watch a basketball game again with Dad and Big Bro. It was indeed our bonding time and still hoping it won’t be the last.


10 Memorable Birthday Gifts For Your 10 Year Old Kids

It’s that time of year again when you start sending out birthday invitations and you have the difficult task of buying a memorable gift for your 10 year old. To make your job as easy as possible, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that are sure to please every personality type at the ripe old age of 10.

charm bracelet, birthday gift1. Charm Bracelet

Bling is a very important accessory in a girl’s life. Your little sweet heart is also old enough to appreciate a more expensive gift and with such a huge array of charm bracelets on the market, you’ll be able to give a gift that not only looks beautiful and is ever lasting but tells the story of her life so far. (Image credit: peppercornkids.com)

2. iPod

If you have been a brave parent up until now and not succumbed to the electronic age, you will be loved for this gift. They can fill their new iPod with their favourite music, games (educational or just plain fun!), email their friends, Skype relatives and do just about anything an iPhone will do except make a call, which will also keep mum and dad happy.

3. Video Camera

Whether it is a standard handheld camera or one you attach to your helmet, your action packed, sporty kids will love filming themselves out and about and making memories with their friends and family.

4. Kindle Fire

Is your 10 year old a bookworm but still loves to play the occasional game and watch a movie? Then the latest Kindle makes the perfect gift for them. The new Kindle Fire with Wi-Fi is available in two screen sizes, 7 or 8.9 inches in HD and has a full colour screen allowing them to access over 20 million books, movies, games and apps. (image credit: abcnews.go.com)

5. Telescope

Moving away from the digital age we live in and into outer space. A telescope will interest not only your budding scientist and astronomer but any inquisitive 10 year old. It’s also a great way to get the kids outdoors to appreciate the bigger picture.

flik flak watch, ideal gifts for 10 year olds6. Flik Flak Watch

Flik Flak is the world’s best selling children’s brand of watches. Known for their quality, quirkiness and creativity, even the coolest kids will love wearing them. With an abundance of designs to choose from and made from the toughest materials, you know that this is a gift that will last the test of time.

7. Razor Products

Razor Scooter, Razor Wing scooter, Electronic Scooter, RipStik, BoGo, FlashRider 360, Ground Force Drifter…the choices truly are endless!

quality time with mom, gift ideas8. Quality Time

A memorable gift doesn’t have to be material. Your kids will love spending time with you…why not take them to a concert or show of their choosing. (image credit: embracingbeauty.com)

9. Fifty pranks to freak your friends

Everything you need to become the professional prankster including fake coffee spills, cracked computer screens and many more. It won’t only be memorable for your favourite 10 year old but also the person they’re pranking.

10. Personalised Gift

iPhone cases, mugs and USB flash drives are some of the things you can have personalised these days. Your kids will love designing their very own items.

With these great gift ideas, your kids are sure to remember their 10th birthday for many years to come.

Written by Marney Atkins-Smith

Celebrity Horses

We can all name our favourite film but what about top films starring animals or more specifically top horse films?  There are many beautiful horse films out there but here are my top five films featuring the magnificent creatures.


Starring Tobey Maguire and Jeff Bridges this film is based on the real life events in the book by Laura Hillenbrand.  The story is based during the American Depression and is about a team of underdogs including Seabiscuit, the horse who stands at 15 and a half hands tall, small for a racehorse, with a slight limp.  The team overcomes their adversities and help lift the spirits of the nation.  I imagine in this day we would quickly dose old Seabiscuit up on Vetrofen and Vetroflex, helping his limp and allowing him to win all the races – however this would be slightly less of an underdog story!


National Velvet.

This 1944 horse classic starring Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor is a brilliant story of friendship between a former jaded jockey and a young girl with a passion for horses.  Liz Taylor is Velvet, the girl who loves horses but has to dress as boy to race her horse and win a prestigious horse race.


The Horse Whisperer   

Starring old heartthrob Robert Redford this film focuses on a young girl and her horse who are involved in a tragic accident.  They go with her mother to find the Horse Whisperer, a cowboy with an ability to communicate with horse, in a attempt to heal their mental scars.  Whilst I love this film I cannot  help but secretly wonder if perhaps the horse whisperer is less whimsical and is perhaps slipping the horse medication, say a NAF supplement or  two, making him better the conventional way?


celebrity horsesBlack Beauty

Based on Anna Sewells classic book this story has been made into a film several times.  My favourite is the 1994 version starring Sean Bean.  The film tells the story of the black stallion, Black Beauty, and his life.  It is a tear jerker as a lot of bad things happen but it is a happy ending so tissues at the ready.



horsesWar Horse

Another tearjerker about a boy and his horse separated after the horse is sold to the cavalry during WW1.  The boy eventually becomes a private and man and horse are reunited but for how long…



All pictures from IMDB

All I Need Now is a Mic

All of my friends know I love to sing. I love to sing sentimental songs especially when in “emo” mode. Old songs by the Carpenters since I have a slightly deep voice. But once in a party mood, I could sing anything. A little of rap, upbeat, R&B and even try to reach the high notes sung by Mariah or Beyonce. But my favorite… Better Days by Diane Reeves. 🙂  Company and location are very important to me when singing. 😛 I need “supportive” friends to be able to sing and the location should be private. No audience except us so I can sing (read: shout) to the top of my lungs. 😀

Since I came here in Germany I’ve never had that chance again. I content myself singing along from the songs saved in my old mobile phone. I could not “shout” here, well I’ve done it once or twice but that’s it. I didn’t want the police come knocking at our doorstep because a neighbor reported a noise coming from our house. 😀

As far as I remember it has been weeks since hubby and I are contemplating on buying a new TV. We were giving it a hard thought because considering that I seldom watch TV and the kids use the other laptop and watch programs from Youtube, you might say it’s impractical to buy a TV set. The one we were using was an old CRT which was given to us by our former Filipina landlady. We just bought a satellite receiver to be able to watch TV programs based mostly from UK. Hubby was the only one using it most of the time as I usually fall asleep while watching with him at night.

We were eying at the latest trend, the smart TV’s. Hubby wanted a LED TV for it’s energy-saving feature and of course because of its internet capabilities. Who also wouldn’t want to watch movies in High-Definition? As for me, as long as the picture is so clear is fine.

smart tv, samsung, samsung series 5, samsung smart tv
Hubby, during one of our trips to the store.

After those many trips to the appliance store we finally decided to buy one. Another consideration why it took us long to decide is the size but I told him we need not a very huge screen. Our home is not that big and unless we want our kids to go blind, we go buy the smaller one. 😛

So here’s our Samsung Smart TV E Series…

samsung, samsung smart tv, smart tv, samsung E series
My first song… 😀

Hubby being the techie one has gone exploring the Smart TV’s features and one application he showed me is the Red Karaoke. 😀 Yes, there is a karaoke where I can choose songs and sing with it. Yey! Finally, I can sing and with the number of songs to choose from I know my vocal chords would be so stretched before I could sing all the songs I missed singing. Now I don’t have to ask hubby to buy the Magic Sing available in our country. All I need is a microphone but I guess I can’t have that “concert” here… 🙁

We have bought accessories of this Smart TV like the camera and the wireless LAN adapter to fully maximize its features and so far we are enjoying it. We also use the TV when we chat with our family back home through Skype. Now they have a better view of my kids and their every move.

But I suddenly miss our home theater back home… 🙁 Oh well, may next time when we’ll have a budget, a better sound system would be perfect for this smart baby…

Enjoying My “Me” Time

Being a wife to my husband and a mom to my kids is a lot of work, but I do enjoy it. Like what I always say, it is physically tiring but fulfilling. However, when he’s away at work and the kids are at school, I have a little free time to myself (when I’m not doing the laundry or cleaning up after them at least). I try to do what I can to enjoy myself before they get back home and make the most of my time alone. Usually, I try something fun and relaxing like watching TV, chatting with friends in Facebook, reading or surfing the net.

One time, when I was web browsing, I stumbled upon something on the Ladbrokes website that I enjoyed from the first minute I played it. It was bingo and I suddenly missed mom. Bingo was always a game I liked playing with her. A visit to that site made me realize that I can play online from the comfort of my sofa on my laptop, tablet or smartphone while I was doing something else like watching TV. Convenience wasn’t the only thing I liked about this online bingo site. I thought if only mom’s still here, I’ll introduce the game to her so she doesn’t need to go some place else to enjoy the game.

online bingo
A screenshot of their exciting game.

I liked the wide range of games including ones themed on films and popular board games, the fact that I had chances of winning prize money every time I logged on and the ability to talk to other players in online chat rooms during games. When it comes to trying to stave off boredom, online
bingo is perfect, even if you’re trying to do two things at once like cooking a large meal for the family or waiting for the washing machine to finish cleaning everyone’s clothes.