Dress to Impress

It is every woman’s wish or desire to have a gorgeous dress to wear whenever there is an invitation to a grand occasion or function. A gorgeous dress that gives her the confidence to walk confidently into the hall and knowing that she look gorgeous in that special dress.

In order to enjoy the special occasion with worrying about what to wear, women need to have that gorgeous dress or dresses ready in their wardrobe. Whenever the occasion comes, she can just pick up the dress from her wardrobe, puts it on and go out to have an enjoyable time at the function.

Stress and worrying about what to wear or doing last minute shopping will drain your energy and add wrinkles to your face. Plus it takes away the fun of dressing up for the special occasion.

It is good for women to shop ahead and with online shopping easily available with just a few clicks on the mouse, your gorgeous dress will be delivered to your doorstep. If you want to be impress on that occasion, then you have to dress like a celebrity, ready to step onto the red carpet and take that walk.

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If you want to know the latest trends the celebrities are wearing, for a start you can click onto this website StarCelebrityDresses.com to browse the wide range of celebrity dresses before moving on to the others. Here, you can pick your choice, ranging from short to long flowing dresses, from slim fitting to full flare ones. Their dresses range from simple, yet elegant to some very sexy designs too.

Their products include special occasion dresses and wedding dresses, etc. It is better to be prepared and ready with your special dress. Do not delay because you will never know when that special occasion may come.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas your Son will Love

Is your son seriously into sport? Does he love Aussie rules, rugby league, rugby union, soccer or all of the above! Or maybe he’s is into cricket, particularly with the Ashes on at the moment. If this sounds like your son and you’re stumped for what to buy him this Christmas, check out Mick Simmons Sports Store . They stock official replica team gear so your son can take his love and support for his team to the next level. Here are my top five picks for Christmas gift ideas for that special little man in your life.

team clothing, offical clothing, replica clothing,Official NRL team clothing

Oh the sensational Storm, the brave Bulldogs, the courageous Cowboys… you get the idea. Your son will love wearing his official rugby league gear while his beloved team are playing. Or if he’s like my son, he’ll want to wear it to school, the supermarket and of course, bed! You can buy training singlets, t-shirts and shorts as well as official hoodies, jackets, caps and jerseys.

Official AFL team clothing

Is your son practically glued to the TV when his beloved team are playing? Does he jump and down when his team win a game or his bottom lip quiver is they lose? That kind of dedication deserves to be rewarded with an official replica team Guernsey. That’ll have him singing “Up there Cazaly” with even more gusto than you thought possible!

Official Wallabies clothing

With the Bledisloe Cup and Rugby Championship coming up in 2014 and the Rugby World Cup in 2015, your son will be over the moon with an official replica Wallabies outfit. Our fellas have had a tough 2013, so help your son get behind the squad with an official Wallabies jersey or t-shirt.

Official Cricket Australia clothing

For Aussie blokes (big or little), summer = cricket. Right now, the cricket world is abuzz as the Ashes Test Series is on, and it’s a very special one. Since the Ashes began 131 years ago in bonny Britain, it has been played every four years, alternating between here and England. This year however, the series began in England and a second round of tests is currently being played here to decide the winner. With domestic matches and one day internationals (ODI) about to start, help your son get behind Michael Clarke and the boys with an official replica Cricket Australia 2013/14 kids ODI home shirt.

Official football (soccer) clothing

The 2006 soccer World Cup had a profound impact on the sport in Australia. Even I was roaring (but eventually sobbing) at the Socceroos unprecedented success at the penultimate football championship. Mick Simmons has a great selection of official replica kids clothing not only for the Socceroos, but our domestic league, the English Premier League and European teams like Real Madrid.

Whether your son is a footie fanatic or cricket nut (or both), make his Christmas this year with official replica clothing for his favourite sports team.

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Cold Feet

I am having cold feet, literally. It’s been getting cold lately that slippers and thick socks aren’t enough for me. I even once wore leg warmers here at home. They say carpets help the room get warm as floors get cold during the season. Sadly, our carpet is not wall to wall and situated only in the living room. I work on the dining table (yup you read it right… dining table) and spend most of my time there so I could really feel the cold from the floor going up to my legs. I don’t know why we still have cold floors despite being in an attic… So I’ve decided to look for a footwear that could protect my feet and legs from cold and at the same time keep them warm.

Gladly there are house shoes available to keep up with the cold. Actually, I’ve seen many kinds of house shoes fit for the season. They are made of fleece, wool or fur perfect to keep the feet warm. Slip-ons or a thicker version of ballerina shoes are the most common. You can even see designs like Cars and Homer Simpson’s face on it. They are really nice and cute but I’d rather choose something that will keep not only my feet but my entire leg warm.

Good thing I saw this one..

keep feet arm, house shoes, fur boots, wool boots, boots for home, boots for winter

Although they’re not long enough to cover my entire leg, I could still feel warm inside. Of course it’s soft inside having its wool material, the kids even love wearing them. I’ve also seen something like these and a longer one but they’re knitted and the wool inside were kind of thin. I thought they re not enough to keep me warm and even not worth the price.

Keeping your feet warm during this cold season is important as this will prevent you from getting colds and having a flu and lowering your immune system.

Beating the Chills with Snuggly Fleece Blankets

In a few months time, we would be feeling the harsh coldness of winter. Having come from a tropical country, I still find it hard to bear wintertime in Germany. Nevertheless, I can’t really do anything about the change in seasons; thus, I’d have to do my best to bear with the cold. It took some time for me to acclimatize and get used to everything. Thankfully, all’s well now.

In fact, I’ve found an awesome way to combat the chills of winter. “If you can’t beat them, join them” so the saying goes. What did I do? I searched online for some stores that sell affordable stuff my family and I can use during winter. I found a great online store that sells cool and fun products. Included in their inventory are fleece blankets in a plethora of designs and styles. Of course, they also have lots of other stuff in their collection, which are perfect for all genders and ages. Another great thing about the store is that they really offer great deals on their products. It’s really worth checking out especially if you need to find the coolest gift for a friend or loved one who’s celebrating a milestone in life.

I was browsing through the online store earlier and I came across these unique fleece blanket patterns.

I say styles because they actually have regular fleece blankets and fleece blankets with sleeves. I really think it’s a brilliant idea to “wear” the blankets, so hubby and I would stay warm while watching tv or snug all throughout the night. They actually look funny and I know the kids will laugh at us when they see us wearing these.

The wearable fleece blankets also have the following designs: Spongebob Squarepant, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Wonder Woman, Spiderman and Superman! If I’ll buy one of these of course I’ll choose Wonder Woman. I could at least look sexy even in a blanket. Hihi…

Metzingen – The Outlet City

Now here’s my post on our tour in Metzingen. Dubbed as “The Outlet City”, it is haven to all shopaholics out there. Why not when it houses factory outlets of almost all the famous brands in the field of fashion. Like I’ve mention in my previous post, they have Hugo Boss which was on sale of up to 50% , Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Esprit, Fossil, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Armani and a lot, lot more!

While walking we chanced upon a parked Ferrari. Of course, hubby and Zyc will not let go of this opportunity to take a pic beside it. Hehe..

Our primary purpose to go there was to buy a pair of sneakers for me. I’ve been trying to look for one since I wanted my 3-year old Nike sneakers put to rest. I think it has served its life for me. Hehe.. I couldn’t find a pair here that could give my feet comfort like what my Nike gives. And of course if ever I buy something a little over my budget, I want it to be worth it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy one that suits my feet and budget. I was really disappointed then and I know hubby too. Imagine driving for almost 2hrs for nothing? O well, not really nothing ‘coz we were able to buy shirts and pants for my kids at Esprit and a bag on sale at Fossil for me. We were also able to buy a cap and a replica scarf with Manchester United logo for my brother-in-law from Nike.

With a limited budget, we weren’t able to really shop and maximize our trip there. We just had our car fixed a day before so we can’t really spend that much. But I hope to go back there. I was even thinking of making it a business although I know there will be drawbacks such as high cost in shipping fees. So maybe we can go back just to shop or buy goods for our family back home.

Why Horse Riding is Worth Doing

One of the most elegant sports in the world to take up, horse riding is every bit as entertaining as it looks to participate in. With the London 2012 Olympic Games on the horizon, horse riding is going to play a big role in the games, and with good reason. As challenging as it is exciting, there are many reasons why horse riding is worth doing. Here are five reasons why it’s worth buying horse equipment to help get you started:

  • The clothes: by looking on the websites of specialist horse riding equipment retailers such as equestrian clearance chaps, jodhpurs and jackets look so much better than clothes worn in other sports. They combine style with comfort, and help to keep you safe while riding your horse.

Equestrian chaps

  • Another reason why horse riding is worth doing is that you get to spend plenty of time outdoors. When riding a horse, you get to explore vast amounts of countryside, and you can go wherever you want your horse to take you.
  • Horse riding is ideal if you love animals, especially horses. By riding with one that’s been trained, you get to build up a rapport with them, and by putting your trust in them; you can ride safely.
  • Taking up horse riding can be very comfortable to do. While wearing the correct horse riding equipment, you will be able to ride without experiencing any bumps as you’re secured onto your mount.
  • Horse riding is also fun to take up because, if on a special course, you can jump over numerous obstacles such as fences and ditches. Jumping one of those obstacles is one of the most exciting things you can do while riding a horse.

Ryz is fond of horses lately. She’s been watching this cartoon series, My Little Pony, and has a collection of their miniature characters. I wonder if she’ll still like them and be responsible to take care of them when she grows up. If she will, there will be a big possibility that horse riding will be her sport and hobby.

A Guide to Buying Clothes Online

Like many other consumer products, the world of fashion has taken a big turn to e-commerce. Buying online can be a truly fruitful experience. A lot of the time, items on the internet, especially those from abroad, have subtle differences from those you can find on your local high street. Quite often you can be happy in the knowledge that you won’t be caught in that awkward moment where you are wearing the same thing as someone else!

Another great point for internet shoppers is that it is often cheaper and you can shop anytime you like day or night, perfect for those whose busy schedules won’t allow for time to shop during the day.

If you are worried about the authenticity of products go for well-known retailers. You can shop for all types of clothes online so don’t forget about underwear and nightwear. Figleaves nightwear offers great prices with the guarantee of quality.

Midnight Grace Nightwear

If shipping costs worry you, many online stores offer you free shipping over a certain amount of purchases and next day delivery is available in loads of internet stores.

Another concern of shopping online is sizing, you aren’t able to try something on before you buy. If this is a distressing element of shopping online make sure you go for brands who offer refunds and exchanges. This isn’t something that can be enjoyed with shopping on bidding sites. Another great way to tackle this problem is going for a brand that offers extensive sizing guidelines. This is especially important for underwear. Again Figleaves.com has a really helpful section on size and a phone line for those who are still confused; this even goes for men’s underwear from Figleaves.

Payment is one of the biggest worries out there but if the site you are using allows you to use your accounts for global payment methods you shouldn’t have any worries. In this way if you do have any anomalies in your account you can get in touch with the provider and they can act as a middle man between you and the e-commerce site.




Dress Up and Be Carefree!

As I walk along the main street at the city center this morning, I saw a young lady wearing a formal dress. It seems she’ll be going to an event, a wedding maybe. I remember how it goes in my homeland where people are supposed to ride a taxi or any private transportation when wearing a formal dress. Then I just thought how carefree the people here are. I’m not saying this in a bad connotation, I just admire them for expressing what they really want and truly feel. Unlike in most of us who always think of what other people say. Honestly I think I’m still that person who is conscious of what will people think, especially with regard to my fashion. I’m not a fashionista and I know I can not wear anything I see in fashion magazines with confidence. I need words of encouragement and more push from friends just to wear a fashionable dress. But here in Germany, I think I can wear anything I want, even a bridesmaid dress and couldn’t care less. I guess I just have to check on the weather first before putting on one. Hehe.. Like what an Irish friend here told me when I was complaining of the cold weather, “In Germany there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes”.

I Want to Try Out Yoga…

Spring officially starts tomorrow on our side of the globe. Stores are starting to sell different items which relates to spring. Home decors such as plants and flowers, garden furniture sets and even barbecue grills since people here love to spend their afternoons grilling and enjoying the outdoors. Since this is the perfect time Germans would do their sports you will find various sports outfits in boutiques. Trekking jackets, jogging pants, yoga apparel, rubber shoes and more. Some fitness studios are also offering programs especially for women. As I have told before, many women here either only stay at home or have a part time job so sports center have their eyes on stay-at-home moms like me. Long before I wanted to try yoga. My sis-in-law was an instructor in a fitness studio back home and I saw how it benefited her. One might say she’s weak but she really has this body strength hiding behind her frail-looking physique. Now, one of my American classmates in my German class will be training and is planning to open up a yoga class. I’ve been thinking of enrolling and I hope I can while we’re on a summer break.

I know I’ll be comfortable in this..

In yoga you need clothes that perfectly fit. They must not be too tight or too loose. Flexibility and support for complete ease of movement must be taken into account. You also need to consider of course, comfort. Clothes must be made of soft fibers which can allow your skin to breathe. Wearing the appropriate attire when doing your exercise is important so as to maximize your workout’s full potential.

Of all the advantages I’ve read about yoga, the most important thing I want to achieve is to have a good and proper posture. I’ve been having back pains because of my posture and I want to correct it. I hope I’m not too late for this.


A new adventure

I’m not an outdoor person when it comes to sports. I grew up playing volleyball and watching basketball. When I came here in Germany I noticed that many, even old people go to the mountains or woods to trek. Imagine men and women ranging from 50-70 years old holding a pair of trekking poles and enjoying the nature. With their strength and endurance, they just amaze me! Now I wonder if I could do it. I know I get tired easily when climbing but I think it’s worth a try. The thought of being one with nature, the silence and the joy of reaching the top of the mountain, it would be rewarding.

Hmmm… I should be properly geared-up. I looked in the net and I found out the essential clothes to wear and equipments to bring when trekking. I’m not planning to go to Nepal or any other country. So maybe I will only need the basics.

A fleece jacket that can be used on weekend hikes.

I checked RockyMountainTrail.com columbia jackets and good thing they have a wide range of jackets for outdoors and even for kids. Who knows, my kids would want to join me in one of my adventures.

A pair of walking boots is very important too. It should have an ankle support and a sole flexible enough to meet the different walking conditions. A pullover, trousers, gloves, backpack and the poles. That’s it! I just hope I won’t forget to bring a camera to capture breathtaking views when I get to the top and of course blog about them. 🙂