3 Benefits of a French Door-in-Door Fridge

The kitchen is the home base for a diversity of appliances, from the simple toaster to the less humble mix master and food processor; the crowning glory of the preparation space is the refrigerator, a glorified ice-box standing tall in the corner or its own special hutch. We’ve come a long way from burying our perishables and carting around a small, three dimensional square barely big enough to store a couple of nights of meat and a block of cheese, fridges seem to have mind of their own. Fixed with in-built computers, electronic temperature gauges, ice-machines, water spouts and a variety of other features, depending on the price, buying a food storage white goods is no longer so straight forward. The French door in door alternative is possibly the most ingenious, minimising the everyday wear and tear on stressed joints and sectioning off specific food types easily. Though a cross-section of models may suit your needs, a French design will benefit you in the long run.

door-in-door fridge, french door fridge, lg french door-in-door fridge

Sectioning Arrangements

Have you ever wondered why the freezer naturally rests on top of the fridge portion, despite our midnight wanderings routinely leading us to open the bottom door first, bending down to rummage through leftovers, weirdly wrapped snacks and a host of bottles? French door-to-door refrigerators inject a breath of fresh logic into the traditional design, with the fridge firmly on top and at eye level, making those twilight ramblings a breeze. Some editions come with common sense compartments, like the new LG Fridge preparing to hit the market, allowing buyers to retrieve their favourite, most often used items without disturbing the temperature of the entire storage area.

Save Money, Save the Planet

While star ratings allow discerning buyers to gauge how much their refrigerator of choice may cost them, the French model is especially economical, boasting the best regulatory systems and minimising the release of energy beyond what is necessary to power the appliance; by only opening one compartment or the nominated cold cupboard if you’re lucky enough to have one, you use only as much power as you need. This is particularly good news for the environment, as these space saving models are considered one of the premier green options on the market. It looks good, saves more than a few cents and reduces a growing carbon footprint with a flick of a switch.

Modern Aesthetic

Just because you’re purchasing a fridge, does not mean you’re not searching for a piece that will complement your current or projected kitchen appearance. The French door to door is stylish, sleek and the darling of many professional chefs, working kitchens and industrial catering businesses, due to space, durability and stacking options. A few upper mark models are even fitted with a door buzzer to prompt you to close the door if too much cold air is escaping. A fridge that thinks for you…Scary.

When was the last time you upgraded your fridge? What did you look for in the winning model? Affordability? Location? Overall fit and size? Let us know in the comments below.

Kitchen to Oven: “You Complete Me”

I have thought of learning to bake even when I was still in the Philippines. I could even say this was my frustration. Since I didn’t know how to cook then and I don’t trust my taste buds, I thought maybe baking is the one for me coz it involves exact measurements of time and ingredients.  Well, who could go wrong when you just follow instructions.

When we transferred here to Aalen from Oberkochen, we just had a two-burner electric stove given to us by our former landlady.  We had to buy a whole kitchen block because this house had no kitchen. Although some blocks include built-in ovens we didn’t buy it yet since it was not included in our budget. Now, almost a year had passed and finally we got our oven.

oven, built-in oven, cooktop, bauknecht oven
the cooktop


oven, bauknecht, built-in oven
the oven

It’s sort of a Christmas gift from hubby (I think.. 😛 ) although it was our target to have an oven before the year ends. We wanted our kitchen to be complete. Actually this brand wasn’t our first choice. We saw a Bosch on sale which has the same price as this before Christmas. But when we asked the sales man, it was not readily available and will only be delivered after 2 weeks. Wanting to have one before Christmas, we decided not to order. Days passed and we still haven’t bought an oven despite searches from other stores with the same brand and model.  So after the search we decided to go back to the store and order just to find out that the model’s already gone. Waaaah!!! So we settled on Bauknecht. This is also a good brand, though but if you’ll ask me between the two I’ll get Bosch. I would like to thank hubby for the hard work in installing the oven on his own. We didn’t have enough tools to install this oven but he did it testing his patience and strength. (Photo of the whole kitchen soon. It still is a mess! Haha!)

Now that we have our oven, I’m just happy that I can start my baking adventures!

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Fridge-Freezer

Picking out the right fridge-freezer is a big responsibility.  After all, the choice you make is going to affect how you cook, how your kitchen looks, and how your family feasts on everything from holiday dinners to midnight snacks.

So, how do you find the perfect fridge-freezer to give you the most bang for your buck?  Just follow these 4 tips!

  1. freezerLook For Options That Match Your Cooking Style
    Do you cook a lot of meals from scratch?  If so, look for a model that has more refrigerator space and less freezer space.  That way, you’ll have plenty of room for fresh goodies.If frozen dinners are more you thing, look for a fridge-freezer that has a bigger freezer section.  You might also want to focus on models that have the freezer on top.  That way, you won’t have to bend over to get to your frozen treats.
  2. Figure Out How Your Fridge-Freezer is Going to Affect Your Utility Bills
    Keeping your food cool and fresh doesn’t have to turn up the heat on your wallet!  If you want the best performance AND the best-looking utility bills, you’ll have to look for a fridge-freezer that cools evenly, quickly, and with as little energy as possible.Luckily, all of the newer models will give you details on how much energy they use and what you can expect your utility bills to look like if you buy them.
  3. Decide If You Want a Built-in Fridge-Freezer
    Refrigerators that blend in with kitchen cabinets can give your entire room a much more custom look.  However, they can be a lot more expensive than refrigerators with a traditional finish.Luckily, many of the newer fridge-freezers come in shiny stainless steel — which can make your kitchen look modern and sleek, all without any extra fees attached.
  4. Find a Manufacturer That Gives You Lots of Options
    With so many different refrigerators out there, trying to weed through all of them can feel totally overwhelming.  Instead of getting lost in a sea of models and serial numbers, narrow your choices down by manufacturer.For example, Fisher & Paykel fridges  come in all sizes, finishes, and designs, so they’ll make it easy to find a fridge-freezer that’s perfect for your needs, your budget, and your kitchen.
About the author:Olivia Slamut loves cooking and has developed a passion for smart kitchen appliances. She writes about recipes, appliances and environmental issues.