It’s Autumn Again…

Haha! Obviously I haven’t posted anything for the past months that summer passed by just like that and now it’s already autumn! What have I been doing? Nothing! Haha! Well actually, we had an unexpected visitor last summer. It was my sister-in-law who had gone with a group for a European trip but something gone bad and we had to get her a plane ticket to come here while she was in France. We took this opportunity to show her some places nearby. Since the kids would like to go back to Tropical Islands where we went last year during their summer vacation, we went there again and went straight to Berlin to show my SIL around. So there, basically I just went around and idled  my way throughout summer.

Autumn… start of the cold months and I just don’t like it. The months when I start to get lonely. It’s really saddening seeing my surrounding all gloomy. More cold, cloudy days are coming and more lazy days for me to go out. 😛

Just to show you how sad it is during a gloomy afternoon. I took this photo while walking home one afternoon. It was past 3pm that time.


Another thing I don’t like about autumn, the leaves are falling from the tree in our front yard and dried leaves waiting to be swept. :/ Again, I’m reminded that we should not get a house which has a garden and trees if we are to stay here in Germany. I just don’t like sweeping leaves.

fallen leaves

But despite these, who would not love the colors of this season.

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Oh well, I’ll just think “this too, will pass” and will look forward to spring…. Huh? Winter? Whats that? #ihatecolddays


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