New Year in Vienna

We don’t normally spend new year’s eve in other places in the Philippines. Our elders used to say we’re supposed to be in our homes and should stay when the year changes. I actually don’t remember why hehe… But since we came here in Germany, out of the 5 yearends we had, we only stayed at home twice.  Seems it didn’t matter…

This holiday was planned since August. Hubby and I were thinking where to go during the holiday break just like what we had last year. So i decided to take this chance to visit a blogger-friend whom we were supposed to visit last summer. The original plan was to stay in Vienna for only four days so I got a hotel reservation. I mentioned this plan to Marie and she gladly suggested for us to stay with them for a night which became three. The original 4-day trip became one week!

It was a long drive for us since it’s been snowing in Germany and roads were a little slippery. The normal 6-hour travel time became an 8-hour drive (including breaks).  Anyways, a warm welcome greeted us as we found our home for the next 2 days. Marie, who I’ve met only for the second time but an online friend for 3 years, gave us the familiar Filipino hospitality which I am surely missing.

With blogger-friend, Marie, and what was left from the yummy dinner. 🙂

We arrived around 8pm of Dec 31 and was served with Filipino dishes plus spaghetti for the kids. Despite the long trip I was able to stay up late and we filled the hours with talks just like we normally do online while waiting for the clock to strike 12mn.

Marie suggested that if we want to watch the fireworks we can go to Schönbrunn Palace but we didn’t bother to go there anymore since we were already tired. We just settled watching them through their window (I can’t really miss fireworks especially on New Year’s Eve, I love fireworks!). After watching, we decided to hit the sack coz we knew we’ll be having a long day ahead of us.