Do You Watch KDramas?

Hachooo! Sorry about that… I’m dusting off this site and removing cobwebs all over. It’s been a while since I last posted here, hehe. I got kind of “busy” (read… lazy) so I didn’t get to write anything on what’s happening in my life here in cold Deutschland.

Well, what have I been up to…hmmm. I’m normally online, still watching Korean dramas and I don’t know when will I stop 😛 . There’s been so many new and exciting dramas currently airing and coming out soon. By the way, if you are a Kdrama fan you can check out It is an awesome site for Kdrama addicts. Currently aired dramas are uploaded the following day (with English subs, of course) and you could also find your old favorites and watch them all over again. What I liked about the site? Its minimalist theme. No annoying ads, no parts and best of all it’s FREE unlike other sites hmp! Plus, you could meet friendly, helpful, awesome chatters (it’s global!) who can readily answer your queries about the dramas; from the actors, soundtrack (yes, they will look for the title of the song which you could also google or search in youtube. hahaha!), latest gossips, even some technical questions or chat just about anything. You could even learn some Korean phrases from other chatters who would gladly teach you for free! 😛

Kdrama, free Kdrama, korean drama, watch kdrama online, watch free Kdrama online, koreanHave you heard of sync watching? We do that, too! We watch the same drama simultaneously and rant about it. Drool over the hot actors or curse at the bad guys and cry over the scenes! Hahaha! It’s more fun actually watching a drama with someone.  It also has the friendliest admins who chat and joke around with the viewers! So where else can you get that?!

I don’t normally chat except in Facebook but I find the chatroom’s environment so friendly which made me decide to create an account and go online everyday even when I’m not watching. I’m amazed how we chat and joke around as if we’ve already met and been friends for a long time. No trolls are allowed there though. No foul words or your messages will be deleted and your IP be suspended or banned. 😛

So if you are a Kdrama addict or just starting to like Kdramas, head to and let’s rant together!

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I just love tiveee! 😉 )