Our Summer Destinations

Now the school’s over for the kids we wanted their summer vacation to be kind of special. We regretted that we didn’t get to let them enjoy much last year’s summer so we thought of giving them a treat this year.

As early as March I secretly booked our trip to Europa Park. This spectacular amusement park is one of the most popular and visited theme parks here in Germany. It is located in Rust which is a two-hour drive from our home. Although it is just a short trip we thought of staying there for a few days. We are also planning to make a short trip to Freiburg where the German Clock Museum is located. We know one day is not enough to explore the theme park so bought a 2-day ticket. Two-day tickets cost 77 Eur (approximately 104$) for adults and 67.50 Eur (91$) for kids ages 4-11. Hopefully the kids will enjoy this trip despite them still having fears of park rides. Besides, I’m confident that this theme park  caters to kids of all ages and there’ll be no reason for them not to have fun.

europa park, summer destinations germany, germany

europa park,
image credit: de.wikipedia.org

Honestly I’m also excited for this trip. Seeing the photos of the attractions especially the roller coasters makes me cringe but at the same time feel the eagerness to try them. I hope when I get there I still have that will. 😀

Next destination is the Tropical Islands in Berlin. We’ll drive there 2 weeks after our Europa Park trip.  Dubbed as Europe’s largest tropical holiday world, this place will let every guest experience the life in the tropics with perfect weather, white sandy beaches and all you could imagine in a tropical island.

tropical islands, tropical islands berlin, berlin
image credit: cwcity.de

This time the kids got really excited upon seeing the photos especially the waters. We’ll be staying for long there, 3 nights to be exact. The resort offers different kinds of accommodations. You can stay either inside or what they call the Dome or outside the resort. There are rooms, tents and lodges inside, and campsites, mobile homes and apartments outside the Dome. I’m particularly excited for the Spa Complex. Finally I can have that spa/massage I’ve been longing for.

After spending 3 nights in Tropical Islands, we’ll stay for 3 more days in the city center in Berlin. We thought maybe we could stay there a bit longer since Berlin is a 6-hr drive and we have to make the trip worth it. It will be also a perfect time to visit my other Filipina friend.

I’m hoping to have hassle-free trips and stress-free vacations this summer so we could all enjoy our family bonding.