Top 10 Things to Know Before Renovating your Bathroom

Home renovations are one of the latest trends sweeping the nation. Each week millions of viewers are fixated to their television screens as they watch couples, friends and families take the great renovation challenge. Spurred with this determination many of you sitting at home want to take up this challenge, starting with smaller projects around the house and working on to bigger and better things. For many, the first place to start is the bathroom – a room that can be anywhere from simple to stunning! Need help? Take into consideration these top tips before you whip out the hammer.

Renovating can be tough!

Don’t be fooled, you’re not in for a walk in the park, but that’s the fun part! This will be a challenge, learn to love it. If you don’t think you go it alone, there are always bathroom renovation specialists like Choice Bathrooms who will walk you through every step.

Always get a second opinion

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Just because one renovating expert says yes, it’s imperative that you get a second or even third opinion from a number of experts in the field. By knowing all the facts from a range of sources, you will be able to make an informed decision about certain aspects of your bathroom.

Colours. There are lots of them

Have some ideas of the colours that you want to include in your design. It’s ok to mix things up a little to make your bathroom something different and unique.

Get Inspiration

Gathering ideas for your perfect bathroom can be a bit of a challenge – especially if you want to cram as many ideas as possible into your space. Set up a Pinterest account and subscribe to your favourite renovation magazines to start collating ideas. Have your dream plan, as well as a number of backups as there will be times when your dream is not always feasible in your current space.

Less is more

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Remember your bathroom doesn’t have to be cluttered with too many designs and features; some of the simplest bathrooms are often the best.

Ventilation is key

Nothing could be worse than having to spend every weekend scrubbing your new bathroom for increasing mould buildup. Planning for correct ventilation will help reduce excess mould in the future.

Plan ahead

Make a timeline and think about how long your bathroom will be out of action, do you have somewhere else to stay or at the very least, a friends shower to use?

Pace yourself

Just because the contestants on renovation shows work all day and all night doesn’t mean that you have to. Take the time to enjoy your renovation experience, plan breaks and rest times. A rushed job will not always be a perfect job.

Work to your budget

Often ideas may crop up along the way, as creative and fantastic as they may be try to ensure they still fit within your budget. If they don’t, brainstorm creative ways to approach the same idea with cheaper materials and execution.

Finishing touches

Remember to think about the little finishing touches that will add character and style to your bathroom. They may not be expensive features and gadgets, but small trinkets and displays can increase the aesthetic of your room.

Your renovation will be a great way to truly help make your house a home. Make sure you enjoy the experience, plan for what you want and work hard. The finished product will be something you will always be able to admire with a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing it is something you created.

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  1. I would agree that renovating your bathroom is tough. And it’s very challenging as there are a lot of areas that you need to consider. This post makes bathroom renovation somehow easier than the usual.
    Thanks for the great post. 10 very helpful tips.

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