Käsespätzle: Let’s Dig in

The main reason why we let the kids have their lunch in school even if it means we have to pay 3.50Eur every meal for each of them is to get the kids familiar with the staple here in Germany. They stay the whole day in school thrice a week and dinnertime of those days we would start our conversation with the question, “What did you have for mittagessen (lunch)?” So they would enumerate what they had, from appetizer to dessert.


One of the food they liked was the Spätzle. It is a type of egg noodle and has many variations. The kids liked particularly the Käsespätzle. Spätzle normally accompanies meat dishes. I would like to think it is the “rice” here although it can be eaten alone. Käsespätzle, as the name suggests has cheese in it.

I haven’t tried to make the noodle from scratch. Based on some instructional videos and cooking sites I’ve seen, it’s pretty simple to make. But me having a little patience in following instructional videos, I just buy those commercially available. 😛

I’ve tried to make the Käsespätzle but I guess I didn’t meet my kids’ expectation. 😛 Emmentaler and gouda are just two of the popular  types of cheese used in this noodle. The noodle is cooked (based on the packaging instructions). Caramelized onion and ham, cut into bits (I prefer bacon, though) are added to this spätzle variation. The grated cheese is put into it and baked. I have read it’s the version of macaroni and cheese here.

I have yet to taste the “real one”. Not really a fan of cheese but for my kids, I will give it a try. I plan to look more closely and follow politely to the instructions to get my kids’ approval next time. Hehe..

Image credit: chefkoch.de

Five Essentials For An Outdoor Party

outdoor partyNothing beats sunshine, fresh air, and the wind blowing through your hair. But the last thing you want for your outdoor party is to have your guests swimming in their own sweat or peeling from sunburn the following week. When you are planning that big outdoor party in advanced, it can be difficult to predict what the weather is going to be like. If it is not the possible scorching heat, it may be the pouring rain, either way, you do not want to be scurrying everybody inside to hide from the elements. Avoid all of that drama with these five essentials for an incredible outdoor party.

Ditch the tent, it’s marquee time.

For a long time, the words “outdoor party” and “modern” were mutually exclusive. Nobody would ever think beyond flip flops and a barbecue. But there are some movers and shakers that are truly changing the face of outdoor parties, the celebration experts from Modern Party Hire are certainly doing their part in bringing classy and sleek to the backyard. Say bye to the old boring tent, if you really want to have your guests talking about what a great party it was, have a look at one of their crossover or hexadome marquees.

Say cheese.

Make it a party to remember for everyone and be sure to grab a photo booth with all the extra dress up fixings. Let your guests pose and shoot away without having to constantly pull out their phones. Getting a professional photographer makes it difficult to ensure everyone gets a shot from the party as well so having your own photo booth means instant memories for everyone to take home with them.

Dance the night away.

Whether you are doing the Macarena or busting out a bit of Gangnum Style, avoid the broken heels and messy shoes and be sure to get yourself a dance floor. If you’d like to go one step further, consider getting an LED video dance floor that will project your  name, photographs, lyrics, and even your own video. There won’t be any need to head out to the clubs afterward with a quality dance floor. Definitely a must.

I’ll be back. The Kegerator.

Nothing is more frustrating than running out of ice for your drinks, or having to run into the refrigerator every half hour to stock up on drinks. Pick up a portable kegerator unit that will serve your favourite drinks straight from the keg. Station these at various locations around your party to make sure nobody’s cup is ever empty.

Live entertainment.

Keep the buzz happening and give you guests a welcome surprise with some live entertainment. Invite your favourite local band or musician to rock the party away and bring all the neighbours over. Want to really get everybody talking? Wow your guests with some fire dancers and fire eaters, you may even want to bring in a magic show. You definitely want to make sure the night does not drag on with boring conversations. Some live entertainment will surely keep any boredom from getting anywhere near your outdoor party.