Singing Those Familiar Songs

I have not gone to Mass ever since we came here. Yes, we attended Mass on Christmas eves but that was it. We came to church and hear but never understood anything. Having studied in a Catholic school all my life, I know the importance of listening, living and spreading God’s message. But by just going to church was not enough and meaningless. I have learned so many things when I was in school but I won’t delve in too much about them here. We have our own faith and we express them differently so I’ll just ask for everyone’s respect as I respect yours.

Today I have just attended a Filipino-English Mass in Stuttgart. It was organized by a group of Filipinos based there and I was invited by a Filipina friend through Facebook. The venue was in Marienhospital and is an hour drive from home. Thinking we just came there for the Mass, we went straight inside the chapel. Two women said hello to us as we found our seats. No familiar faces and my friend nowhere to be found.

As the lyrics of the entrance hymn flashed on the wall I got a bit excited! “Yey, I know this song!”, so I thought. Indeed they played all the songs in the church which I grew up with. From entrance hymn, the Kyrie, Gloria all the way to the communion songs, well except for one.  I really felt good and sang my heart out. They say singing is the next best form of prayer especially when you do it wholeheartedly.

I asked hubby to take a few shots of the Mass. 🙂

After the Mass was an announcement of activities for the following months. Another one is scheduled next month and I hope we could attend again.

One of the best parts in going to such “occasions” is meeting people whom you have many things in common, on top of which is the language. Immediately after the final blessing from the priest, the two ladies who said hello talked to us. They were a bit amused seeing new faces there. They asked us where we came from and what were we doing there. We did say we just went to Stuttgart to hear Mass. So we met a few of them and became acquainted. Funny, hubby met someone who previously worked in the same company where he did. Although they were from different offices in Laguna (hubby’s from Cabuyao and the other was from Calamba) they have common acquaintances from their workplace. It is really such a small world. They are all encouraging us to transfer to Stuttgart and I just found it funny. Well, who knows? We might find a better opportunity there…

I was glad we decided to go to that Mass. I have so much to be thankful for. I know we can express our gratefulness everywhere but I guess the venue made me more realize what I have been failing to appreciate all these years.

Caring Tips for Nonstick Cookware

As far as I remember we’ve never owned nonstick pots and pans when we were still in the Philippines. We consider them too costly so we’re accustomed to cooking using metal ware. When I came here in Germany I saw that hubby had bought a nonstick pan for his cooking.

nonstick, nonstick cookware, nonstick pans, caring for nonstick cookwareThere are plenty of nonstick cookware available here and you can just choose which one to buy based on your brand preference or budget. I’ve been here for three years and we’ve bought at least 3 pans of different sizes. The first I bought was by Tefal. It really was an amazing product and lived up to our expectations at first. However I was a bit disappointed when it didn’t last very long. A thought just came to me now wondering what have we done wrong that made the product’s life shorter than usual. This made me search on how to properly care for nonstick pans and here’s what I found out:

Prior to First Use. The pan must be rinsed and dried and rubbed with a paper towel with a little oil on it. Any kind of oil will do.

Before Use. Rub approximately a teaspoon of oil or butter on the cold pan. The reason for this is the pan or any other cookware still needs to be lubricated despite having the name “nonstick”.

How to Use.

  • It is not advisable to just pour oil or butter and spread it around. This causes the oil to be absorbed by the food rather than the oil sticking to the pan. The result? Oily/butter-soaked pancakes and soon food will start sticking due to no grease.
  • Do not put the pan on a high heat because this causes the coating to crack and at the same time doesn’t cook the food the way we want it. Use lower heat.
  • Don’t use metal or sharp objects (this is really basic) since they could damage/pierce the coating.

Cleaning. Hand-wash nonstick pans using soft sponges. Never put them in the dishwasher (did this and I think it added in ruining my pans) because harsh detergents and high heat can damage the coatings.

Storing. If you plan to nest your pans, make sure to put a napkin between the pans to prevent scratch.

There are some articles that came out about the health benefits of using nonstick cookware but at the same time can also be a health-hazard if not properly taken cared of. Make sure to read directions when you buy these kinds of cookware. This will help you and make your nonstick cookware last longer.