Embark on Brilliant Adventure for Schools Trips with your Students

School trips and tours can be great fun for students, and also very valuable too. If you want to treat your students to a trip then make sure that you go through a company that specialises in putting on these trips – they can do all the hard work for you and
make sure it is a smooth and fun experience.

As a kid there was no better feeling than going on a school trip, as you get to spend some time away from the classroom and with all your friends, and for many young students it is the first time that they spend any lengthy period away from home. This makes them valuable experiences and important ones, but they are also great fun for the students too, and something that they will talk about for a long time and cherish forever. As a teacher though, the idea of organising one will no doubt cause a lot of stress and anxiety, as taking away a whole class of excitable kids under your responsibility and introducing them into a new place does not seem too smart! This should not put you off however, as you should know that there are companies out there that can do all of the hard work for you.

These companies will have expertise in planning and putting on fun, valuable and educational school trips and tours. They can do all of the hard work for you, and this will allow you to enjoy the trip with the students and get to know them all a little better, and you are sure to have a great time on the trip because of this. Of course with any trip or tour with students safety will be paramount, and you can rest easy because these companies understand this and the worries that it may cause, and they do everything they can to make sure it is completely safe at all times.

adventure school trips, school trips
There are all kinds of fun and valuable trips and tours to go on, including ones to exciting places all around the world. These can be particularly helpful if they are learning a foreign language, as it will really improve their confidence trying it out in an environment that is not in the classroom. It will also inspire them to learn more – they will get a better understanding being around the language and culture all the time. It is not just trips abroad that these companies can offer; there are also lots of adventure for schools trips to consider too, and these feature a wide range of fun activities for the students to try out. Of course all of these activities will be perfectly safe for them, and they are sure to have a great time trying some of them out.

You will find that after these trips it will have a great impact on how the classroom is on your return, as the students will feel happy that they got to have some fun and spend time away from school, and the whole group including yourself will have bonded. They will also greatly appreciate what you have done for them, and this will certainly help too. These companies can do all of the difficult work for you, and you are sure to be impressed with the amazing trips that are available to the students.

Get Studio Experience in the Best Recording Studios Glasgow has to Offer

The recording studio is where the magic happens for a musician, as you go in the door with an idea, and then out the other side with a completed piece of music. You can get an insight into what life is like inside the studio with some studio experience, and you’ll hopefully come out with your first demo.

recording studioThere are countless classic albums and singles out there that have quite literally changed the world, and this is a real testament to the power of music. Despite the idea of what popular music sounds like changing every few years, music is still something that everybody has some interest in – everyone has their favourite albums that they can listen to over and over again. All of that amazing music that you listen to on your computer, on your iPod, through a CD player or on a turntable all starts in one place: the recording studio.

For many musicians the recording studio is their favourite place to be, as this is the place in which the songs that they have in their heads become a reality. There are many famous recording studios around the world where some if the most influential albums of all time have been recorded with a lot of infamous studio stories, and despite the fact that each studio will differ from the next, they all have the same thing in common: this is where music is made for the masses. You go into the studio with an idea, and come out the other side with what is hopefully a great piece of music – there is no better feeling for a musician, whether you’re a member of a local unsigned band or you’re in The Rolling Stones.

Anyone that is a budding musician will have a desire to get into a recording studio and learn the ins and outs and get to record something – this is an experience that anyone can have. Whether it is for you or a gift for a friend, a recording studio experience will be a fascinating insight into what life is like in the music industry, and you will get to see first hand the entire recording process. This will give you even more appreciation for all those brilliant albums that you love, so it will certainly be a memorable experience and something that will give you a new look on music and the music industry.

Those living in Scotland should check out the best recording studios Glasgow has to offer, as there are some truly fantastic studios here. You can get studio experience here and even record your own music, something that all musicians aspire to. No matter your experience level you will find great inspiration as soon as you step foot through the door, so it is certainly a worthwhile experience for anyone interested in music and how music is made. If this sounds like something that you would like to experience, or if you have a friend or family member who is a huge music fan then consider booking them in for some real life studio experience, and you can be sure that it will really open your eyes and give you a new found appreciation for music.

My First Trip of 2014: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

We’ve been used to making new year’s resolutions, I guess for some. I remember when I was still a kid we used to list down our new year’s resolutions as a seatwork in school but I don’t recall any which I have successfuly fulfilled.

This year I’m making one.. It’s not actually a resolution but a plan. Long before I have realized that I’m in a country which is home to fascinating, historical, magnificent and I don’t know what other else can describe the places here. And living here gave me easy access to other European countries which are as well gorgeous! So my plan is to go to as many places/countries as I want to, of course given the opportunity and money. Another one is buy a postcard from the place. (Because I don’t normally buy one and just take pictures.)

The postcards I got. 🙂

Thankfully we opened the new year with a trip. We drove to Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. When the place was mentioned to us by our friend I really had no idea what to see there. I didn’t research or anything. I just looked for a place where we could stay. 😛

Cesky Krumlov is an almost 5-hour drive from our home. Cesky Krumlov is known for their state castle. It is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage and why shouldn’t, all its building development from the 14 to the 19th century is well-preserved in the original groundplan layout, material structure, interior installation and architectural detail.

We chose to book at Penzion Gardena. There are actually many hotels in Cesky Krumlov and strategically located in the town center. I was even a bit disappointed at first when we’re not able to book a hotel near the castle. But eventually we realized we made the right decision. Only few of the hotels in the center have their own parking spaces. Penzion Gardena has private parking which is monitored and locked so you’ll feel secured while you are out walking around the town. Besides our place was just less than 10 minutes walk to the  center.

We arrived at Penzion Gardena around 4:30 in the afternoon and first took some time to rest before eating dinner. We were really surprised with the place. We didn’t expect it to be that simple and elegant. It may be ordinary for some but it’s our first time to stay in such a place.

Penzion Gardena, Cesky Krumlov
Our room at Penzion Gardena

After settling and unpacking our things we already went out to meet my friend and her family for dinner. Cesky Krumlov at night is just amazing. The little town was well-lit up for the tourists to enjoy the view of the castle. We found a restaurant just as classic as the town itself. When we entered we were immediately awed by its decoration. We saw different stuff hanging on the ceiling which obviously date back to I don’t know when. 😛 They created that old atmosphere and gave the guests the feel of its rich history.

Cesky Krumlov

Like Germany, Czech Republic has also any breweries and of course, many beers. One of them is this. It has a sweet taste unlike the beer that I got used to drink. They say beers are supposed to be sweet to say it is “delicious”.

Kruzovice beer, czech republic beer
The food were served in big plates as usual so we ended the night with a stroll and enjoyed the sight of the lit-up castle.

Cesky Krumlov at night

Cesky Krumlov Castle

This was only the first day er… the first night of our trip and I would say coming here is worth the travel.