The Bro Show: A sports show of hilarity and wit

I can’t deny I am a sports fan, a basketball fan to be exact. That’s why everytime I get the chance to go home I make it a point to watch a live game of my favorite team. They won the championship recently and I followed the series through live streaming or the replays.

My “love” for the players went as far as following them in their social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram which led me to following some of the basketball personalities like the commentators and analysts. I could still remember when I was still young and watching a game with my big bro. He used to listen to what the analysts would say during a match. Maybe that’s why my fondness of the sports went beyond the players and the game itself.

When I followed Mico Halili, one of the analysts, in his Twitter account I found out he has a weekly show called The Bro Show. He’s with another analyst and former professional basketball player, Jason Webb, and also a former professional basketball player and one of the assistant coaches of my favorite team Richard Del Rosario. The Bro Show topics generally evolves around sports (although there can be others outside sports and their crazy ideas) and targets sports aficionados and enthusiasts.

When I first watched the replay of their first episode, I immediately fell in love with it. I love the humor in the show. I love the hosts’ spontaneity. It’s like watching a bunch of men just hanging out and having fun. I like the company of men especially those who really have a great sense of humor. I used to be “one of the boys” and hang out with my male colleagues when I was still working and there was never a dull moment with them. Whenever I watch this show, there really are times that I had to laugh out loud. But don’t get me wrong, this show is also full of wit (what with that crazy idea on how Philippines could make it to the Olympics. Hahaha! After watching the first episode, I went on to the next, and to the next… I just couldn’t help but go on and watch them. I couldn’t get enough of their humor really.

Here’s their pilot episode…

There are only two shows I watch regulary from our local channels in the Philippines and I’m glad that there’s another one for me to look forward to. This is a great companion especially that I’m alone at home and just waiting for the time to pass by until my kids arrive from school.

3 Benefits of a French Door-in-Door Fridge

The kitchen is the home base for a diversity of appliances, from the simple toaster to the less humble mix master and food processor; the crowning glory of the preparation space is the refrigerator, a glorified ice-box standing tall in the corner or its own special hutch. We’ve come a long way from burying our perishables and carting around a small, three dimensional square barely big enough to store a couple of nights of meat and a block of cheese, fridges seem to have mind of their own. Fixed with in-built computers, electronic temperature gauges, ice-machines, water spouts and a variety of other features, depending on the price, buying a food storage white goods is no longer so straight forward. The French door in door alternative is possibly the most ingenious, minimising the everyday wear and tear on stressed joints and sectioning off specific food types easily. Though a cross-section of models may suit your needs, a French design will benefit you in the long run.

door-in-door fridge, french door fridge, lg french door-in-door fridge

Sectioning Arrangements

Have you ever wondered why the freezer naturally rests on top of the fridge portion, despite our midnight wanderings routinely leading us to open the bottom door first, bending down to rummage through leftovers, weirdly wrapped snacks and a host of bottles? French door-to-door refrigerators inject a breath of fresh logic into the traditional design, with the fridge firmly on top and at eye level, making those twilight ramblings a breeze. Some editions come with common sense compartments, like the new LG Fridge preparing to hit the market, allowing buyers to retrieve their favourite, most often used items without disturbing the temperature of the entire storage area.

Save Money, Save the Planet

While star ratings allow discerning buyers to gauge how much their refrigerator of choice may cost them, the French model is especially economical, boasting the best regulatory systems and minimising the release of energy beyond what is necessary to power the appliance; by only opening one compartment or the nominated cold cupboard if you’re lucky enough to have one, you use only as much power as you need. This is particularly good news for the environment, as these space saving models are considered one of the premier green options on the market. It looks good, saves more than a few cents and reduces a growing carbon footprint with a flick of a switch.

Modern Aesthetic

Just because you’re purchasing a fridge, does not mean you’re not searching for a piece that will complement your current or projected kitchen appearance. The French door to door is stylish, sleek and the darling of many professional chefs, working kitchens and industrial catering businesses, due to space, durability and stacking options. A few upper mark models are even fitted with a door buzzer to prompt you to close the door if too much cold air is escaping. A fridge that thinks for you…Scary.

When was the last time you upgraded your fridge? What did you look for in the winning model? Affordability? Location? Overall fit and size? Let us know in the comments below.

Laundry Mishaps to Avoid

washing clothes, washing clothes mishaps, avoid clothes mishap, laundryYou invest so much in your clothes and you want them to last and stay “wearable” after more than just a few spins in the wash. At the very least, you want your clothes to be in top condition for about a year. Proper care of your clothes is necessary to make this happen. Those care instructions you find on the tags of your clothes are not there for nothing. This information has been placed there to help you ensure that your clothes retain their color, form, and quality. The way you wash and store your clothes affect the quality and longevity of your clothes.

The following are some of the problems people commonly experience during laundry duty:

· Shrinking – your new shirt fit you perfectly when you tried it on at the store. It befuddles you that you look like Winnie the Pooh the next time you wear it. Surely, you couldn’t have packed on as much weight in such a short period. The change in fit is because of shrinking. Some fabrics shrink in the wash, mostly because of the water temperature. You might also find your clothes a little bit misshapen. The laundry process might be too “harsh” on your clothes. Check the care label for the right temperature and laundry cycle that’s best for your clothes. It would also be a good idea to check for clothes made of pre-shrunk fabric so you don’t have to worry about them at all when you put them in with your normal load.

· Running Colors – bleeding dyes is such a pain. Your reds become pink, your blacks become gray. Running colors can leave you with faded clothes. You don’t want your new dress to look old and drab after just one wash. An even bigger hassle is when the colors bleed into your other clothes. As a rule of thumb, you should not wash coloreds with whites. If you suspect that a particular piece of clothing is not colorfast, wash it separately or wash it by hand first. It might also be advisable not to use strong detergents and bleaches as they could be the cause of fading and running colors.

· Pilling, Snags, and Frays – these problems are common in knitted or crocheted articles of clothing. Delicate fabrics like silks and laces are also prone to snagging and fraying. Don’t wash these clothing items with other clothing that have hooks and zippers. The best way to wash these items, in fact, is to wash them by hand. Some of them are even recommended for dry cleaning only. If you do notice pilling, experts advise using sweater shavers instead of sticky tape lint removers.

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Getting Your Tickets in the Most Convenient Way Possible

It’s always fun to get to watch your favorite artists on their concert tours, to see the star athletes of your local football team, to experience theatrical performances, and to enjoy other attractions. What is inconvenient is waiting for tickets to be available, lining up for hours to get your tickets, finding out that you cannot get the seats that you want, and even finding out that prices have been jacked up. You don’t have to worry about any of these when you visit BigTicketShop. Now, you can get tickets to the latest concerts, sports events, theater performance, and festivals in the most convenient way possible.

creamfields, creamfield tickets, creamfileds UK

Waiting for Creamfield tickets and getting information about the festival events need not be tedious. You can simply do your search online and even subscribe to feeds on updates and ticket availability. The Creamfields Festival is one of the most popular events in the UK. You would most likely have a lot of competition when it comes to getting your tickets to see the various live acts throughout the festival. The 2014 festival is slated for August 22 (Friday). You want to plan your trip to this live dance music festival early. If you are from out of the country, you would also have to book your accommodations if you do not want to stay in the festival grounds for the duration of the event.

There are a lot of ticket sources online that all promise to give you the best deals possible. BigTicketShop scours these ticket sources for you so that you do not have to do the search yourself. You simply have to look through the list and pick the best deal for you. This means that you don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for tickets online or calling ticket outlets where you can buy your tickets not only for the Creamfields Festival but for other events and performances as well. It’s more convenient to have this website to do the searching for you. Now, all you have to do is to indulge in your excitement as you anticipate going to whatever event you desire with your tickets sourced from this website – the most difficult part you will have to deal with is having to deal with the sleepless nights of excited anticipation.

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Proper Systems Always Make Life Easier

After moving in all our belongings from the old house which ended on the last day of September, we are now settled here in our new home (finally). Despite still having some stuff here and there which we still have to dispose/donate and look for a place to hide them, I’m starting to feel that this house will be our haven for as long as we wanted (I hope). October 1 is the day we officially start living here and with that we had to process some things which concern our residency here.

Informing the City Hall of our change in address was the first thing we did. A registration form was filled-up with information on our old and new address, the name of our new landlord and the names of those who will be residing in that address (our names, of course).

A portion of the form looks like this…

new address registration form in Germany, new address, neue Wohnung

Informing the governmentof the change in address is important since it has a centralized system of information. We sometimes receive letters from different government agencies and I believe it is from this database where they get our mailing address. It took only a little over 20mins for us to finish this process.

payment system in germany, payment systemNext stop is the Transportation Office here. Hubby needed to change the address for the car registration and his license. Altough it was not changed physically on his driver’s license, it was changed in their database. In this process, we needed to pay a certain amount. It took us around 30 minutes to finish this process. During this time I couldn’t help but compare our system in the Philippines especially the payment part. It is really convenient here since an automated machine directly accepts the payment. No money was handed over to the employee. In our country, it was the opposite that’s why red tape and corruption is prevalent. It is a sad thing. If only we have this payment system, we could help fight against red tape and not tempt our government employees to do something illegal. Bills payment supports this system why can’t we implement it in government agencies?

Last stop is our bank. The bank employee just clicked some buttons and typed some keys, let us sign a few documents and were done. This process changed our address to all our existing accounts in their banks including the ones for our kids.

We spent around 2 and a half hours on that day doing all these. Not bad at all. Really, when an organization or company has the proper system to go with, it would be easier for every individual to go through these kinds of activities.

The Importance of Keeping your Gutters Clean

cleaning gutters, gutter cleaningIt’s the two last words any home owner wants to hear. Gutter cleaning. No one blames you for forgetting them. They are, after all, on the roof, out of sight and one of those things you think I’ll get on to that next week. The problem is, the longer you leave them, the more likely they’re not going to do the thing they were designed for. Gutters are installed in homes as a weatherproofing system to direct rainwater away from your house. Once you start to neglect them, they will build up with leaves, rubbish, branches and debris leading to an array of problem that could essentially end up costing you thousands. Here are some of the common issues that occur when you don’t clear out your gutters.

Leaking Basement

When your gutters are damaged or poorly installed, you’ll find a build-up of immovable water around the foundation of your home. You’ll find that the water has nowhere to go and it will start to flow into your basement creating pools that seep into the ground, and eventually penetrate the walls. This commonly happens during the rainy season, especially if it has been followed by a drought.

Breeding ground for pests

Tap tap tap. Hear that? That’s the sound of a bird living in your roof because your gutters are clogged. Believe it or not, a cluttered gutter is an invitation for pests like birds, snakes, possums and bugs. While you may think that this isn’t a major issue, birds and their droppings carry over 60 different diseases that can easily be transferred to humans just by being in the same vicinity. The most common is when birds leave behind tens of thousands of mites, which can cause severe irritation and bites of the skin for people.

Water Damage

Water damage from damaged gutters can cause major problem to the frame of your home. It leads to rotting and mildew which will weaken the foundation and in particular the walls. The symptoms of water damage include damp spots of the walls or ceilings, blotchy patches on the wall, an accumulation of mould, crumby plaster, and constant dripping through the walls and from the ceiling.

Broken gutters

As gutters are your first line of defence against mass amounts of water pouring into your home, it’s important that they are in adequate working order. Luckily, minor issues like patching a hole, sealing a leaky corner joint and securing a gutter that’s pulled away from the house are easy and cheap enough for the average Joe to fix. To patch a hole, simply buy a tube of roofing cement and a metal repair patch large enough to cover the damaged area. If you’re gutters joints are sagging or have been pulled away from the house, then it’s usually due to the spike that joins them together, to repair this, all you need is something that won’t detach easily like gutter screws.

Cleaning your gutters is a chore no one likes doing, but if you maintain them a few times a year, you and your wallet, will thank you for it. For ideas for what to use to clean them, check out .

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