Silberzwiebeln: My New Favorite

I admit I haven’t really embraced German food and the German eating habits 100% even when I’m here for almost 3 years. I still cook Filipino dishes and dine in restos that serves Asian buffet everytime I crave for them. I can’t cook traditional German dishes without the help of instant fixes from Maggi or Knorr. Although unhealthy, for me that’s the only way we can eat German and other European specialties to get us familiarized. Every meal for us is not complete witout rice on the table. We consume 20 kilos of rice in just a little over 3 weeks! But I’m planning to change that, now that the kids are already in school. And that’s the reason why we don’t let the kids bring their own lunch for school. We wanted for them to eat what Germans eat.

Typical Abendbrot

Did you know that Germans only eat bread for dinner? When I say Germans, I’m not saying all of them but I believe most of them. Their dinner is called Abendbrot which literally means Evening bread. They have these different kinds of bread, from pretzels, bread roll and others which really are filling to the tummies. They have salami, ham, leberkaese  or liver cheese which can have different “flavors” such as pizza or pepperoni, lyoner, and so much more sausages to eat with it. Apart from the bread and the meat filling, cheese, butter or flavored yoghurt can be spread on the bread. They also have fresh vegetables on the side. Side dishes can be pickled vegetables, salad, pickled cucumber and the one that I have just discovered recently which I am really starting to love; the Silberzwiebeln which literally means silver onions.

abendbrot, silberzwiebeln

They are pickled and taste a little sour but just perfect for my taste buds. I love munching on it with the bread. Just the perfect side dish for me. I had a taste of it first during the time Zyc stayed in the hospital for almost a week. Even he liked it then. We even thought it was peeled grapes. Haha! I liked it so much I searched for it as soon as we went for grocery that week. Although we still don’t have bread for dinner regularly, I eat them everytime I got bread even for just a snack.

I’m still looking forward to discover food new to my taste here and hopefully some day I can actually cook them without the instant mixes.

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The Best London Bed and Breakfast Hotels for Your Stay in the Big Smoke

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Exploring London is much more enjoyable when you have a wonderful room to come home to at the end of your tiring day in the city. Everyone knows that London is not an inexpensive city to be in. This is why it is so important for anyone who wishes to come for a visit to take the time to plan their stay. A great London bed and breakfast hotel can prove to be the most economical option. The lower prices do not mean that the quality of accommodations they provide are less than appealing. There are plenty of these bed and breakfasts that can make your stay in London as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

To make your search for the best bed and breakfast hotels less tedious, here’s a quick rundown of five of the places you should consider for the most affordable rates:

  • Queens Hotel London – Located in Crystal Palace, this bed and breakfast sits right in center of South London. It’s a great place to choose if you do not want to be in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s easy enough to get to London from this bed and breakfast through the Crystal Palace Train station.
  • Gatwick Belmont – If you are flying in through the Gatwick Airport, this is one of the most convenient bed and breakfast hotel for you. It has an airport shuttle service to pick you up from the airport so you do not have to worry about hailing a cab. This bed and breakfast offers a relaxed ambiance not only in your room but also in the rest of the hotel’s facilities. It even has gardens that can be enjoyed while lounging in the patios around the hotel.
  • Best Inn Hotel – A quiet and restful stay is what you can expect with this bed and breakfast in Ilford. Enjoy your stay in this three-star facility tucked away in a quiet side street North East of Central London. While this is so, you are not far from all the interesting places in the city as you can walk to the town centre to shop, dine, and party. This facility boasts of its newly renovated room that’s guaranteed to give you a relaxing time.
  • Holly House Hotel – You don’t have to spend much on transportation costs when you stay at this bed and breakfast. You can easily travel to the Buckingham Palace and all of London’s other popular tourist attractions. The Victoria Train, Tube, and Coach Station is also within walking distance from this hotel. With the delicious hearty breakfast offered at the hotel, you’ll have lots of energy to explore the city to your heart’s content.
  • Gatwick White House – Here’s another great bed and breakfast hotel near Gatwick Airport. This three-star hotel is a convenient base for your London trip you can conveniently get to Central London via the Horley Station to visit the city’s most famous landmarks. This is a family-run hotel that’s guaranteed to make you feel at home.

Rounding up the list to complete the Top 10 Bed and Breakfast Hotels in London with the Most Affordable Rates are: Bridge Park Hotel, Royal Guest House 2, Heathrow Lodge, Euro Lodge Clapham, and Heathrow House Bed and Breakfast London. While this list could change, there’s bound to be a bed and breakfast hotel in London to fit your budget and match your preferences. All you have to do is check online for the most affordable travel deals.

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The Key to Finding the Perfect Apartment in Turkey

Relocating is not an easy thing to do. I know ’cause we just did. There is a long list of things to do and learn when you are relocating to another city whether temporarily or permanently, more so to another country. To start with, you have to find the right apartment to call your home. Just like in finding a home in any other country, you need to pay attention to several important details. For example, when looking through apartments for sale in Turkey or if you plan to relocate there, you can consider these factors:

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  • Location. You have to know where in Turkey you want to live. You can be right in the hub of activity in Istanbul or just a stone’s throw away from the beach in Altinkum or Fethiye. If your reason for relocating is a new job, you might want to choose an apartment near your place of work. Your apartment should be easily accessible and near the places that you intend to frequent. Families with kids would have to consider apartments within close proximity of schools and health institutions.
  • Size. The size of the apartment that you choose should accommodate the size of your family. If you are moving on your own, you could consider a studio or a one-bedroom flat. You want an apartment where you can move about comfortably without feeling stifled. Of course, adequate ventilation is necessary especially in a country like Turkey where it is generally warm. Ample parking space is also necessary for those who are planning to buy or rent their own vehicle while in Turkey.
  • Furnishings. Depending on whether or not you are bringing your own stuff, you want to check out what the apartment that you are interested in is furnished with. The most hassle-free arrangement would be to move to a furnished apartment. However, if you wish to choose your own furniture, it’s alright to go for a bare unit that you can furnish with items you can easily buy from shops in Turkey.
  • Amenities. The great thing about apartments is that they often have amenities like swimming pools and fitness gyms. Take these into consideration if you would like to have the luxury of going for a dip or a workout anytime you want to.

When looking for an apartment in Turkey, the internet is a good way to start your search. There are websites that list apartments for sale or for rent, complete with all the details and even some pictures. You can even conduct your initial inquiries through these websites. An apartment search is more convenient nowadays no matter where in the world you are for as long as you know what you are looking for.

Add Life to Your Walls with Decorative Stickers

Finally we have moved to our new home! A bigger and better one. The kids have their own rooms, a spacious living room, a bigger kitchen, a garden and a terrace where the kids could play and a balcony where I could relax and enjoy the cool weather.

We spent the last 2 weeks of September moving all our stuff from the old home to the new, which is by the way just beside it (luckily). Despite this, it has been a tiring and stressful 2 weeks but thank God it’s finally over. A new task for us now is to give life to our home; arrange the furniture, utilize space and decorate.

I think one downside of renting a home is that it limits you from making major modifications. Unless you have a budget to bring it back to its original state when it was turned over to you by your landlord, placing fixtures can be a disadvantage. When we first saw this home, I immediately liked the big space it has for the living room. Originally, it was the owner’s dining room but I think it will be perfect for receiving guests because of its wide window and the natural light that comes in. But the room has all-white walls around it. I considered putting wall papers to add color and life to the room but due to budget constraints I looked for alternatives. Then I saw the wall stickers.

wall stickers, deco stickers, decorative wall stickers, leaves wall stickers
Aside from paintings and photo frames, wall stickers can be perfect in giving life to your bare walls. With different designs to choose from, something could perfectly match with your room’s theme and motif. Our living room’s motif accidentally became green. At first I just want a colorful living room, something lively. But I was able to buy curtains for a bargain which was green-based. Then that’s where it all started. A carpet with green and gray combination and green leaves wall stickers completed my nature-themed living room.

wall stickers, butterfly wall stickers, deco stickers

Inside Ryz’s room… Since she loves butterflies, I also got stickers for her wall. Another advantage of wall stickers is that it is not that costly to change them. Kids normally get tired of anything and change their minds about it, like their favorites. Because of this, you can opt to a different design anytime you want. They are not messy even the kids can do it on their own and have fun.

We’re not yet done decorating our home. We still need to buy some stuff and keep the others. Unfortunately this home lacks storage room so we still have to think of other storage alternatives.