Get Organised with these Storage Ideas


If you are feeling hemmed in by clutter and are finding it hard to easily store and locate items, it’s time to check out some storage strategies.

Space is often a precious commodity for many of us and using it wisely and well is important. Effective use of space for storage is all about organisation. It’s about maximising the space you have and using it in an effective and logical way to reduce the clutter you have around the home. Good storage ideas really will improve your enjoyment of your home and make finding things a whole lot easier.

Consider Off-site Storage

Storage is all about maximising your precious living space, so if you have lots of things that need storing, you might like to consider using the services of a storage facility. It’s inexpensive, it’s easily accessible and in the case of companies like Fort Knox, it’s very flexible around space and terms. For Fort Knox storage MacKay, Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Gladstone and many other places in and around Queensland, just jump onto their website and you can use their calculators to work out how much space you might need and how little it will cost.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Often the biggest deterrent to getting organised is starting. Where do you begin? This is clutter overload, a scary condition, but it is easy to overcome. Simply break down the tasks into manageable pieces. Tackle one area at a time. Making your home more spacious and organised does not have to be a massive task. Start with the worst clutter first; a cupboard, a set of shelves, the kitchen drawers. Remember, any progress is good!

Getting Organised

If you are serious about getting organised, why not start with one of the most uses spaces in any home, the kitchen drawers. Go through each drawer and remove things you haven’t used for a while, say the last four weeks. Get rid of these items altogether or place them together in a plastic container labelled – use infrequently. This will stop the mad shuffle through your kitchen drawers.

Store in the Same Place

One of the keys to effective storage is having a place for things, especially commonly used items, and making sure this space is used each and every time. For example, buy an over the door hook for your child’s room and make sure they put their hats and bags there each day. This simple storage solution will prevent morning chaos as kids get ready for school.

Stuff without a Home

One of the biggest reasons for clutter is those things you have hanging around, just because they don’t really have a home. These things are usually items that need to be fixed or obscure odds and ends – spare earphones, old mail, loose coins, business cards, old bolts that must belong to something. You get the picture! Pop them all in a basket and sort through it, even if you just do 5 items a day. Repair, toss and return to correct owner. Getting rid of all those things lying around will definitely make you home feel more organised.

Apply these principles to each room and storage area in your home and pretty soon you’ll be organised!

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5 Old Wives Tales About Growing Thicker, Glossier Hair

beer as shampoo, thick hair, glossier hair

An old wives’ tale is a term indicating a superstition or something deemed to be untrue and to laugh at by men. Old wives tales have been told for centuries, usually to warn people away from things rather than providing correct information. The tales usually concern urban legend, and were passed down from generation to generation. Many tales concern hair growth, particularly with growing thicker, glossier hair. BioThik has researched these old wives tales and have found five of the most popular ones regarding thicker, healthier hair.

Shaving Effects Your Hair Growth

It’s not true! Shaving has nothing to do with the thickness of your hair. There is  no evidence found of any effects on your hair growth after shaving, plucking, or waxing. The stubbly feeling after shaving your hair is caused by the alteration of your hair when it is cut short. However that feeling goes away and the hair becomes softer and lighter as it grows longer and is exposed to the sun.

One Hundred Nightly Brush Strokes Will Make Your Hair Glossier

False! Studies have shown that extensive hair brushing will actually damage your hair, rather than make it glossier. People who spend hours brushing their hair risk causing split ends. It is recommended to brush your hair for about a minute every night to help distribute the natural oils from you hair from roots to ends. This, as well as regular washing, will keep your hair nice and healthy.

A Half Inch Trim Makes Your Hair Grow Faster

Not true! Many people believe regular trims will make your hair grow faster, but it doesn’t! However, the good thing about a monthly haircut is that it eliminates split ends, making your hair grow thicker.

Beer Will Make Your Hair Thicker and Glossier

This one’s actually true! Because beer is rich in proteins and vitamins, and has natural barley and hops, it does contain nutrients for helping to develop healthy, thicker, and glossier hair. While beer does not help to grow hair, it does thicken existing hair. Simply let it sit in your hair for 3-4 minutes, then rinse it out with a sweet-smelling conditioner to get rid of the yeasty alcoholic smell.

Glossy Hair depends on the Season

Maybe! According to an old wives tale, hair grows slower in the winter, leaving it flat and dry. However, due access to the fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer season, the vitamins you consume contribute to your hair. It’s been proven that what you eat determines the condition of your hair, which means that comfort eating in the winter would lead to greasy, oily, flatter hair. During the summer months your hair is naturally and healthy looking.

Whatever the season or how long you brush your hair for, old wives tales should only be used as a guideline. Everyone’s hair is different, and it’s up to the individual to find out the best way to grow their thicker, glossier hair.

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We’re Moving to a New Home

The News

Three months ago our landlord talked to my husband and informed him that we have until autumn to vacate our home. The reason is they already need the house since they need extra room for their youngest who sleeps beside them. It was a valid reason, we thought. The couple have been very considerate to us and the whole family was very kind and patient we really can’t say anything against them.

Upon learning this, I became a little worried. Well, I don’t know if “worried” is the right term of what I really felt that time. Restless, maybe… Thinking how hard it is to look for a house here with rent issues and even discrimination. Aside from these, school is about to start and we would like to be settled and well-adjusted into our new home at least before the school opens. Another thing, unless you have connections or friends who have a friend who have a friend who have a friend that owns a property for rent, you have to settle for brokers or agents who of course will charge for fees and commissions which adds to our spending.. They can be found on newspapers but mostly on websites. I suddenly missed how easy it is finding a house for rent in our country. By just taking a walk or driving along residential areas, you could easily find signs hanging on gates of properties for rent. There are even rent-to-own programs which I think is really practical.

The Search
For more than 2 months we monitored newspaper ads and websites for prospective homes. My Filipina friends were also very helpful in trying to search one for us because they’ve seen how problematic I was. I dropped some email to brokers and was contacted by one of them but after asking where we came from, she never called. In fairness to her, it is still of course the discretion of the owner who they want to use their property. By the way, we preferred a house near the kids’ school. They don’t want to transfer to another school because they already have friends who’ll be going to the same class with them. That’s why we still insisted on looking for one here in our city. Besides I don’t drive yet so the kids would either walk or take a bus when going home.

Answered Prayer
Mid July we got to talk to our landlady and told them how stressful it has been for me. I guess she really felt it and saw it in me. Good news came 2 days after when she told me that the house just beside ours will be vacant. I almost jumped for joy upon hearing this. She told me that she was able to talk to the part owners and will talk to the owner for me. Rent is a little higher though but it’s understable since it is big.

Weeks passed by and still no news because the owners don’t regularly comehere since they live in Nuernberg which is almost 2hrs from here. From time to time I peek through our window checking if someone came for their things. Luckily the daughter of the owner came and I took the opportunity to ask about the house. She was very accomodating and even let me in to see it. She took my number and told me they will just call me when everything’s ready.

We were starting to get hopeless as August was nearing its end. We stopped searching after that talk but we started again looking since we’re still unsure that the owner will let us rent their house. The unexpected came as the owner called me up last week and set a meeting so she can show us the house. I was really, really happy!! I immediately called hubby and told the good news. The meeting was set last Saturday.

The Tips
Since it is our first meeting with an owner of the house, my friend told us some tips. She told us to get dressed a little formal. This is to show how presentable we are. She said some Germans tend to look at how people present themselves. This shows how they handle themselves hence how they take care of belongings. Also, since I don’t speak good Deutsch, I should list down details I want to know and formulate the questions in Deutsch.

The meeting went smoothly. We were with my Filipina friends who helped us to communicate and express more what we had in mind. It was as if she was the one who will be renting the house! The owner was also friendly. She is also an Engineer like hubby but in different field. What I liked about the meeting was no question of how much we earn was brought up. I guess our wear did help.

I tooke some photos of the inside of the house and here they are:
house, kitchen, dining room, living roomThere are two more rooms in the house but I wasn’t able to take a shot of them. We are happy with the house and there’s no reason to not get it. Aside from being roomy, we’ll now be on the ground floor and not on an attic anymore.

She gave us the opportunity to live in the property and soon we’ll meet again for more details and the contract. Now my mind will be at peace.

3 Days in the Hospital

We spent the last three days in the hospital due to Zyc suffering from stomach pain. And for that 3 days I have experienced the best health services so far. The nurses were efficient monitoring my son when it’s due. Doctors were, i guess careful of their diagnosis not  wanting to rush things and making sure of its accuracy. The facilities were really kid-friendly. I was even surprised with someone visiting, (I really don’t know what to call her) asking how are things doing and what Zyc and Ryz want for toys to play with during the stay. After a few minutes he got his Lego cars and tracks and she got a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle which we solved.  Food were delivered on time and yes, mine is free. I had a comfortable bed to sleep on and not just a cushioned bank, an extra bed for Ryz since she has to stay with me while huby is in Taiwan; it’s even better than a hotel! Hotels charge you for extra matress!

hospital, hospital in germany

His first full meal

I know we pay for the health insurance and I could say that it’s just worth it. I never thought I could come out from the hospital without paying a single cent in my entire life!

Coming from a country where people die because they don’t have the money to buy medicine or for hospitalization I know I’m lucky to be living now in a country where health of its people are of great importance. I just wish Filipinos could also experience at least half of what I have experienced in a public hospital. But with the current issue on pork barrel scam involving the taxpayers’ money worth billions going to greedy politicians, when they could have been used to improve health services, education and other sectors where the public would greatly benefit, I guess for now it’s just wishful thinking.