5 Things To Stock Up on For Winter


When the temperatures are freezing and snow is falling from the sky, the last you want to do is go to the store. Driving through ice and snow to pick up essentials can be extremely hectic. That is why you need to stock up on certain items before the weather gets really bad. If you have the essential items in your home already, you will not have to go out in the cold that much. Here are five things to stock up on for winter.


Most people do not consider stocking up on toiletries for the winter, but it is a very good idea. When it’s snowing, you will not want to go to the grocery store to pick up toilet paper or soap. Start stocking up on soaps, shampoos, deodorants and other toiletries a few months before the weather gets really bad.

Canned Goods

It is always a smart idea to stock up on canned goods before winter. If a major snow storm causes you to lose power in your home, you can eat the canned goods because they do not require any refrigeration. Make sure to stock up on canned meats and beans so that you can have plenty of protein to eat.

Fresh Vegetables

Do not forget to stock your kitchen with fresh vegetables before winter hits. Vegetables are very good for your body and will provide you with a lot of energy. You could stock these vegetables in the refrigerator so that they last you throughout the winter. If you stock up on vegetables when they are in season, you will save a lot of money.


Having medicine readily available is essential in the winter months. If you suddenly get a headache or feel nauseous, you definitely will not feel like driving to the store in the freezing cold. Make sure to stock up on over-the-counter medications like chest cough syrup, Aspirin, Pepto Bismol, Neosporin and Ibuprofen. If you start to feel ill, you will always have something in your medicine cabinet to make you feel better.

Dried Foods

Make sure to stock up on plenty of dried foods before the weather turns. Dried foods have a long shelf life and you don’t need to cook them. Crackers, granola bars, nuts and dried fruit make excellent snacks. You should also consider stocking up on beef jerky; it lasts a long time and is usually sold in reusable bags.

As you can see, it is very important to stock up on essential items before the weather starts getting really bad. If you stock up on the items mentioned above, you will be very prepared for the winter. You will not have to go grocery shopping during a snow storm.

Mandy is a stay-at-home mum with 2 children in primary school, in her past time she loves to garden, travel, bake and write blogs for other stay at home mums or just anyone who is interested in arts and crafts ideas.