What to Look for in an AC Repair Service

Part of the household budget saving tips is to engage into repair services instead of buying a new gadget or house equipment. If there would be a decent repair center that could make it work again just like the brand new ones and the payment is cheaper, then it’s going to be the most practical way to choose.

With today’s intense heat from the sun, you couldn’t afford to have at least few minutes of malfunctioning air-conditioner. It is one of the most important appliances in your house and it isn’t that cheap to by a new one. When it malfunctions, the best option you have is to have it repaired in the nearest and trusted repair center or perhaps utilize its warranty coverage. If the latter doesn’t exist, then you start typing the words AC repair Austin in the search bar and look for the most reputable air conditioning repair Cedar Park area or wherever you’re located.

AC repair service austinThese days, if you want faster reviews then looking over the internet is the best option. Gone are the days of asking all your friends where they had their recent air conditioner repair. Some online repair centers have their own feedback pages wherein all their previous clients can leave their evaluation of the services. Most of these websites also provide a fix rate wherein most of the potential clients would want. Who would want hidden charges, right? All clients would prefer a straight to the point deal rather than rely on the flowery words and later on rant on the huge charges afterwards. Being able to repair your AC upon initial visit is a plus factor for such services. That means they  would want immediate remedy and  think for your convenience. Giving a client options to choose from equals honesty and this is very important in looking for an AC repair service for the first time.

In any repair center, it pays to ask all the important questions that you could think about. Of course it would include the fees and the specific service it covers. The fact that you opted to avail the repair service, then it should be all worth it compared to buying a brand new one.

A Week That Was (and Will Always Be)

My happy days are over as my 2-month school break just ended. No more chatting/blogging during mornings and no more staying up late until the wee hours. My class for the B1 level of the Deutsch course has started last Monday and oh boy, this was a tiring week for me. Well this will last until January when my course ends. Huhuhu… Every morning I have to wake up ahead of everybody since I have to take a bath, prepare snacks of the kids for school and our breakfast. I also had to fix myself up for school.

After my class, I walk to Zyc’s school to pick him up. That’s easy since his school is just less than 10 minutes walk from mine. Then we just walk home. I know it’s hard for him to walk everyday especially coming from playing and running with his classmates. He would complain that his feet are hurting. That’s why I divert his attention by talking to him; asking him what he did in school, with whom he played with; etc. This made him talk and tell stories of how his morning was. I treat this as our bonding time although I admit that I feel a pinch in my heart seeing him like that. Now I thought, if only I could drive… Upon arriving home I have an hour or so to prepare lunch before I pick up Ryz from Kindergarten. Waaah!! So stressful!

Having to do all these I just wish I’m back home! I miss our maid and nanny… Huhu…

Parenting The Younger Generation

Parents these days shouldn’t stick themselves with their generation. There is no other way to keep up with your kids but to somehow learn some of the things that their generation has been doing.

One of the aspects that had a major turn-around through generations is music. Different genres were introduced decade by decade. Different beats, different tempos creating various sounds that either the young and the old liked or not. Today, music has evolved and captured diverse audiences. There are instances that young and old prefer the same music. Both generations agree with the same genre. These kinds of music can either be created with the old style of composition or using software like sibelius 7 musicians friend. A software which is sought after by top composers and music professionals and yet could be easily used by beginners. There is no denying that technology had done a great change in our lifestyle and in music.

Another is fashion; We all know that clothes has been the subject of evolution. Trends come and go but expect that after a decade or so they will come back although with a diversified motif which suits the taste of the latest generation.

This doesn’t mean that parents should also wear these clothes although some just have that knack in fashion that they can carry them with confidence. For parents, they could at least you have some idea and could somehow give them their kids on how to further enhance their way of dressing. It actually feels good to be branded by your kids as a cool mom or cool dad because it would mean that you’re not considered as a villain to their lifestyle. In this way, parents can have full access to their whereabouts and make guidance more effective.

Present day kids or youth should be allowed to live their life to the fullest and with proper parental guidance, it can be assured that they would be able maximize their existence and be better citizens of the society. After all, these kids would become parents in the future and later pass on the values and morals that their parents taught them to their kids as well.

Hubby, the Laptop Saver

I am dependent on hubby and big bro when it comes to technology especially when it concerns laptops and personal computer. I admit I can be careless with my gadgets. My old laptop has been reformatted for how many times due to virus. I leave it turned on 24/7 and most of the time hubby was the one dusting it. Haha! I remember he would get irritated when he also sees some programs and applications saved in my laptop which he thinks are carriers of malware. I observe that he knows how to go around with software and even hardware, too.

Last time, he received a call from his former classmate from the language course. He was asking what to do with his laptop. It seemed he was having problems the same with what I had when my laptop was attacked by a malware. We went to his house and hubby took care of it. Funny he was given 5euros for the work. We could have not accepted it but his classmate insisted aside from the cookies and lollipops he gave to the kids.

When we got in to the car, I kidded him. I told him we can now open a computer repair business! Hahaha! Well.. if only our visas would authorize us to do so. It was clearly stated in our electronic resident permit that we are only allowed to work for a company but not open a business.

And I think it’s not that easy to open a computer repair business. Expertise of the owner is needed. He must be up to date with the latest technologies. Although various tools are available in the net to fix some problems within the software, owners should ensure their reliability and efficiency. And that’s only for the software. Hardware requires the businessman to have contacts from suppliers of computer parts. That’s where networking comes in.

Maintaining our gadgets in good working condition is very important especially if our income depends on it, like me. 🙂

Ensuring A Great Deal For A Family Car

When hubby came here in Germany three years ago, one thing he immediately eyed in buying was a vehicle. He saw the importance of one since he experienced  catching the train and trying not to be late for his language course. But he didn’t get a sedan just like we had in the Philippines. He opted for a wagon as a family car since he’s expecting our arrival.

The very time you started to have your own family is also the time to finally say goodbye to your good old 4-seater car. It’s not that it isn’t going to be suited for your family but a bigger car is just a preparation for a possible increase in your number.

Sizing up an ideal family car is pretty easy to do. It would always depend on the usual activities that the entire household. Aside from that, safety, reliability, economy, child-seat compatibility and cargo size should also be taken into consideration. As much as possible, you want to travel on one car, that’s why size matters.

Among the famous selections of family vehicles are those mini-vans, sports-utility vehicles and wagons. Basically these vehicles have the ample space that you need. To have an idea of a suitable family car, just look at this Utah Honda Odyssey.

Honda Odyssey
Honda Odyssey

When you’re going to purchase that Honda Odyssey or any of your dream family car, you should be able to ensure the following things in order to have the best deal that you can have:

Space – it should be as roomy as possible. During long trip, you can’t force your kids to stay awake. There would come a time that they would like to nap and a roomy car is just the right one to give them a comfortable sleep. The cargo space should also be considered. A family would always have a lot thing to bring during trips.

Efficiency – a family car should always be economical when it comes to fuel. This is another commodity that is also part of the family’s budget.

Safety– who would want to take a defective car when you’re family is with you? No one! As much as possible, a family trip would be as enjoyable and safe at all times. Safety functionalities should all be present in that ideal family car.

My Sony Vaio – A Fruit of My Labor

For the past months I have been wanting to buy a new laptop or just a notebook for my blogging. I know you might say I already have one, what will I do with the new? That’s what hubby said to me when he saw me looking at some displays and told him I wanted to buy one.

The reason why I wanted to buy is so that I will have my own laptop to use while the kids are using the old one. Yeah, they use it. They watch their favorite TV programs or playing games. Although I have added a monitor on it so they can watch while I’m working, it still was so hard to focus. This went on for months. I still couldn’t buy a notebook because we did not think of it as one of our priorities.

Middle of last month came an opportunity. A new Filipino colleague of hubby offered to sell his one-month old laptop. Their company will be issuing one for him to use, so thinking that he won’t be needing two laptops he sold it. I said yes without second thoughts when hubby called me up all of a sudden and asked if I want a laptop. I said, “You are asking me if I want a laptop?? Of course, yes!” The following night, hubby already came home with it.

fruit of labor
My Sony Vaio E-Series

I have dreamt of owning a Sony Vaio since it came out in the market years ago. I got attracted with its vibrant colors. Haha! I thought if only Sony Vaio came out before we bought our Toshiba, we would have considered it. But that of course depends on hubby. He knows more than me when it comes to gadgets.

Now why did I call it fruit of my labor? Because I paid for it. It’s not really that expensive but still I paid thru my earnings from blogging. I also realized I wanted something I could call my own. I haven’t bought a thing from my earnings since I came here and become a work-at-home-mom. I wanted something tangible that I could be proud of. It really was a great feeling seeing the fruit of your labor. I just wish it’s pink. Haha!

With my new laptop I can now focus on everything I do. I let my kids watch and play inside the room using my old one and I work here in the dining. But of course not all the time. We still have our bonding and playtime. 🙂

A Class Picnic at Rainau Stausee-Buch

As a celebration of finishing our A2 level of Deutsch course, our class decided to have a picnic a week after our last day. It was held in Rainau Stausee-Buch or Rainau Reservoir. During the planning stage, we were given the choice on what to bring for the picnic. We had chicken, meat and sausages for grilling, salad and drinks. We wanted to start early so a meeting time of 8:45 am was set. Unfortunately, me and another classmate were late and the others didn’t show up on the set time. So we had to take a quick trip to a supermarket and buy those that were supposed to be brought by the others.

It was just a short trip going to Rainau Stausee-Buch. It is an approximately 15-minute drive from Aalen. Upon reaching the place, I just realized I forgot something very important… a sweater. Since the place was filled with luscious green trees which created wide shaded areas covering the sun, I couldn’t help but shiver in cold. One reason why I had to shy away from our picnic spot and expose myself under the sunlight. While getting warm under the morning sun, I couldn’t help but admire the beauty and serenity of the place.

rainau stausee-buch


Catching up & caught by the lensman…

My Turkish classmate brought his brand new grill for this celebration. Thanks to him we just had a sumptuous and tummy-filling meal.

Preps and grill time…

While the others were grilling, some of us just couldn’t fight the temptation of playing beach volleyball even if we only had a plastic football. I really had fun playing because it was decades ago since the last time I played my sport, volleyball. Sadly, I had no photo of this play time and our lensman was also playing. I wonder who could help me fill in a photo after this paragraph… 🙂

A rest after the meal and enjoying (?) the heat of the sun.

Yeah, I think they were just the ones enjoying the sun. Hahaha! By that time it was, I think almost 12 noon or past 12. In my country, there’s no way you could force me to go out and walk under that scorching heat. 😛


The boat ride…

We originally planned to just stay until before 1pm but we decided to try out the boats that were for rent. I could say it was really fun though at the back of my mind I was wondering where were hubby and the kids who were supposed to pick me up. 🙁

And since they had decided to just go home because they couldn’t find the place that time, I joined the group. (Later at home, I learned that they found the place but couldn’t see me. Yeah, yeah I know. He should have called, right? Tsk tsk…) Nevertheless, it was a fun ride. Despite the scorching heat, I had a great time.

Four days to go and we were about to take the language exam. I guess this was a pre-celebration since all of us who took the exam made it!

Wir haben die Prüfung bestanden!!!
The Group…

Liebe Gruppe, ich freue mich, dass ich euch kennengelernt habe. Ihr sind sehr nett. Bis dann!


Image credit: K. Ogu

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Married

Getting married is supposed to be one of the most special moments in a person’s life, however for many, it’s rarely plain sailing. A marriage can’t be left alone to look after itself, and both parties will have to work hard to make it last. There are some traps a number of couples fall into that can undermine the marriage, and a successful relationship will have a number of foundations that both parties respect and care for. If these foundations start to face neglect, then many aspects of the partnership will begin to suffer, resulting in tension, divorce and even hatred.

Communication and Trust

Undoubtedly, these are two of the most important factors to maintain in a marriage. If a couple are unable to communicate, they can’t overcome their problems, especially issues relating to trust. For a marriage to succeed, a couple must be able to trust one another implicitly. One of the main reasons cited in divorces is a breakdown in trust, and a relationship won’t be able to continue if both parties abuse the trust they have in one another.

Successful marriages are based on strong communication, and it’s the responsibility of both parties to make sure they reassure their partner across all aspects of the relationship. By bottling up emotions, you’ll find that honesty and communication take a back seat, ultimately causing family law issues such as divorce.


The only way to make sure the integrity of marriage as an institution remains intact is to respect your partner; if a couple don’t have respect for one another, then their marriage is sure to fail. In order to get through the conflicts and problems that can arise from being married, mutual respect for one another must remain the highest priority. A couple that finds common ground in their relationship will be able to solve their differences no matter what issues come to light.

Sexual Intimacy

When you first enter into a relationship, there are rarely any problems in the bedroom department. During the first few months and years, you’ll find that your relationship is the most exciting when you and your partner are having regular, intimate sex.

However as many couples discover during their marriage, whether it’s due to their careers, children or other responsibilities, sexual intimacy fails to take priority. A lack of sexual intimacy is a lot more common than people assume, and as expected, a couple’s needs change over time. Sex may not be the most important factor in a relationship, but it’s the best way of promoting your special bond with your partner.

If both parties in a marriage are deprived of sexual intimacy, cracks will begin to appear in your relationship. Marriage counsellors suggest that if couples are having problems with intimacy, it’s most likely down to unconscious fears rather than stubbornness or a conscious choice. In order to maintain a healthy marriage, couples shouldn’t hesitate to discuss their sexual woes. By getting their feelings out in the open, a couple will be able to work towards a solution instead of letting their marriage suffer.

Shopping for Clothes on a Budget

Moms are always considered to be the head of the finance department in the family. It has been her duty to look after the household’s supplies and see to it that all the needed things won’t run out. She oversees everything that needs to be purchased and ensures everyone that quality and quantity aren’t going to be compromised.

It isn’t an easy task, most especially if the allotted budget isn’t that big. You need to squeeze in everything. However, a limited budget is not a hindrance for having the “shop ‘til you drop” experience. There are several ways to fully avail such nice feeling; you just have to become a wise shopper.

Here are some of the ways in order to make sure you will spend within the budget:

discount clothingBe Price Conscious – more than anything else, you should not forget that you’re on a tight budget mode. If you’re seeing an attractive outfit and you want it badly, do not forget to check the price. Sometimes, the style doesn’t compromise the cost or vice versa, that’s why you need to weigh things out before heading to the counter.

Window Shop – do not immediately place the item in your cart without checking the entire display first. If you’re shopping in a strip of boutiques and outfit stores, roam around and compare. You might get the best deal on the last shop you’ll visit. Another way to window shop is to check the store’s online portal. You might discover discount clothing in their website or perhaps grab some discount coupon for your next store visit.

Quality vs Quantity – some shoppers would immediately dive in to low price offers. Bear in mind that these items are placed on sale for some unknown reasons. Check for defects or discolorations and don’t hesitate to ask the person in charge.

Checklist – nothing beats organized shopping. Have a list of the things you truly need. Evaluate the clothing if you would be able to use it on several occasions. As much as possible choose colors that can be used all year round or those neutral ones like brown, black and white.


image credit: www.theconversation.edu.au

The Silent Rusher Me

Many times I’ve said that I love music. I love singing (and dancing, of course). I even bought this videoke player when I was still working so that we can have this videoke sessions with my officemates at our house. I love singing songs which my voice range can reach. But if there’s no way I can sing it, I just settle on listening to it. I can live with no TV but not without radio or any form which I can listen to, a MP3 player or my mobile phone where I store  my favorite songs.

When I was still working, I always travel to work with my ear phones plugged in to fight off boredom. I listen to my saved songs from my phone but most of the time I prefer listening to my favorite radio show, The Morning Rush in Monster RX 93.1. I loved the tandem of Chico and Delamar. They are just the craziest DJs I’ve known. Many tandems emerged in various radio stations but for  me they are the best. Others can’t just beat them standing through time with 13 years of great partnership. Hey, in my opinion. Others may contradict but they know everyone has different taste.

Part of their radio show is the Morning Rush Top Ten where they come up with topics or questions or anything and listeners, called the Rushers participate by sending their entries. Top 10 answers are read every 30mins in the show. Some topics and entries were just sooo funny. I can still remember those times where I laugh at them silently while in a bus or on a train. But sometimes I couldn’t hold on I just burst out. Or there were times when I laughed so hard tears fall down and the toughest part is I can’t do it out loud because I’m in a public transportation. Listeners even share the same dilemma and some even laughed at the same time with another passenger obviously listening to one radio station.

So I was just so glad when I learned that they have compiled some of their best Morning Rush Top 10 topics and made a book! I asked hubby to not forget to buy the book when he had the chance to go home two months ago and of course he came home with it. I was really happy! I suddenly missed those travels to my work every morning. Listening to them became a morning habit. They became my companions.

I flipped first thru the pages and I remembered some of the topics included were really the ones that could have made me roll over if only I was not in a PUB! And as I was reading the book, I can’t help but laugh again! One time, I was on the living room and I could hear hubby giggling. I found out that he was also reading the book and couldn’t help but laugh.

Here are some excerpts:

Topic is Top 10 Questions To Ask in a Miss Ugly Contest:

If you lost in this contest, will you be happy or sad?

If you are the treasure of your parents, when will they bury you?

Do you think ugliness is a sin? If yes, when will you ask forgiveness?

Oh my, these are just some of the funniest among the 105 topics included in the book. Some topics have green jokes and double meanings but they didn’t come out vulgar, they were just naughty.

My love for them started when I was still in college. It was only Top 10 Quotes back then. I lost track of them when I started to work but later on went back when I heard that they are still doing the program. This time not only quotes but various topics are already talked about. But don’t get me wrong, despite these hilarious themes, there were also serious topics where listeners can also learn.

I’m just glad they have this podcast where I can listen to them whenever I want to. Hay… I miss Chico and Del.