My Pink Samsung Galaxy Pocket

One of the things I requested from hubby to buy for me when he went to the Philippines last month is a mobile phone. Yep, I prefer buying there than here since I seldom see phones that are not locked in a network or we find them very expensive. Up to his last day there, I didn’t know if he bought me one because I, myself can’t decide what model to buy. I’m not up-to-date now on the latest mobile phone technologies and I don’t know much of their features either. Yeah, I know iPhone 4S and Samsung SIII are the top two competing mobile phone models today. I would have wanted one from the two but still it is not practical. So he came home with this…

My Samsung Galaxy Pocket. Cute, right? Hubby knows I love pinks. He was accompanied by my brother-in-law and nephews since we really are not in touch of the trends nowadays, hehe… I love it because first, it’s an Android phone and it keeps me still in touch in Facebook even when I’m not logged in my laptop. I have installed the Viber application and still can talk to my family and friends for free. I like the games especially the Cut the Rope and of course the Sudoku with its other versions. My kids? Of course they love it! Love it so much that I was only able to use the phone the day after it arrived! Haha! Zyc immediately played the Angry Birds (even if we already have it installed in my laptop), they also like the Fruit Ninja and more!

Also, one thing I like most  in this phone is the Instagram application. I like taking pictures and it’s easy to share the photos with it.

The drawback? The keys are too small it’s hard to type a message, hehe.. But overall it is a practical phone for me.

Hmmm… reading this post made me realize that I am so outdated with the latest phones. People had gone gaga over this kind of OS (Android) and I am just having it now! Haha! Too much loyalty on Nokia, I guess. But I still love my Nokia 5800’s camera and still using it now, well when it’s having its lucid interval. Haha!

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  1. I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy SIII but since they don’t have it on pink, I am planning to get the Samsung Galaxy Note instead. Hehehehe…

    I like this one too but it is too small for my big hands. 🙂

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