Beating the Chills with Snuggly Fleece Blankets

In a few months time, we would be feeling the harsh coldness of winter. Having come from a tropical country, I still find it hard to bear wintertime in Germany. Nevertheless, I can’t really do anything about the change in seasons; thus, I’d have to do my best to bear with the cold. It took some time for me to acclimatize and get used to everything. Thankfully, all’s well now.

In fact, I’ve found an awesome way to combat the chills of winter. “If you can’t beat them, join them” so the saying goes. What did I do? I searched online for some stores that sell affordable stuff my family and I can use during winter. I found a great online store that sells cool and fun products. Included in their inventory are fleece blankets in a plethora of designs and styles. Of course, they also have lots of other stuff in their collection, which are perfect for all genders and ages. Another great thing about the store is that they really offer great deals on their products. It’s really worth checking out especially if you need to find the coolest gift for a friend or loved one who’s celebrating a milestone in life.

I was browsing through the online store earlier and I came across these unique fleece blanket patterns.

I say styles because they actually have regular fleece blankets and fleece blankets with sleeves. I really think it’s a brilliant idea to “wear” the blankets, so hubby and I would stay warm while watching tv or snug all throughout the night. They actually look funny and I know the kids will laugh at us when they see us wearing these.

The wearable fleece blankets also have the following designs: Spongebob Squarepant, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Wonder Woman, Spiderman and Superman! If I’ll buy one of these of course I’ll choose Wonder Woman. I could at least look sexy even in a blanket. Hihi…

Why Are DUI Laws Important?

Have you ever come across the saying, “No one is above the law?” These words could never be truer especially when it comes to drunken driving cases. The word “law” there is all encompassing, which means it includes DUI laws or laws concerning driving under the influence of alcohol. Sadly, though, many people try to escape or evade DUI laws. Worse, their reasons are petty. For these people, DUI is not such a big a crime as theft, rape, or even murder; thus, they take it very lightly.

What these people are missing is the fact that these laws are not just there to make our lives harder. These were drafted, passed, and approved for everybody’s welfare. If we abide by these laws, then surely, we would all have a peaceful and orderly society. What’s more, we would be well on our way to preserving our lives, properties, and well-being. Of course, should one happen to break laws concerning DUI, he or she can always hire a Vacaville Lawyer.

Nevertheless, that isn’t the point. The point is that, contrarily, people choose to subvert the law utterly. Just because they feel right and stable behind the wheel even after drinking a couple of bottles and are able to reach home don’t mean that they are okay. If something bad happened, like if these people are caught or end up hurting other people, it becomes an entirely different story. Facts show that too many people have died because of recklessness on the road, which is often caused by DUI. Should more lives be taken just to make drunken drivers learn? DUI laws are very important in this regard. By abiding by these laws and living responsibly, we can save lives.

It’s Torn No More

The other day I had a chat with my former boss from the Philippines. She told me of a story about her kids. It was a day when she thought it was one of those normal afternoons that she usually had at home; she gets home from work, greet the kids and prepare for their dinner. However, this one’s a bit different, she found her kids a little bit aloof to her and even to their dad. There must be something wrong.

In as much as she can, she tried to squeeze out the matter from the seem-to-be scared kids in the calmest manner. Her eldest composed himself and finally decided to tell the truth. He said that they were just having fun with his sister running around the house and even reached the backseat of her car. His little sister was carrying a newly sharpened pencil and accidentally tear the car’s upholstery.

When she checked the backseat, it is indeed true. She assured the kids that it’s alright and she’s just glad they’re being honest. The tear is quite wide and she knows it needs repair. Good thing I was able to bump into and learned a lot of things regarding leather repair as well as restoration. I even learned I can enhance the color on some of our leather furniture and somehow make it look brand new again. I recommended this site to her because I know it will help her a lot.

My Pink Samsung Galaxy Pocket

One of the things I requested from hubby to buy for me when he went to the Philippines last month is a mobile phone. Yep, I prefer buying there than here since I seldom see phones that are not locked in a network or we find them very expensive. Up to his last day there, I didn’t know if he bought me one because I, myself can’t decide what model to buy. I’m not up-to-date now on the latest mobile phone technologies and I don’t know much of their features either. Yeah, I know iPhone 4S and Samsung SIII are the top two competing mobile phone models today. I would have wanted one from the two but still it is not practical. So he came home with this…

My Samsung Galaxy Pocket. Cute, right? Hubby knows I love pinks. He was accompanied by my brother-in-law and nephews since we really are not in touch of the trends nowadays, hehe… I love it because first, it’s an Android phone and it keeps me still in touch in Facebook even when I’m not logged in my laptop. I have installed the Viber application and still can talk to my family and friends for free. I like the games especially the Cut the Rope and of course the Sudoku with its other versions. My kids? Of course they love it! Love it so much that I was only able to use the phone the day after it arrived! Haha! Zyc immediately played the Angry Birds (even if we already have it installed in my laptop), they also like the Fruit Ninja and more!

Also, one thing I like most  in this phone is the Instagram application. I like taking pictures and it’s easy to share the photos with it.

The drawback? The keys are too small it’s hard to type a message, hehe.. But overall it is a practical phone for me.

Hmmm… reading this post made me realize that I am so outdated with the latest phones. People had gone gaga over this kind of OS (Android) and I am just having it now! Haha! Too much loyalty on Nokia, I guess. But I still love my Nokia 5800’s camera and still using it now, well when it’s having its lucid interval. Haha!

A Cigar Auction for the Aficionados

Have you been to a live auction? For sure you’ve also seen how auctions are done even in movies. Old paintings, antiques, clothes of celebrities are just some of the items being sold there. Online auction is also an “in” thing nowadays with eBay as the most popular website. But I never knew that aside from previously-owned items sold on these sites, there is also a cigar auction online. And just like any ordinary auction, auctioneers or cigar aficionados bid on their chosen cigar.

When you’re looking  for the perfect cigar for your man, consider its body. Whether it be mild, medium or full its overall strength should be tasty but not overwhelming. And depending on when you will you use it, size is a very big factor in choosing one. However, when talking about the size, consider the length and its ring or diameter.

Aside from getting the best brands of cigars, they also offer accessories like cutters, ash trays and lighters. This can also be a site where wives can buy their men gifts of their favorite cigar. Gift certificates are also sold here.

These online sites can show you the best brands out there in the market. Neat, isn’t it? You could just imagine the convenience this site offers to these men.


Fire Extinguishers, Must-have in a Household

Fire is totally not considered to be one of the natural disasters because basically it won’t start without any cause. Unlike earthquakes and typhoons that can happen inevitably, fire would always have this underlying cause that is mostly negligence.

The Bureau of Fire Protection or similar fire authority in your country is the one who are not only responsible in helping out in cases of fire but also in terms of promoting fire hazard free household and establishment. The latter are in fact required to have what so called fire safety certificate before they can be operational.

They even conduct monthly door to door inspection among the houses and establishments in the community to check for faulty electrical wirings, fire prone materials, proper fire exits and the presence of fire extinguishers in cases emergency.

More than anything else, a fire extinguisher is a gadget that is meant to stop a fire and should not be wasted for useless scenarios. You can have a glimpse on fire extinguishers found at fire protection online for some basic information about it.

Foam fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are of various kinds depending on its use or where it is being placed. Over time, it evolved into specializations. You can’t just purchase any kind of fire extinguisher and placed them inside your house.

If you’re going to place a fire extinguisher inside your media room wherein all electrical appliances are being located, it would be more appropriate to have the CO2 fire extinguisher or the carbon dioxide. It is especially made to stop fires caused by electricity.

For your kitchen wherein fire can mostly come from your stove or from leaking petrol, a powder fire extinguisher would be the best choice. In fact, it is one of the favorites because of its fire fighting capability that is being placed inside a small container.

If you aren’t sure which kind of extinguisher you truly need, you might as well go for the most popular all-rounder known as the foam fire extinguisher. Before, it should not be used for fire in a live electrical equipment but these days they were able to come up with a specialized nozzle.

The presence of fire extinguishers in the household could add up the confidence that a fire that can be prevented at anytime it will happen. However, it should not remain as a trophy of confidence because it needs to be utilized accordingly and properly.

International Fest

One of the most awaited fest here in our city is the annual Internationaler Fest or International Festival. People even from neighboring cities comes here to experience the fun. We had a perfect weather that day unlike last year’s celebration.

In this celebration, immigrants gather and organize to represent their country. They have their own stalls or kiosks and there they showcase their food specialties from their homeland. This is definitely the best chance to taste the various cuisines these countries are famous for.

The Turkish women making their pita bread.

The Tamils from India
Food from Japan and China. (I think they are just from restaurants who serve these kinds of food. 🙂
The Thais
From Sri Lanka
The Americans’ burger.

And of course, the Germans’ beer.

From Aalen’s brewery.

Those were just  few of the stores I’ve taken a shot of. There were really so many kiosks especially from the Turkish. This did not come as a surprise since among the immigrants, Turkish has the most number.

There were also presentations from various groups. We chanced upon the one from Turkey who performed their traditional dance. This was really well-applauded.

I also met other Filipinas thru my new-found friend. They were from Ellwangen which is around 25mins drive from Aalen.

With a little number of Filipinos here, we wonder when can we have our own kiosk for this International Fest…

The Solution to the Dreaded Oven Timer

I’m sure there are loads of stay at home mums who spend far too long slaving over ovens, in order to make sure that as soon as their little monsters step through the door they are engulfed with lovely healthy food, where the main ingredient is love.

But as we all know, water takes time to boil, the oven takes time to heat up and the vegetables take time to steam, so how can we fill those undesired gaps, rather than simply turning on the TV and watching something we are not even interested in?

Well, is my solution! Now the breaks we get from cooking vary in time but so do the endless variety of games on Ladbrokes. Got a casserole in the oven and therefore two hours to spare? Join a poker table or make it even more exciting with blaze poker!

This fast paced game never has you waiting for too long. Bored with a style of play? Well then fold and you will immediately be switched to a new table, making players play faster and making the fast paced game a lot more exciting.

However if poker is not your speed well then don’t threat! Join a bingo table and try your luck and meet new people, try engaging them in a casual chat and see what games they like.

If on the overhand you have the time it takes the microwave to ping why not try your luck at roulette? Or slots? Or any of the other 500+ Mini games you can sift through.

Whatever you fancy during your break, however long it is, you will find it here, join in with friends or just try your luck by yourself just remember not to let the food burn!

Germany, Eco-pioneer

For years and years Germany has been ahead of the curve in Europe when it comes to innovation and technology.  Many of their engineers and physicists helped shaped the modern automotive, air transport and even space travel industries.

Now at the beginning of the new millennium they are also the nation in the world with most solar panels and their government is investing vast sums of money in new technologies in an attempt to make the country greener. According to Wikipedia’s solar power by country page, Germany create almost half of the solar power in Europe and a third of
that in the world.

In towns like Lemgo there are piloting schemes where solar powered street lights are turned off at nights and can be turned on when locals request it via a phone system called ‘Dial4Light’. This energy not only saves energy, but also puts power back into the grid when it is not used.

The German nation however boasts the use of many more green technologies than just solar panels, into their info structure they have included Wind Turbines, Biomass, Hydroelectric , Biofuels and Geothermal technologies.

The German industry seemed so promising that American technology giant Google has so far invested a whopping five million Dollars in the industry. In Hamburg at the end of 2010 130 Eco-friendly taxis where introduced, lowering CO2 emission by nearly 4 tonnes.

Germany have plans in place to see that by 2050 more than half of their electricity is made by renewable sources, even now an impressive 17%  of German electricity comes from renewable sources, a statistic that no other nation can beat.

Even house holders are getting on board with the scheme, as Utility costs in Germany are reduced due to the quality of insulation. Many homes even have solar panels which pay for themselves after 8 years on average.

All in all the benefits are clear both for the country, its population and the environment, it is almost a mystery that this is
not a more widespread phenomenon.

Cutest Little App on the Market

Have you ever had any trouble naming a young one? It can be a lightning quick decision or it can be a hard and arduous task that requires sifting through mountains and mountains of possible options. However there is help out there for those of you that are stuck.

Bounty, one of the leading website for pregnancy advice and pretty much anything toddler related has just released an app for the IPhone that can help you choose a name for your little one. There are many websites and other mobile phone applications that simply list names, they work by clicking on a letter and boom, in glorious alphabetical order you get a mammoth list that can more often than not be overwhelming and intimidating.

What is good about the bounty app it can help you find both boy and girls names by combining every method that has proved to work for parents in the past. It gives you the choice either of the simple A-Z list of baby names, and it includes both the meaning and the origin. It includes advanced searches for fussy parents that want a specific number of syllables or even find names only of a certain origin.

If you find a name that think you might like it allows you to upload it to face book so that you can get the opinion of your friends (whether it be good or bad). The database is also constantly updated as new baby names hit the news. If however you are a parent who is looking for a popular name this app can also help you. With ease it can find the most popular names in your area and give you a list of the top 100.

Finally if you are really desperate, don’t flip a coin. Shake your IPhone!  This will bring up a random name from the massive database. Don’t like it? Go again! This could be just the thing you are looking for.