Monogrammed Gifts

Do you find it hard to think of a gift for a man? I do, most of the time. Because unlike women who have so many accents which they can use, men have only limited accessories like belts, ties, cufflinks to name a few. I think they prefer receiving gadgets, or tools or something that is very useful to them. But I find these items expensive especially when he is only a co-worker and I don’t have relation to him whatsoever. Unless we’re going to give a gift to our special man, we will not spend on these highly-priced gadgets.

So when I can’t think of something to give to a male co-worker, I consider giving something unique. Something which only he can use and of course especially made with him in mind. I like monogrammed gifts for men .

There are so many items where we can put monogram on. They can be as simple as a bottle opener or as lavish as a leather traveling bag.

An advantage of giving these items is that they are personalized so expect that the recipient will give importance to these things because their name or initials are on it. The man could feel special and valued. Just think of something that you can relate with the character of the person and you can be sure that he will definitely appreciate it. Personalizing a gift means you’re adding a special message to it. They can be memorable and heart-touching and with monogrammed gifts, you can be assured that you will always be remembered.


Shopping is “Me” Time

I love shopping, be it shopping as in buying the items or just window-shopping. Haha! After going to Metzingen and having bought nothing, I’m now kind of wanting to look around more and shop for myself. H&M is currently having their summer sale and I’m glad I found something for me. I needed blouses for the season since most of what I have are pullovers. I saw this blouse that I liked and immediately pulled out one. I tried it and it fit and I went straight to the cashier. I was surprised when the lady asked for the original amount of the item. I thought maybe there’s something wrong with their Retail System. Nevertheless, I still paid since I wasn’t sure that what I bought was really at 50% off. I went back to the section where I got the blouse and found the same item and saw it really was on a discount. I went back to the cashier and asked why is that so (Hehe.. My Deutsch was tested on this.) Good thing I asked. Apparently, the one in-charge with the system made an error. So, they gave half of my money back and I was off again for more shopping!

Metzingen – The Outlet City

Now here’s my post on our tour in Metzingen. Dubbed as “The Outlet City”, it is haven to all shopaholics out there. Why not when it houses factory outlets of almost all the famous brands in the field of fashion. Like I’ve mention in my previous post, they have Hugo Boss which was on sale of up to 50% , Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Esprit, Fossil, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Armani and a lot, lot more!

While walking we chanced upon a parked Ferrari. Of course, hubby and Zyc will not let go of this opportunity to take a pic beside it. Hehe..

Our primary purpose to go there was to buy a pair of sneakers for me. I’ve been trying to look for one since I wanted my 3-year old Nike sneakers put to rest. I think it has served its life for me. Hehe.. I couldn’t find a pair here that could give my feet comfort like what my Nike gives. And of course if ever I buy something a little over my budget, I want it to be worth it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy one that suits my feet and budget. I was really disappointed then and I know hubby too. Imagine driving for almost 2hrs for nothing? O well, not really nothing ‘coz we were able to buy shirts and pants for my kids at Esprit and a bag on sale at Fossil for me. We were also able to buy a cap and a replica scarf with Manchester United logo for my brother-in-law from Nike.

With a limited budget, we weren’t able to really shop and maximize our trip there. We just had our car fixed a day before so we can’t really spend that much. But I hope to go back there. I was even thinking of making it a business although I know there will be drawbacks such as high cost in shipping fees. So maybe we can go back just to shop or buy goods for our family back home.