A Game Console for the Family

Zyc loves to play the PSP. He likes games which involve car racing. I thought of changing this habit. I wanted him to play games which are more kid-friendly. Game consoles I think, have more kid-friendly games. Although I know PSP also has games appropriate for his age but its effect on his eyes is what I fear. He plays with the gadget too close to his eyes that I have to monitor him and remind him from time to time. The games I like with these consoles are the move games. They involve physical activities which could make my kids move and have fun at the same time. I could still remember my Dance Revolution Pad when we still have our Play Station. That was what I used when I wanted to exercise back then. Playing a game console can also be a bonding time for the whole family. Just thinking of the fun we could have, I’m now having this urge to buy a game console.

Play Station 3 is one of the game consoles we are considering of buying. Hubby is a Sony fan, hehe.. and I guess no one can argue that Sony is one of the best when it comes to quality. To buy ps3 game would be no problem either. We can buy from the appliance store, Mediamarkt here or through online stores.

Hubby will get this one, that’s for sure!

I read an article on PS3’s advantages over the other game consoles in the market and I might say it really is far better than the others. Although may be a little pricey but with its edge when it comes to its online features, I guess it’s all worth it. Hubby also loves to play video games and we also enjoy watching movies. With its technology, I know he’ll like PS3 the most.

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