High Hopes for Daddy

This came as a very sad news to me. My Dad seek for a second opinion on his condition due to persistent dizziness and the doctor said that he had a cerebellar stroke. A kind of stroke affecting the cerebellum which is the area of the brain that controls balance and movement. So that explains why my Dad can’t already walk on his own and has to be assisted.

I didn’t expect this to happen to Daddy. I thought his long walks and medicines can contain his health condition. We were just thankful that it was only a mild stroke and he was not hit at a popular part of the brain. We believe that he can still go back to his old condition. We are very positive about this knowing that my sister-in-law is monitoring his food. He’s now living with my brother since we can not let him go back to our home in Cubao. He lives there alone and no one will take care of him.

Daddy loves to move around. He always wants something to tinker on. But in his current state. he can’t do anything but sit or lay down. Big Bro gives him a massage and takes him for a walk when the weather condition’s good.

Haaay… I hope and pray Daddy gets well. We still have many plans for him. We still want to do things for him that we know he will be happy. We still want him to come here in Germany and see the country.

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