Remembering Mama

It should have been Mama’s 64th birthday today. If only she’s still here, there would be a simple celebration at home. I could still picture Mama blankly staring at us and maybe wondering what are we celebrating. We could have given her a simple gift or offer a mass of thanksgiving. But today, our gift to her is sending her to her final resting place. We’ve decided that her urn be placed inside our baby sister’s tomb. Yeah, I had a baby sister who was pre-maturely born. She only lived for 3 hours. She should have been 31 years old by now. Anyway, since her tomb is only small, we thought maybe we can just put Mama with her. Aside from thinking that at least they could be together, honestly we found columbaries very expensive. We really couldn’t afford one. I think it is better to use the money for Dad’s medicines.

Speaking of Daddy, he was confined in the hospital and just got out yesterday. His blood pressure and blood sugar are already stable, thank God! Although he’s still complaining of dizziness from time to time. And because of this he wasn’t able to join Big Bro and sis-in-law in bringing Mama to the cemetery. Also, according to them the weather is really bad so Dad has to stay home. Big Bro told me he cried while Mama’s urn is being placed inside the tomb. He thought of us, me and Daddy. We both were not around during that time. I then realized it is really sad when you don’t have a big family.


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  1. Your mom and I share the same birthday. Sending a quick prayer for her, and for you and your entire family. That your family remain close though you are far away.

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