The Sick, The Package and The Trip

The joy of knowing hubby will be back home with some goodies from the Philippines suddenly turned into sadness. Yesterday I was aghast by the news that my Dad was brought to the doctor. My Dad’s neighbor called up my brother and told him that Daddy was dizzy. Immediately, Big Bro went to Dad’s home and brought him to a nearby clinic. He was diagnosed as having a high blood pressure and high blood sugar. I learned that he ate one of the chocolates I sent for them. But I thought, maybe his sugar was already high by then because a small chocolate wafer couldn’t shoot up blood sugar that high. I was even laughing at him while he was in the hospital. I know Daddy’s health is not in that bad condition like Mama’s and I know he’ll be back up pretty soon.

Anyway, I am getting worried with the package my friends are sending me. Daddy was supposed to pick them up from one of my colleague’s house but due to Dad’s condition, obviously he couldn’t. Although a little embarrassed, I asked my brother-in-law to pick them up. I could just imagine the heavy traffic they’ll encounter in going to Cubao from Marikina. But I couldn’t just let those packages be left there. It would have been also shameful for my friends who have been also thoughtful for sending some presents for me. Luckily, brother-in-law agreed and they got the package.

Tomorrow is hubby’s flight back here. By this time they are packing all his things. I’ve seen some posts of pictures in Facebook by my nephews of all the items they bought from the supermarket.

I was so happy seeing them all! I’m just worried he might be charged for excess baggage. 🙂

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