Washing Dishes in Germany

Three weeks ago we had a party in our Deutsch course. It was the last day of my American classmate because she was due to go back to the US to prepare for her wedding. Our class decided to give her a “bachelorette party”. Everyone contributed and brought something like drinks, cakes, salad and some specialties from their homelands. It was really fun and I’m really glad that our teacher is not so strict when it comes to happenings like this. We’ve had celebrations in our class and she had always let us do it. But of course there’s still these limitations.


That was during our break. We proceeded to our lesson for another hour and then continued our celebration.

Of course after the party we had to clean up and brought the dishes up to the pantry. I learned something new that day on how Germans wash their dishes. Aside from having dishwashers at home, I don’t know if all of them do this or it was just a generalization. I don’t know either if this is how it is also done in other countries but definitely not in the Philippines. Apparently, after Germans wash their dishes with liquid soaps they just wipe it and not rinse them with water. Me and my Turkish classmate were surprised. We were both used to rinse the plates and all after washing them with soap. We still went on rinsing them anyway.

This was justified again when I went to attend a birthday party. I was helping the host wash the dishes and she told me too that they don’t anymore rinse off the soap from the wares. According to her the soap here are not really that strong and it is safe to just wipe it off. She even told me that most probably my water bill is high since I do the habit of rinsing the soap off when I wash my dishes.

I tried doing it at home. I thought this could help lower our water bill but I didn’t like it. Hehe.. I think it’s time-consuming. Unlike rinsing the wares and leaving them to dry up, I had to do extra by wiping them with dry cloth which I think takes longer than just rinsing them. I prefer doing other tasks than spend my time wiping.

How about you, what is your dish washing habit? Are you willing to just wipe off the soap from your utensils and not rinse them anymore?

I just see one advantage in this, washing dishes in Germany saves our environment.

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  1. Really? hihi, never heard of this yet and even though the detergent’s not as strong, still, we’d feel icky about it…I’ve relied on a dishwasher for years, I think that’s better, time-savvy 🙂

    1. i smelled it and there’s no scent residue naman. the one that bothers me is when you mix it with food, i think even in a small amount the detergent will still go to the food we eat.

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