To Give Birth Here? Nah…

The first time I’ve been inside a hospital here in Germany was when I visited my friend who had given birth. I find the facilities friendly to anybody who comes. The location is so near in nature, away from the busy streets that’s why noise is not a problem. A parking space will not be a problem. Aside from the wide area, it also has covered parking for those who doesn’t want their cars to sun-bathe. The best part that I liked was their playground. I was so amazed on how the architects have thought of putting a hospital-themed playground. I mean, I haven’t seen one like it in our country. I’m pretty sure it would cost too much for the hospital.

A wooden ambulance with slide.

I asked my friend how is it giving birth here. Of course unlike what we are used to in our homeland, it was hard here. The mom needs to be independent. She was left alone actually the whole time she stayed there. Her husband is working and no one will tend to her kids at home but her mother-in-law. So the nurses are the ones taking care of her and her newborn baby. When we were there, two nurses in their dickies scrubs came in to check on her vital stats. I saw how they took care of her. One of them speaks English and she was also the one who took care of her when she gave birth to her second child. They were really nice.

Still I’m not convinced to have a child here. I’m so dependent when my body is not in its normal state. I really need assistance and I can not have that here. My kids of course need hubby to prepare everything for them and I can’t expect hubby to be there for me all the time.


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  1. I dont think i can imagine myself being alone at the hospital in different stages of labor. the postpartum depression will hit me real high. id rather give birth close to my family.

  2. When I gave birth to my eldest, we paid for a visit visa for my mom to come over. That time, we were still working and residing in Doha, Qatar. Ang hirap kasi male visitors (even husband) are not allowed to stay overnight. So walang magaalaga sa akin. It was my first time so talagang takot ako. It’s really hard to give birth in a foreign land. No place like home sa Pinas 🙂

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