Gone is the King

I was saddened by the news that the Philippines’ comedy king, Dolphy, passed away. I am a silent fan of his. I have watched his movies, even the old ones. Yes, those movies in black and white and I was really entertained by them. I love those kinds of movies because they take me to the time where I wasn’t born yet and I’m able to see how simple the lifestyle then. I was not a regular viewer of his latest television shows, but I used to watch his sitcom John en Marsha with the late Nida Blanca. It was a funny show and yet there’s still moral values for kids and even parents to learn.

When news of his demise broke out, fans gathered outside the hospital praying and to pay respect to the person who had made them laugh for more than six decades. And maybe also hoping to catch a glimpse of actors and actresses who are expected to go to the hospital upon hearing the news. Security personnel did a good job in putting portable barriers to help control the crowd and set their limitations. They don’t want to have unsecured vicinity and as much as possible they want to control the people who could be unruly at times.

I have watched the necrological services and I really saw how well-loved the man is. Many singers offered their songs, the actors and actresses told stories of how Dolphy is filled of humility in his heart despite his stardom. Their memorable times and his funny jokes. He was respected by all the people in the entertainment industry.

Talks are now going on about recognizing him as a National Artist but sad to say it is now too late. The man can never receive the honor given to him. O well, I guess the outpouring of love and respect to him by the whole nation is enough honor for him to be remembered.

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  1. I couldn’t keep my eyes dry as I watched various tributes to Dolphy. Oh, and the burial was heart-wrenching too. There’ll never be anyone like him. Well, maybe Vandolph can fill his shoes?
    Long live the king!

  2. I was not a fan of his more recent sitcoms and movies but I did love his black and white movies. After he died I read about his life and was amazed that he was more of a versatile artist than I thought. His work in Markova won for him and his sons the best actor and best actress awards in the Brussels film festival! An unprecedented feat! I respect him even more now.

  3. He has made a lot of people laugh and that is how he will always be remembered. That is one of his endearing qualities. He’s in a better place.

  4. I really don’t know what’s in him that even though I have expected it will happen soon yet I still got surprised and sad. He is a very good father for he keeps his children together even they have different moms. His legacy will live on.

  5. I read it on twitter and Facebook posts when he passed away. I watched some portions of eulogy and it made me laugh and cry at the same time. It was as if saying remember Dolphy when we are happy.

  6. he really has a good heart knowing a lot of people loved him. i think it really a good time for him to go, because he’s suffering from complications already.
    at least now, he’s resting peaceful and living in a wonderful place where our MAKER is. 🙂

  7. He is gone! I am not one of his loyal fan. I just sometimes checked on his sitcoms and movies but not seriously following him on TV. Well, just that he is loved by many.

  8. Even we expected that he will passed already because of his recent condition, I cannot deny my feelings with a lost of someone known in the movie industry. When I was still in elementary, I used to watched his movies at RPN early morning at around 8am.

  9. *sigh* we seem to be losing a lot of legends the past couple of years. 🙁
    It’s nice panoorin kasi kahit sad dapat, may jokes pa din, may tawanan pa din. Very fitting for a “Comedy King”. RIP Mang Dolphy!

  10. No one can ever take the place of Dolphy in the film industry. They should have given him the National Artist award a long time ago. Being a comedian doesn’t make him less of a thespian. The awards he received for Markova prove how great an actor he truly is.

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