A Knife for Every Purpose

Whatever the work at hand it’s always easier when you have the right tool. When you are cutting cotton fabric a pair of scissors will do the job while if it’s polyester a hot knife is the preferred cutting tool. It’s no different in the kitchen – you need a paring knife to peel potatoes because a butcher’s knife won’t really do the job.

The same holds true for knife storage – there are all sorts of knife racks and blocks you can use but for some reason most people toss all of their knives into a gadget drawer and call it done. You wouldn’t use the wrong tool to do the job so why do you use an inefficient method to store your kitchen cutlery? It could simply be that you are not aware of all of the effective and innovative knife storage options designed to protect your cutlery.

A knife block may be the most common way to store knives- they are very handy when placed on a countertop where you are cooking. The only drawback is that the knives you most often use may not fit in the block as the slots are designed to hold specific knives. The Kapoosh® knife storage system offers an innovative solution as it can house knives and cutlery of all shapes and sizes plus the insert is dishwasher safe. It can be almost impossible to remove dirt, dust and food residue from a conventional knife block.

Another popular knife storage method is a wall mounted magnetic knife rack. The drawback to this method is that you must first have available wall space and you must be comfortable with the fact that the knife blades are exposed. Another option is to invest in individual knife protectors.

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  1. Buying a knife set is an apt choice. It is also important to get ourselves accustomed to different types of knives to make paring, slicing, cutting and chopping a lot easier. I don’t think I would got for the wall-mounted and exposed knife blades. It’s a little scary.

  2. i also keep my knives in a knife rack/holder and place it away from being reached by small children. The rack can also protect the knives from corrosion 🙂

  3. ever since I’ve got my own family I am starting to collect some things that I need for us to get ready for our own, until now we don’t have our own home and a set of knife was in my list for my future little home

  4. I don’t cook a lot, but I love kitchen knives.. 😀 I sometimes find myself weird that I love watching infomercials on knives.. haha.. Wish I can have my own set in the future with a nice and sturdy rack.. 🙂

  5. These knives are very important, not only for the use but also for the safety, especially the kids at home. 🙂 I’d love to have them.

  6. Good points! We actually have about two knife blocks in our kitchen. But our house help doesn’t really care much about storage, as she keeps sliding in knives that may or may not fit into the slots. :/

  7. Actually I only used one knife for everything. Lol. But looking at these for certain job like fish fillet you have to use a knife that is suitable for it.

  8. My issue with traditional knife blocks is the impossibility of cleaning them. It’s good to know that innovations were made. Providing knife insert is such a brilliant idea!

  9. One issue about knife racks is sanitation. The rack might harbor microbes on the inside, and considering some people, they might be at risk for gut infections for some do not usually clean the knife as they take it from the rack.

    But better be organized than letting them in child’s reach. Just make sure to clean before using. 😀

  10. although most of us would assume that we only need one or two kinds of knife in the kitchen but we really should have a complete set of knives and a good quality set.. it is important for the kitchen area.. and each different kind has its purpose inside the kitchen..

    and do not forget to hone our knives for it to be sharp always

  11. We used to have knife blocks but I don’t use it anymore because of sanitation issue. Now I only store my knives in a shelf for the kids safety.

  12. I can never imagine our knife set without knife rock. They should be treated as though they’re spoon and fork — sterlized, placed in the right shelves and kept away from children.

  13. Agree with Franc’s comments, but i feel that all knives should be kept safe and secure. My Studio William cutlery sets are always stored away safe in my dresser so my children can’t reach or use them.

  14. i’m really scared of knives and it really is soooo important to have places where they could be stored properly. it’s really important to think ahead and be safe, so investing in a good knife rack is a must.

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