A Game Console for the Family

Zyc loves to play the PSP. He likes games which involve car racing. I thought of changing this habit. I wanted him to play games which are more kid-friendly. Game consoles I think, have more kid-friendly games. Although I know PSP also has games appropriate for his age but its effect on his eyes is what I fear. He plays with the gadget too close to his eyes that I have to monitor him and remind him from time to time. The games I like with these consoles are the move games. They involve physical activities which could make my kids move and have fun at the same time. I could still remember my Dance Revolution Pad when we still have our Play Station. That was what I used when I wanted to exercise back then. Playing a game console can also be a bonding time for the whole family. Just thinking of the fun we could have, I’m now having this urge to buy a game console.

Play Station 3 is one of the game consoles we are considering of buying. Hubby is a Sony fan, hehe.. and I guess no one can argue that Sony is one of the best when it comes to quality. To buy ps3 game would be no problem either. We can buy from the appliance store, Mediamarkt here or through online stores.

Hubby will get this one, that’s for sure!

I read an article on PS3’s advantages over the other game consoles in the market and I might say it really is far better than the others. Although may be a little pricey but with its edge when it comes to its online features, I guess it’s all worth it. Hubby also loves to play video games and we also enjoy watching movies. With its technology, I know he’ll like PS3 the most.

High Hopes for Daddy

This came as a very sad news to me. My Dad seek for a second opinion on his condition due to persistent dizziness and the doctor said that he had a cerebellar stroke. A kind of stroke affecting the cerebellum which is the area of the brain that controls balance and movement. So that explains why my Dad can’t already walk on his own and has to be assisted.

I didn’t expect this to happen to Daddy. I thought his long walks and medicines can contain his health condition. We were just thankful that it was only a mild stroke and he was not hit at a popular part of the brain. We believe that he can still go back to his old condition. We are very positive about this knowing that my sister-in-law is monitoring his food. He’s now living with my brother since we can not let him go back to our home in Cubao. He lives there alone and no one will take care of him.

Daddy loves to move around. He always wants something to tinker on. But in his current state. he can’t do anything but sit or lay down. Big Bro gives him a massage and takes him for a walk when the weather condition’s good.

Haaay… I hope and pray Daddy gets well. We still have many plans for him. We still want to do things for him that we know he will be happy. We still want him to come here in Germany and see the country.

Hubby’s Home with the “Relief Goods”

Finally, hubby’s home safe and sound. The kids have been waiting for their Daddy since yesterday and kept on asking what time will he arrive, especially Zyc. I’m very excited especially all the things I requested for him to buy for me and the package that my friends sent for me are already here. Oh well, I also miss him. Haha!

Clockwise: All that were left from the grocery hubby bought from the supermarket. I was right, his baggage exceeded from the maximum weight for a passenger. Hubby chose not to pay for the excess baggage and what he did was sacrifice his clothes and items which I didn’t request just to bring the presents from my friends. Like the two bottles of homemade peanut butter. I requested this from my officemate, Harlene. She once brought one in the office and I just loved it! The hoodie was given by my brother-in-law who’s teaching in UP and at the same time taking up his Masters Degree. Hubby also has one. The skirt was also given by my former colleague, Jackie who has gained weight and thinks this won’t fit her anymore. The shorts and socks were given by the wife of a former colleague who has become a close online friend. Included in the grocery is a box of Goldilocks polvoron which I requested also from my officemate, Lizette.

These are just some of the items. I didn’t take a picture of all the shirts hubby bought for me but I really am so happy!

Remembering Mama

It should have been Mama’s 64th birthday today. If only she’s still here, there would be a simple celebration at home. I could still picture Mama blankly staring at us and maybe wondering what are we celebrating. We could have given her a simple gift or offer a mass of thanksgiving. But today, our gift to her is sending her to her final resting place. We’ve decided that her urn be placed inside our baby sister’s tomb. Yeah, I had a baby sister who was pre-maturely born. She only lived for 3 hours. She should have been 31 years old by now. Anyway, since her tomb is only small, we thought maybe we can just put Mama with her. Aside from thinking that at least they could be together, honestly we found columbaries very expensive. We really couldn’t afford one. I think it is better to use the money for Dad’s medicines.

Speaking of Daddy, he was confined in the hospital and just got out yesterday. His blood pressure and blood sugar are already stable, thank God! Although he’s still complaining of dizziness from time to time. And because of this he wasn’t able to join Big Bro and sis-in-law in bringing Mama to the cemetery. Also, according to them the weather is really bad so Dad has to stay home. Big Bro told me he cried while Mama’s urn is being placed inside the tomb. He thought of us, me and Daddy. We both were not around during that time. I then realized it is really sad when you don’t have a big family.


The Sick, The Package and The Trip

The joy of knowing hubby will be back home with some goodies from the Philippines suddenly turned into sadness. Yesterday I was aghast by the news that my Dad was brought to the doctor. My Dad’s neighbor called up my brother and told him that Daddy was dizzy. Immediately, Big Bro went to Dad’s home and brought him to a nearby clinic. He was diagnosed as having a high blood pressure and high blood sugar. I learned that he ate one of the chocolates I sent for them. But I thought, maybe his sugar was already high by then because a small chocolate wafer couldn’t shoot up blood sugar that high. I was even laughing at him while he was in the hospital. I know Daddy’s health is not in that bad condition like Mama’s and I know he’ll be back up pretty soon.

Anyway, I am getting worried with the package my friends are sending me. Daddy was supposed to pick them up from one of my colleague’s house but due to Dad’s condition, obviously he couldn’t. Although a little embarrassed, I asked my brother-in-law to pick them up. I could just imagine the heavy traffic they’ll encounter in going to Cubao from Marikina. But I couldn’t just let those packages be left there. It would have been also shameful for my friends who have been also thoughtful for sending some presents for me. Luckily, brother-in-law agreed and they got the package.

Tomorrow is hubby’s flight back here. By this time they are packing all his things. I’ve seen some posts of pictures in Facebook by my nephews of all the items they bought from the supermarket.

I was so happy seeing them all! I’m just worried he might be charged for excess baggage. 🙂

We’re Left Home

Hubby just left for the Philippines. Yes,our homeland and we didn’t go with him. As much as we wanted to come along we have no budget for the airfare. I am really sad and so very disappointed. I’m just thinking that the weather is really bad now there and it’s better to stay here ‘coz we know we’ll not be able to go every place as we want (sourgraping here, haha!). Nevertheless, I’m also excited for him because it’s been two years since he last went home. Although his trip now is work-related and will only be there for a week, at least he’ll have time to spend with my in-laws. And of course, I’m also excited for all the “pasalubongs” he’ll bring back here! Yipeee!

We’ve spent the whole day yesterday buying goodies for our families. I also have some for my former colleagues and friends. These are the ones which my former officemate didn’t get to receive on time when he was here last month. He was supposed to bring these to them.

We also bought some groceries and of course we didn’t forget the chocolates. Most of the chocolates we bought were Milka chocolates. They are popular here and I think they are not available in the Philippines. And I would not forget Nutella. I sent 3 large bottles and one is for my sis-in-law only. She just loves it. It was a nice feeling knowing that these little things could make some important people happy.

Last night was easy for us to pack everything but I guess hubby will have a hard time when he packs all his things and the ones I requested him to bring here. Hehehe…

Gone is the King

I was saddened by the news that the Philippines’ comedy king, Dolphy, passed away. I am a silent fan of his. I have watched his movies, even the old ones. Yes, those movies in black and white and I was really entertained by them. I love those kinds of movies because they take me to the time where I wasn’t born yet and I’m able to see how simple the lifestyle then. I was not a regular viewer of his latest television shows, but I used to watch his sitcom John en Marsha with the late Nida Blanca. It was a funny show and yet there’s still moral values for kids and even parents to learn.

When news of his demise broke out, fans gathered outside the hospital praying and to pay respect to the person who had made them laugh for more than six decades. And maybe also hoping to catch a glimpse of actors and actresses who are expected to go to the hospital upon hearing the news. Security personnel did a good job in putting portable barriers to help control the crowd and set their limitations. They don’t want to have unsecured vicinity and as much as possible they want to control the people who could be unruly at times.

I have watched the necrological services and I really saw how well-loved the man is. Many singers offered their songs, the actors and actresses told stories of how Dolphy is filled of humility in his heart despite his stardom. Their memorable times and his funny jokes. He was respected by all the people in the entertainment industry.

Talks are now going on about recognizing him as a National Artist but sad to say it is now too late. The man can never receive the honor given to him. O well, I guess the outpouring of love and respect to him by the whole nation is enough honor for him to be remembered.

To Give Birth Here? Nah…

The first time I’ve been inside a hospital here in Germany was when I visited my friend who had given birth. I find the facilities friendly to anybody who comes. The location is so near in nature, away from the busy streets that’s why noise is not a problem. A parking space will not be a problem. Aside from the wide area, it also has covered parking for those who doesn’t want their cars to sun-bathe. The best part that I liked was their playground. I was so amazed on how the architects have thought of putting a hospital-themed playground. I mean, I haven’t seen one like it in our country. I’m pretty sure it would cost too much for the hospital.

A wooden ambulance with slide.

I asked my friend how is it giving birth here. Of course unlike what we are used to in our homeland, it was hard here. The mom needs to be independent. She was left alone actually the whole time she stayed there. Her husband is working and no one will tend to her kids at home but her mother-in-law. So the nurses are the ones taking care of her and her newborn baby. When we were there, two nurses in their dickies scrubs came in to check on her vital stats. I saw how they took care of her. One of them speaks English and she was also the one who took care of her when she gave birth to her second child. They were really nice.

Still I’m not convinced to have a child here. I’m so dependent when my body is not in its normal state. I really need assistance and I can not have that here. My kids of course need hubby to prepare everything for them and I can’t expect hubby to be there for me all the time.


Washing Dishes in Germany

Three weeks ago we had a party in our Deutsch course. It was the last day of my American classmate because she was due to go back to the US to prepare for her wedding. Our class decided to give her a “bachelorette party”. Everyone contributed and brought something like drinks, cakes, salad and some specialties from their homelands. It was really fun and I’m really glad that our teacher is not so strict when it comes to happenings like this. We’ve had celebrations in our class and she had always let us do it. But of course there’s still these limitations.


That was during our break. We proceeded to our lesson for another hour and then continued our celebration.

Of course after the party we had to clean up and brought the dishes up to the pantry. I learned something new that day on how Germans wash their dishes. Aside from having dishwashers at home, I don’t know if all of them do this or it was just a generalization. I don’t know either if this is how it is also done in other countries but definitely not in the Philippines. Apparently, after Germans wash their dishes with liquid soaps they just wipe it and not rinse them with water. Me and my Turkish classmate were surprised. We were both used to rinse the plates and all after washing them with soap. We still went on rinsing them anyway.

This was justified again when I went to attend a birthday party. I was helping the host wash the dishes and she told me too that they don’t anymore rinse off the soap from the wares. According to her the soap here are not really that strong and it is safe to just wipe it off. She even told me that most probably my water bill is high since I do the habit of rinsing the soap off when I wash my dishes.

I tried doing it at home. I thought this could help lower our water bill but I didn’t like it. Hehe.. I think it’s time-consuming. Unlike rinsing the wares and leaving them to dry up, I had to do extra by wiping them with dry cloth which I think takes longer than just rinsing them. I prefer doing other tasks than spend my time wiping.

How about you, what is your dish washing habit? Are you willing to just wipe off the soap from your utensils and not rinse them anymore?

I just see one advantage in this, washing dishes in Germany saves our environment.

A Knife for Every Purpose

Whatever the work at hand it’s always easier when you have the right tool. When you are cutting cotton fabric a pair of scissors will do the job while if it’s polyester a hot knife is the preferred cutting tool. It’s no different in the kitchen – you need a paring knife to peel potatoes because a butcher’s knife won’t really do the job.

The same holds true for knife storage – there are all sorts of knife racks and blocks you can use but for some reason most people toss all of their knives into a gadget drawer and call it done. You wouldn’t use the wrong tool to do the job so why do you use an inefficient method to store your kitchen cutlery? It could simply be that you are not aware of all of the effective and innovative knife storage options designed to protect your cutlery.

A knife block may be the most common way to store knives- they are very handy when placed on a countertop where you are cooking. The only drawback is that the knives you most often use may not fit in the block as the slots are designed to hold specific knives. The Kapoosh® knife storage system offers an innovative solution as it can house knives and cutlery of all shapes and sizes plus the insert is dishwasher safe. It can be almost impossible to remove dirt, dust and food residue from a conventional knife block.

Another popular knife storage method is a wall mounted magnetic knife rack. The drawback to this method is that you must first have available wall space and you must be comfortable with the fact that the knife blades are exposed. Another option is to invest in individual knife protectors.