A Reward for Me

Rewards come in many forms. They can be bonuses, promotion, merit increase or additional benefits for employees; some sweets for those who are in a diet; or a very relaxing vacation for the hardworking dads or moms.

As for me I want to have something tangible. I want something that I can call my own, something I bought with my earnings from blogging. I thought of buying a new cellphone but I guess it really won’t be practical for me because I already have two phones that function well and it’s only hubby that regularly calls or sends me SMS. For its internet features, well I still have a laptop and getting a postpaid service for a phone is expensive for me. Besides I don’t really go out that much, I prefer staying here at home. I also am contemplating of buying the iPad2 (and now the iPad3) but I think a netbook or a business laptop is better. It is still more powerful than a tablet, I guess. My kids would really love to have the iPad for they’re now addicted to Angry Birds (yes, just now). But still they can also play it with a laptop, right? So if ever I buy another laptop, they will be using my old one. Another thing, hubby can also make use of it instead of the laptop provided by his company. He can bring it for his business trips as part of his work.


I think I can afford this one… 🙂

Rewarding one’s self after a stressful work is important to keep us going. We have to stay motivated in order to achieve greater output.

How about you, what do you plan to give yourself as a reward?

Dealing With My Anger

I think I’ll be having a heart attack even if I don’t have a heart ailment. For the past few days I’m having problems in disciplining Ryz and I keep on suppressing my anger. I don’t want to physically hurt her but I fear that if this continues I might develop a heart ailment which runs in our blood, by the way. I told hubby about the stress I’m feeling and he told me it’s because I easily get angry. Unlike me, he manages to talk the kids out of something and finds a way for the kids to follow him. He’s got a lot of patience when it comes to our kids which is what I don’t have. Most of the time when I tell them to do something, I wanted them to follow immediately which is not always the case so that irritates me and leads to anger. (Who wouldn’t be angry if you have to convince a four-year old for almost an hour just to take  bath ?) So what can I do to conquer this situation? I have read some articles on anger management and I hope these can help me in this predicament I’m in.

Understanding Anger

Anger is a normal feeling. Every human being can feel such emotion. However, it can lead to various problems – at work, in one’s personal relationship and this could affect one’s quality of life. The feeling is not the problem but it’s how you handle it that makes the difference.

Expressing Anger

We have been used to expressing our anger by venting it out but this can not be always healthy. The healthiest way to express anger is expressing it in an assertive way. But to do this, one must know how to clearly say what his needs are and how to meet those needs without hurting other people. Being assertive is being respectful of oneself and others and not being pushy or demanding.


Relaxation tools can help calm down angry feelings. There are books and courses available that can teach one some relaxation techniques. Relaxing imagery and deep breathing can also aid in toning down such emotion.

Mental Restructuring

This simply means one has to change the way he thinks. One must take note of himself that getting angry isn’t going to fix anything and the situation could only get worse. Thinking logically can help one get over that anger. Think that what you’re experiencing is part of life  and you’re just having those tough times. Everyone wants fairness, appreciation and willingness in doing things their way and it’s but normal to be hurt when we don’t get them. Unfortunately, angry people tend to demand these things and if they don’t get them their disappointment becomes anger. As part of their mental restructuring, these people need to recognize their demanding attitude and transform their expectations to desires. Using “I would like” is better instead of “I must have or “I demand”.

There are still so many tips on how to overcome anger but I guess these are the ones which I can apply now. I hope to be better in handling my emotions towards my kids because I know our relationship will suffer in the future if I continuously do the wrong things towards dealing with them.

iPod Touch with GPS

Traveling is one thing I want to do for at least once a month. Germany has full of historical landmarks and it would be a shame if I can’t go to these places. And traveling in these locations requires knowledge of the major roads which can direct you to your exact destination. That’s why having a Global Positioning System or GPS is very important for us. We have been using our GPS Navi System in going to cites we are not familiar with and it has been very helpful not only in directing us but also informing us when there’s traffic jam in a certain area. In that way we’re able to select what road to use to avoid these obstructions. We’ve known that GPS has been integrated to some gadgets like cameras but there are also devices that have been added which I know people, especially the techies will truly be amazed.

iPod Touch with GPS

Yes you’re seeing right, an iPod touch with GPS. Now you can use the iPod with applications for navigation and a lot more.

Getting lost in an unfamiliar place can be stressful but with gadgets such as this, one can be sure he’ll travel with convenience and have each trip memorable.


Traveling in Germany

Five Beautiful German Travel Destinations

It was the center of the Protestant Reformation. The Holy Roman Empire used the territory as a central focal point for reaching the rest of Europe. With history stretching back into the 10th century, the land that covers Germany remains an opulent place for a tourist destination.

Online travel websites rave about the sublime architecture. Television shows discuss the quaint tourist locations. Even travel agents brag about the benevolence of the scenic tours experienced when traveling on the outskirts of the city. Ready your cameras and prepare your walking shoes because Germany is full of scenic views that will have you burning camera memory and venturing though hiking trails and small villages.

  • Schwarzwald – Known as the Black Forest and peppered with lakes and black fir trees, tourists will marvel at the majestic view looming around them. Visitors will stay at one of several small villages scattered along the Black Forest or at the heart of area at the spa town of Baden-Baden.
    Guests will stay in a quaint European huts and order authentic German meals that no cooking class could ever replicate. Visitors will hike along the rolling hillsides and traverse through the thick black forests to visit lakes and popular outdoor destinations. The cool climate of this tranquil getaway will leave you amazed at such beauty the Black Forest has to offer.
  • Rothenburg – A small town packed with museums and cobblestone roads, tourists will travel back in time when visiting Rothenburg. Known for its medieval architecture, Rothenburg serves as the perfect backdrop for a movie or television show set in the 16th century. With its small huts and famous Market Square, tourists will experience the nostalgic imagery Germany has to offer. With the  Medieval Crime and Punishment museum, visitors will burn through memory cards on a camera and enjoy the picturesque sights that the small town has to offer.
    Tourists can pop into one of the dozens of shops that line the streets and purchase authentic German trinkets to take back home or stop at the English Conversation Club and enjoy a beer or glass of wine.
  • Neuschwanstein Castle – If you’ve ever seen the Walt Disney castle, you can view traces of similarities with the Neuschwanstein Castle. That’s because Walt Disney used the castle as a source of inspiration when designing the magical kingdom. Guests will arrive and be escorted up the hill by horse-drawn carriage. Upon arriving, individuals will marvel at the large pillars and dozens of windows that pepper the 19th century Romanesque Revival palace.
    Individuals can expect to see hundreds of other tourists as well, snapping photos and traversing through the grounds of Ludwig II’s castle. With tours running throughout the day, individuals will want to wear a comfortable pair of shoes and leave plenty of space on a memory card for pictures and video.
  • Rhine Valley – The backdrop of the Rhine River paints a wonderful canvas for travelers to venture through. With high hills and hiking trails carving through the area, visitors will experience the lush forest trails and outdoor creatures that cover the land. With views overlooking the river and castles, guests can stay at several small, quaint inns that sprinkle the valley. Travelers hoping for a 19th century European experience can find it here at Rhine Valley.
    Don’t expect high-definition television sets or fancy electronics inside these inns, as many of these places come with the bare essentials – food, bed and a heater. If you love, quaint European furniture, you’ll love staying at one of these inns.
  • Munich – The heart of the German culture can be experience with a trip to Munich. Filled with castles, museums and churches, the city will capture the epoch of the 18th and 19th century with its large pillars, wooden buildings and cobblestone roads. Tourist can stop by at the Bavarian State Opera house, visit the famous Cathedral of Our Dear Lady church or travel to the Museum Brandhorst.
    Munich may be the focal point of a trip, especially with so many beautiful sights to see in and around the city. Munich connects travelers to Neuschwanstein Castle and Rothenburg, making the city the perfect location to book a hotel for a few days.

If you need to brush up on your German, you might consider taking an online class to practice before hand. If you want to skip the language class, you can always buy a translator book to help while on vacation. With several places to visit, you’ll always have something to see or venture to while in Germany.


Rick Steve’s Europe (2012)

Global Grasshopper (2012)

I Want to Try Out Yoga…

Spring officially starts tomorrow on our side of the globe. Stores are starting to sell different items which relates to spring. Home decors such as plants and flowers, garden furniture sets and even barbecue grills since people here love to spend their afternoons grilling and enjoying the outdoors. Since this is the perfect time Germans would do their sports you will find various sports outfits in boutiques. Trekking jackets, jogging pants, yoga apparel, rubber shoes and more. Some fitness studios are also offering programs especially for women. As I have told before, many women here either only stay at home or have a part time job so sports center have their eyes on stay-at-home moms like me. Long before I wanted to try yoga. My sis-in-law was an instructor in a fitness studio back home and I saw how it benefited her. One might say she’s weak but she really has this body strength hiding behind her frail-looking physique. Now, one of my American classmates in my German class will be training and is planning to open up a yoga class. I’ve been thinking of enrolling and I hope I can while we’re on a summer break.

I know I’ll be comfortable in this..

In yoga you need clothes that perfectly fit. They must not be too tight or too loose. Flexibility and support for complete ease of movement must be taken into account. You also need to consider of course, comfort. Clothes must be made of soft fibers which can allow your skin to breathe. Wearing the appropriate attire when doing your exercise is important so as to maximize your workout’s full potential.

Of all the advantages I’ve read about yoga, the most important thing I want to achieve is to have a good and proper posture. I’ve been having back pains because of my posture and I want to correct it. I hope I’m not too late for this.


Wedding Dress for a Mom-to-Be

Tomorrow, me and hubby our celebrating our 15th years as lovers. Teehee! And eight years ago I can still remember around these months we were attending bridal fairs for our wedding set in December. I can’t recall how many bridal exhibits we’ve been, how many photo albums and wedding videos we have seen and watched, the number of musicians who played in front of us, the different flower arrangements that brought colors to the event, the unique table set-ups of the caterers and my favorite… the elegant wedding gowns!

I’ve always been mesmerized with the flowing white gowns I see in bridal exhibits. Understandable for a bride-to-be, right? As a bride you want to be the most beautiful woman on your most special day. Sexy-fitted gowns, long trains and even maternity wedding dresses in empire cut.

Who says you can not be sexy when you’re a mom-to-be?

I think brides can be very stunning and beautiful even in simple gowns. It’s just a matter of confidence and attitude in wearing them.

My A1/A2 Class

It’s been almost a month since I finished my first level in German course here and I just realized I haven’t really posted something about my class and more so about my colleagues (Kollegen in German).

our two teachers

We had two teachers and I can say that only one of them is effective. She made efforts to teach us through giving activities where we can practice our writing and speaking skills. We even had tests at the end of every chapter we finished. But with our other teacher, every session was a bore. It even came to a point that three of my classmates reported it to the management and after a month I think, her sessions with us was reduced to two from  three days a week. Nevertheless, there was still no improvement from her teaching techniques and it was a pity more so for our other teacher because she always has to finish what the other teacher left undone.

our class picture taken on the last day of the course

I had fun having them as my classmates. Turkish, Greek, Albanian, Indian, American, Italian, Czech, Ukrainian and Japanese, different languages, different culture and different characters came together and it was a riot.  We were I think 16 when the course started but during the middle of the course my 3 other classmates did not attend anymore. Among us I think I was the worst in speaking German even if I’ve been living here longer than some of them. Maybe because aside from attending the course they have been applying what they’ve learned by talking with other people and I’m not.

The Japanese, American, Ukrainian and the Greek are still my classmates now for the next level but I still keep in touch with the Indian and the Turkish with the leather jacket.

One thing I’m glad in having this course is I’ve met new people and who like me, are still learning the language. They gave me the courage to strive more hoping to gain that confidence to communicate in German.

Sending My Love Thru Flowers

I wonder why but just today, the thought of mom came to me suddenly. I remembered the images of the last time I saw her and had spoken to her. The picture of her trying to say something but couldn’t and all I heard was the sound of her voice.

Last Friday was the 40th day from the time of her demise. It is believed that the soul of a departed hasn’t gone until his 40th day and as a tradition in our country, we offer prayer and invite some people for a small feast to “celebrate” as our love one leaves and joins our Creator. My brother took charge of this making sure that everything is organized. Having a big family we expected that many of mom’s relatives and guests will arrive. He doesn’t want to overspend so he made sure that expenses are within the budget. Sis-in-law decided on the food to be served to the guests. My cousin, on the other hand looked into flower shops and searched for flowers which will be used to decorate the space for the makeshift altar with my mom’s picture and urn.

It was really bad of me because I totally forgot about this day. Big bro informed me about this a week earlier and since 6 days had gone by it came out of my mind. Had I remembered earlier I would have contacted an online shop and send flowers for my mom. I saw this one and I thought this could have been perfect.

I was glad that many online stores of flower shops offer flower deliveries to other countries worldwide thru what they call International network of florists. They have partnered with local flower shops in these countries to expand their high quality service. Now I know where to look for in case I want to send flowers to someone back home.

I’ve browsed their site a bit more and I just wish I could get this one from hubby. 🙂

Flowers can express what you truly feel thus the adage “Say it with flowers”. With different kinds and of special meanings, flowers can convey messages coming from the heart. I may not be really fond of them but I will really feel special if I receive them from a loved one.

Online Private Tutors

German is really a difficult language. Even Germans find it complicated so what more for us foreigners. What makes it harder for us is only few people here speak English so we are really forced to learn and apply the language. I have just finished my first course of German last month. It was kind of just a review for me since I have taken those topics when I was still in the Philippines. It really helped because I was able to apply what I have learned and at the same time gained more knowledge which I think wasn’t included when I took the course back home. Our teacher’s advice is to go out and practice through conversing with other people you encounter with, like in bus stations, in the park, in supermarkets or in cafe’s. Practically just about with anybody. Unfortunately I can only have this chance on weekends when the whole family is out. That’s why I’ve been thinking of getting a private tutor. And since I’m always in front of my laptop I would prefer to have an online private tutor.

There can be many benefits that online private tutors provide. Some offer interactive tutoring where the tutor can use the microphone or chat to teach the students or answer queries to them. I think this feature is best for me since I need someone who I can constantly talk with in German. Another advantage is  it will be more convenient for the student. He can have the session in the comfort of his room. On the other hand, if he wants immediate answer to a query he can log on anywhere where there is internet connection. Identifying what a student needs can help private tutors to customize their sessions and approach. Through this the student will have the opportunity to concentrate on certain areas where he needs extra attention and focus. The process of online tutoring can also be appealing to the students since they are using a medium which they are comfortable with. The varying schedules of private tutors help the student to be responsible and enhance their organizational skills. Time management will be cultivated as they will have to accomplish tasks that were assigned to them. Affordability is also a big factor. Since both the tutor and the student need not travel to have a session, the cost per hour can be minimal.

Private tutors are there to help every student, we just have to find the right one.

Are Diet Pills Safe?

I’ve always been thankful for having a small body frame. I can wear fitted clothes and be comfortable in them. But aside from  this, the most important advantage for me is its health benefit. I’m not saying I’m perfectly healthy because I’m really not but being overweight I think has more disadvantages. Overweight people can be more prone to illnesses. Coming from a family of diabetics with heart disease and hypertension on the sides, I should know that’s why I’m really conscious of my weight and cautious at the same time.

A bestfriend of mine had been overweight for the longest time. I constantly reminded her of its effects on her health but just was so stubborn. Then one day she realized that she’s not getting any younger and she wants to have a child. She once asked me, “are diet pills safe?”. This has been a question from so many who wants to lose weight. I told her that there are already many issues and studies on the effects of diet pills, she’ll just have to research and find what’s best for her. There may also be factors that could affect her search in finding the one that fits her needs like how quick the pill works and the cost but the most essential thing to look for is its safety. Naturally we don’t want these pills to cause permanent damage to our health.