A taste of China

To celebrate Zyc’s sixth birthday, we went to a Chinese Restaurant in Essingen. It offers a variety of Asian cuisine which we haven’t had lately. At first we went around 3pm and they said they were going to have a break and the buffet (yes, buffet!) will open at 5:30pm. We opt to wait for 5:30 coz that’s really the main reason why we went there, the buffet.

Good thing we arrived at around 5:45 coz the place slowly went full at around 6pm.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of their buffet spread coz I don’t think they won’t allow me to. Instead I just took picture of what I and hubby ate.

Plate #1 and #2 for me 🙂
Their Mongolian Barbecue
My and hubby's plates from the Mongolian barbecue

I had the mussels since I missed them so much. Hubby is really not into it so I can’t cook them at home. Got also a squid and a kangaroo meat just to have a taste. Honestly, I can’t remember anymore how they tasted. There was really nothing special about it.  🙂

Plate #2 for hubby

And my dessert… You know how expensive tropical fruits here so I took the chance of taking a bit of 3 of them. I was really full already but I wanted to eat more. (Glutton!)

A lychee, pineapple and honeydew

But wait! There’s more! It won’t be a complete Asian meal for me without having my favorite Japanese food, California Maki. I was really hesitating to get them because I was really, really full that time but still, I got two. Haha!

I don’t usually go to buffets because I usually eat little but that night I felt like I got my money’s worth.


Christmas 2011

Although it is already our second time to spend Christmas here in Germany, it is only now that I saw fully how it is celebrated here. The Weihnachtsmarkt, the food or delicacies tasted only during the season, there was no jam-packed malls. Generally, the simplicity of the festivities. I’m speaking of course for the city where I am ‘coz I know it is different from the other cities like Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin and the likes. I was not able to see these last year because we arrived four days before Christmas and was still overwhelmed by the fact that we really are together as a whole family after a year of separation.

On Christmas Eve we went for a Midnight Mass  to a nearby Catholic church. I know I couldn’t understand any of what the priest said but still I know the Lord knows my intention. But I was able to sing the Alleluia! Was really glad I knew the tone of the song. (You know how many versions there are of this song.) After the Mass we went home and just waited for the clock to strike 12 midnight. Although here, they eat whatever they cooked for the feast during dinner, we waited for midnight to eat Noche Buena.  I suddenly missed the food my mom prepares back home. Everybody knows I’m not a good cook and didn’t get the expertise of my mom. That’s why when it comes to special occasions like these, I feel bad. I can’t serve my family a really hearty meal, something that would separate from our meals during ordinary days. Anyway, while waiting we just had our Christmas family picture taken. 🙂

Ryz was not in the mood for a picture taking so only me and Zyc had one.

Our simple Noche Buena, vegetable salad, spaghetti, cordon bleu (bought from the supermarket), and fruits. That’s it, nothing fancy.

Our Christmas celebration here may not be as joyous as we do it back home but celebrating as one family and offering this day to Him I believe, is what our Lord Jesus wants to see. Merry Christmas!

Electric swimming pool heater: A must in my dreamhome

One of my favorite places to go to when I was back home is Tagaytay. It’s one of the famous tourist destinations near Manila. I remember me and hubby used to go there almost every week making it seemed a near place but is actually a two-hour drive from our home. Can you believe that we sometimes go there just to have lunch and spend an hour or two then go back?  And since it’s a high place, the climate is cold and that’s what we and maybe the tourists loved about it. Many commercial establishments were situated where the clients could see the scenic Taal Volcano. We would eat at Dencio’s Grill where we could have a perfect view of this natural beauty. You could also find parks where a family could spend time together. Hotels mostly for tourists who would stay long and inns for short travelers. Country Clubs were also built and they really are ideal for families who would love to spend days away from the bustling sound of the city.

I’ve been in one of these country clubs which is the Tagaytay Highlands and it was sooo nice! The ambiance, the scenery, they’re all perfect. Given the chance, and the money of course, I would love to own a club share and also build my dream home there. Yes, they have properties for sale and it would be a perfect hideaway for all of us. I could also  bring my whole family or a bunch of friends and have a swimming party. Swim? Yes, swim! I want my dream home to have a swimming pool. And why not in Tagaytay? We can use electric swimming pool heaters so we can still enjoy the hot water even in the cold Tagatay climate. What else can I see in my dream home… Hmm.. maybe a garden. The place is perfect for flowers and orchids to grow. And those white-painted fence around my greens. Just lovely!

A new adventure

I’m not an outdoor person when it comes to sports. I grew up playing volleyball and watching basketball. When I came here in Germany I noticed that many, even old people go to the mountains or woods to trek. Imagine men and women ranging from 50-70 years old holding a pair of trekking poles and enjoying the nature. With their strength and endurance, they just amaze me! Now I wonder if I could do it. I know I get tired easily when climbing but I think it’s worth a try. The thought of being one with nature, the silence and the joy of reaching the top of the mountain, it would be rewarding.

Hmmm… I should be properly geared-up. I looked in the net and I found out the essential clothes to wear and equipments to bring when trekking. I’m not planning to go to Nepal or any other country. So maybe I will only need the basics.

A fleece jacket that can be used on weekend hikes.

I checked RockyMountainTrail.com columbia jackets and good thing they have a wide range of jackets for outdoors and even for kids. Who knows, my kids would want to join me in one of my adventures.

A pair of walking boots is very important too. It should have an ankle support and a sole flexible enough to meet the different walking conditions. A pullover, trousers, gloves, backpack and the poles. That’s it! I just hope I won’t forget to bring a camera to capture breathtaking views when I get to the top and of course blog about them. 🙂

The sights I miss this Christmas

This Christmas I missed how we celebrate this joyous season in the Philippines. The Kris Kringle, the midnight sales from malls, the bazaars, Christmas songs playing, the traffic jams (hmm… having second thoughts on this one), the smiles everywhere, the (extra)kindness of the people, the Christmas parties and happenings in the workplace (especially the Christmas bonus! hehe..), the gift giving and how the people appreciate what you gave no matter how small it is, and a lot more. And with lights, music and these sights you could really feel the Christmas spirit all around you.  That’s why when I went there last November I was happy to see all these (except the traffic, of course).

The lights display along Ayala Ave. in Makati.
The Symphony of Lights Show in Ayala Triangle
The Giant Christmas tree in Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City
The long cues of restaurants.

These were just a few. Most of all I miss those people whom I’m with while watching those, having the parties with, I eat with and I was just thankful that I was given this chance to come home even for a short time.

Meeting the Moms

I almost forgot to post this! It’s been a month since I met with the mommies in Pinay Mommies Community. The mommies who kept me company when reading their thread in Facebook and made me laugh during my dull moments. The ones who helped me in my blogging “career”. 🙂 The ones who answered my every newbie question. And the ones who generously shared their DAs. Hehe…

The Grand Eyeball of the Pinay Mommies was held last November 22 at Aling Tonya’s in Seaside Macapagal Ave. in Roxas Boulevard. At first I was hesitant to attend the celebration because I was still new in the group (barely 4 months). I’m not really a sociable person when it comes to those kinds of gatherings, a first time meet up. But sure glad I came. It was full of fun and I’ve chatted and had laughs with a few moms. It was also my first time to eat there and I think the food was great. Prizes were raffled and many moms were lucky to have won more than twice. Time for the token-giving and there came chaos! Haha! Everybody is in search of everybody. I had no tokens to give since it was a last-minute decision for me to attend and I kind of “late registered”. But I’m so happy and thankful, there were moms who gave me a token even if they won’t have something in return. The ones who knew that I will be coming still got something for me.

These are the tokens I received.

Thank you very much! ‘Til the next GEB Mommies!


Cashmere Coats for the Holidays

Lately I’ve been looking for a perfect coat or jacket to keep me warm this winter season. Be it a mantle or just a plain jacket, anything! I just don’t want to freeze out there when I walk home from my Deutsch class. I’ve seen women here wearing gears in different materials to beat the cold weather. Bubble jackets, leather jackets and cashmere coats are few of them. I like cashmere coats. Aside from the elegance and luxurious look they give, it is very effective in providing insulation even with their light-weight material. They can either be brown, white and grey. I find grey attractive and white sophisticated. And add a scarf or wear a turtleneck shirt, one will surely be a head-turner.

I saw this pic in The White Company. They also have a wide variety of gorgeous clothing for this Holiday Season. Check it out!

Keeping our bodies warm this season is very important to stay healthy. Fortunately we can be healthy and look fashionable at the same time with these coats for the Holidays.



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Hump Day $50 Giveaway

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I had my first taste of Glühwein when we went to the Weihnachtsmarkt last Saturday. Glühwein or mulled wine is a traditional drink during Christmas holidays here in Germany and is made usually of red wine heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, citrus and sugar.

The wine's so hot but just right for the cold weather.

It was good. Hubby and I shared a glass of it. I couldn’t finish one since I’m not really a wine person and I fear I might be walking like a drunk. Haha! But they say alcohol content of the Glühwein was gone during the heating process so I have nothing to worry.

See? I think hubby's already drunk! 😀

Just another first for me here in Deutschland. 🙂

Alcohol Use in the US

I share this information for readers to have a peek on the Alcohol use (and abuse) in the US. But I wonder if this statistics can be similar with what Germany has. As we all know, beer is a major part of any celebration here in Germany. And with breweries in every city, I won’t be surprised with Germans’ consumption of the beverage.