Conference Calls

Christmas is just around the corner. Although this is already our second time to be away from our families, of course there is still the sadness and longing of being with them on such important occasion. Traditionally we spend Christmas eve with my in-laws and with my parents on the 25th. Now that we can not both celebrate it with them I wonder how can we talk to them that day… I know for sure that everybody all over the world will be busy talking to their loved ones either thru phone or online and I’m also pretty sure that these can cause congestion. So I’m thinking of availing those discounted conference calling services. I’ve read that they have better quality services. Either thru audio or web conference call I want to make sure that we can talk distinctively. And of course I want it not just for a few minutes and it is possible for its very affordable price.

It’s really great to know that there are companies that are doing their best in upgrading their technologies and making the world a small place.

Easy ironing

One household chore which I can say I enjoy doing is ironing clothes. Yeah, I know many of you don’t like this housework. Maybe because of the heat or you just don’t have that patience to iron out those creased garments. Hours will be spent in doing this chore that’s why it is important to have an ironing board where you can be comfortable and at ease.  Even if we don’t have limited space, I would love to have those ironing boards that were wall mounted for easy storage. Or those with accessories which makes ironing simple and time efficient. These kinds are the best ironing boards for me.

I am meticulous when it comes to neatness in clothes and I can’t take seeing my loved ones going out and wearing them crumpled that’s why I take ironing seriously.

Skin breaks

Autumn is here and it’s cold season once again. Every morning I check the weather and the temperature starts to drop day by day. The highest could be at 12°C and it could go as low as -1°C. The other day we even had -0.6°C!

Cold weather really dries up my skin. I think even lotions with intense formulas for dry skin don’t work. I’m not used to putting on lotions regularly but this time it will be a must. I had problems with my skin when we were just new here. There would appear like small cuts and I’ll just notice blood on my hands. And now, it’s happening again. It started out as just an itch in areas where they get usually wet and I noticed that red parts are already forming. And now this:

A classmate suggested I should put hand creme liberally at night before sleeping. So I guess I’ll take her advice. Or maybe check with a pharmacist for a more professional advice. Because if not, this would get worse and could really be painful. They also get a little darker. I’m also looking for a good pair of gloves to protect my hands from cold since I walk during the day after our class. The day could be very sunny, skies could be clear but the wind, brrrr! Freezing cold!

My massagers

Didn’t I mention that I love massages? So when we saw that there are electric Shiatsu massagers on sale at 50% off in a nearby supermarket, hubby immediately went there and bought one. Immediately because items like these easily run out. There were three kinds available, a foot massager, a pillow for back or legs and a seat massager. I prefer the pillow one since lately my back, especially the lower part, needs special attention. I have been complaining to hubby about it and kinda expecting he will buy the pillow. Surprisingly, he went home with the foot massager! Hahaha! Though I know he knows I love foot massages. But that time I really would like to have the pillow one because we seldom travel anymore and our feet don’t really get that tired from walking. Anyway, I just tried to position the massager so I can have a back massage. Just when I thought I won’t have the pillow, hubby came home with it the following day! At first I was kind of “annoyed”. Imagine buying another one! It was not even our priority. I thought, here I am trying to look for shoes/boots that’s affordable and yet he bought something that’s least important (it was the same price with a pair of boots!). But then again I realized, he bought something he knows that would make me happy. Wouldn’t it be great if he next started taking classes from online massage therapy schools?!

Now I can blog and have both a foot and back massage at the same time. Hehe..

Flat feet and bunions

“Given the chance, what part of your body would you like to change and why?” Sounds familiar right? This question is usually asked in beauty pageants and the hopefuls’ usual answer is, “Nothing because this is what God has given to me, blah blah…” O well, ask me and I will proudly say that I want to change my feet! Haha! All my life my flat feet and bunions have been my problems. What with their width plus the bunions, it’s very hard for me to get a pair that would perfectly suit my feet and be comfortable on it. Bunions are really painful if you wear wrong shoe styles or cuts. I cannot wear narrow or pointed ones. For my flat feet, wearing flat shoes is comfy but could be painful on the sole after hours of walking because of the absence of the arch. Yes there are some brands of shoes that cater to customers who have problems like mine but they’re too pricey for me. I can even have an option to have custom-made shoes. I’ve tried it and still it didn’t fit me well. I also considered having my bunions removed but the thought of being immobile and just staying at home gave me second thoughts. 🙂

My foot. That's also how my footprint will look like when I step on the sand. No arch! 🙂

Good thing I was lucky enough to see a pair of ankle boots here that fits me. With its broad width and sole, I could walk comfortably.

Ready for the cold season!



Safety first

Yesterday, I decided to go the supermarket nearby with my kids. Now that they have  their own scooters it’s easier for me to persuade them to go out unlike before because they’re lazy to walk. On our way to the grocery we had to pass a downhill street which is kind of steep. Ryz went so fast that she fell. Good thing nothing serious happened to her. Only her eyeglasses got broken. I thought, we should buy them both helmets for their safety. Something worse could happen, right? So they need helmets that could give them superb protection like the Gmax helmets I saw when I browsed online.

My kids on their scooters.

There could be many helmets available in store, pricey you might say but there’s nothing expensive when you talk about safety and lives.

Two trees

This was taken early last month when it was still summer. It’s a park just behind the playground where the kids usually play. When I saw this I was instantly awed. I thought of it as a perfect place to spend with your special someone, very romantic.

And now it’s autumn, one of these days I’ll be back to check out how it looks like. Will it still be as beautiful as it is during summer?

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Music to my ears

I love music, I love to sing and even dance that’s why a walk without it would be incomplete. When I was still working I used to just walk going to the MRT station. It was a 20-minute walk and sort of became an exercise for me. Most of the time I’m with my colleagues who also use the train in going home. But there are times that I walk by myself. I prefer this than riding a jeepney where I could inhale the smoke directly coming out from the buses alongside it. During these walks a 2gb iPod shuffle was my companion.  My favorite songs stored in it. Songs that mostly relate to my experiences. Songs about the important people in my life and the ones I dedicate to them. I also have upbeat songs. I even remember I used to time my steps to the beat I almost danced while walking. Haha!

I haven’t updated the songs in my iPod and I think I don’t want to. Those songs will always be music to my ears and the memories will forever be cherished.

BC Bloggers

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One Day

I am not much of a reader. Sometimes I only read books just for the sake of reading it and usually only finish half of it. I seldom buy books that interest me but when I do, that means it really caught me. That’s why there are only few books that I remember reading and actually liked and one of these is The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks which was made into a movie.

Recently I saw the trailer of this movie, One Day, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. It’s based on a novel by David Nicholls and talks about two friends who meet every July 15 for 20 years since the day they’ve met. What their friendship went through, setbacks and realities that went along with it. A hopeless romantic here, I wished I can watch the movie. I think it’s not yet shown here but even so I don’t think I’d be able to watch it in a cinema. I’ve been looking for it even in the internet in case someone uploaded it (illegally, hehe..) I thought if only I’m in the Philippines I’ll not let this pass. When we went to Heidenheim I found the book on its paperback issue and in English, finally!!! Hubby knew I’ve been looking for it (can’t seem to find an English version here in Aalen) and he said that I should buy it. Yipee!!!

With my blogging, Deutsch course and chores that usually eat up my time, I just hope it won’t take me a year to finish this. Happy reading to me! 🙂