Car Wash

Our car just had a bath. Unlike in the Philippines where we usually wash our car on our own just along our sidestreet, here we can’t do that. First, even if we have a garage where we can wash it we don’t have a faucet where we can get the water supply. Second, I think we are not allowed to do that here. I don’t know, some say it’s prohibited.

There are two kinds of car wash here, the manual and the automatic. We normally choose the manual, self-service and cheaper. In a way it’s machine-operated since we drop a coin in a “vendo-like” box and press few buttons to set the program.Water is expensive here so the length of time you want to use water depends on how much coin you drop to the machine.

The machine where you drop the coin, set the program and shows how much still is your balance.
Illustrates the different programs of the machine and the how to's. (No need to translate, you can already understand the pics, right?)
Zyc, still enjoying what he loves.

I was surprised when I saw a lady washing a carpet (unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of it) but hubby said it can also be done there. So now I have an idea where to bring our carpet. Hmmm…

Next time we’ll try the automatic one.

Body Facts

It’s been how many years since we have learned the basics of Human Anatomy. But during our school days, we may not have known some interesting and even funny facts about some parts of our body. We could have only read them from some trivia books. Like these ones:

Click for expanded viewRadiology Technician - Human Body

Brain is more active at night than day??? Then I think Departments of Education should think of changing schedules for students! 😀







Accounting Scandals

As a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy graduate, it always interests me why and how major international corporations were involved in business scandals leading to their closure or personalities in their company get imprisoned. Wondering how these happened while there are standards to follow for Accountants. Having been employed in a bank supervising Trust Operations, we were governed by various regulatory agencies. We were expected strict compliance and perform with diligence and failure to abide by these regulations means fines and reputational risk for the bank. We follow the International Accounting Standards (IAS) which is a set of principles and guidelines that aims to standardize the treatment or accounting of a business’s various transactions. Companies must follow these principles to ensure sound reporting of financial statements.

However, various companies falsely report their performances leading to their downfall.

Click to expandOnline Accounting Degree - Major Accounting Scandals

A visualization of some major accounting scandals that affected worldwide economy. If they could have just followed the simple Accounting Principles no recession could have happened, no lives could have been ruined.


A day with sunshine

Since I have no Deutsch class today I decided to have a walk and enjoy the weather. Yahoo Weather says it’s 9ºC outside although I only see clear sky, almost no clouds to cover the fierce sun rays. I brought my camera just in case I see interesting subjects. Good thing I did and got these!


I immediately thought of this as a flame. Looks like the houses were on fire!


Yes, that’s a rainbow starting to form. I saw it clearly while wearing my sunglasses.


I found this funny. They look like they’re waiting in line to get “browned”.




Welcome Fall in Style

Megan Gates is an active blogger who provides written work to the blogosphere pertaining to New York Rentals, Suffolk Real Estate, home improvement and the latest architecture, design and fashion.  Follow her on twitter @MEGatesDesign.

 The fall season is a great time to change your style. However, just because it is fall does not mean you have to stick to neutrals. Bold colors have a place in cooler weather as well; you just have to choose the right shades.

For example, if your favorite summer attire included a bright green or lavender tank, then switch to fall with a warm plum or hunter green sweater. Not that cold yet? Try a long sleeved fitted tee in the same colors with a fun scarf. Add a pair of coordinating, dangling earrings, skinny jeans, and great tall boots and the look is complete.

Another great way to get into the fall fashion mindset is to look for great fall inspired jewelry. Beautiful metallic leaves and chunky accessories in deep fall colors are a great compliment and can even take some borderline seasonal clothing into the next season with ease. Forget about having certain clothes for certain seasons. Add your fall jewelry or a scarf and a great denim jacket to almost any summer outfit and you can create a wardrobe for a whole new season.

Do not forget the shoes though. If you add a denim jacket and fall inspired jewelry to a summer sundress, the strappy summer shoes could ruin it. Try those tall boots and see if that does not make all the difference. Catch them on sale at the end of the season and snag several colors to add even more pizazz to all your fall outfits. The key is not to make everything brown and gray, but to use these colors along with bold, deep shades of any other color you choose to warm up your look for the change of the season.

Whether you want to stretch your summer wardrobe into fall or you want a complete change, adding the right accessories and a pop of color here and there will make sure you welcome autumn in style. Do not neglect traditional fall colors either. Bright oranges , reds, and yellows that mimic the colors of the changing leaves can pair well with other fall basics to create a look that is all your own.

A week in the course

I just had my first week in the German language course in Volkshochschule (VHS) and I think I’m going to like my class. I hope I’m not saying this too early. With classmates from different countries and with the same objective, I’m positive we’re gonna blend. Although sometimes I envy some of them because they are already able to converse in German, I find it helpful because I know I will learn from them. I won’t be ashamed if I speak  with grammatical errors because we all know that the reason we’re there is to learn the language.

We have two teachers for the course. The first one is scheduled Mondays and Fridays and the other one for the rest of the weekdays. Both of my teachers don’t speak English that’s why we are compelled to really talk to them or ask them questions in German. It’s hard because sometimes we cannot really express our ideas properly. I’ve also made a few acquaintances with an American, a Chilean, an Indian and a Greek. I’m more comfortable with the Chilean maybe because she’s the cousin of one of my kids’ classmates in Kindergarten and we both don’t understand and speak very well. Although she speaks better than me.

my books! I'm using hubby's previous ones. 🙂

I take the level I’m into right now as a review of what I’ve previously learned in the Philippines. Some could say this is a waste of money because the lessons are really so basic I could have gone to the next level but I know this is helpful to me. Besides, I understand clearly now some lessons which were vague to me before. It will serve as a review and a chance for me to enhance my verbal communication skills (I hope..). That’s why I always look forward to my class.

I’m starting to feel now the stress. In addition to waking up an hour earlier then before I still have to prepare the kids’ lunch and fetch them after the class. I don’t have much time to sit in front of my laptop to socialize and blog! (Notice I only had one post since Saturday last week?) I miss my househelp! Haha!

Well, these are just a few of my sacrifices for my family.  Hope to really learn to speak well so that I could land even on a part time job here. 🙂


Veggies I miss no more

Hah! Finally, the kids ate a vegetable without me trying hard to convince them. Last weekend (this is a very late post, actually) I was able to cook one of my favorite dishes, Ginataang Kalabasa. It was my first time and I can say it was a success. Hubby and the kids liked it so this week it will again be included in my menu (with the other half of the squash). The word “happy” is an understatement because I was really joyous seeing my kids eat vegetables. That’s what they lack from the food pyramid. Before we came here they were just used to eating chicken and pork dishes and unhealthy canned goods. Yes, they eat few veggies but with prodding and depending on their moods. So to complement I just give them multivitamins but still in candy form.

Was really proud I have cooked this dish, it was so good I could have eaten all of it!

Another vegetable that was in my menu (I say “my” because I was the only one who ate it) was Okra. I haven’t found fresh Okra here so I just settle for the frozen ones. Last time, I cooked Pork Sinigang and used only a few pieces. It would be bad if I freeze the remaining again so I decided to boil it and had a shrimp paste to go with it. Yummy!

I suddenly missed the summer outings I went with my colleagues. We used to have this as one of the side dishes.

I only eat few vegetables and depends on how they’re cooked. Hopefully my kids won’t get this habit.



Cheap and elegant sunglasses

Seeing the big names in fashion here sometimes make me think living in Europe gives me a slight pressure when it comes to my fashion sense. I would become a little brand conscious. I just wish I could buy one of those items that has logos of Versace, Gucci, D&G and many others on it. Even a simple eye wear is fine with me. I had a former boss who has a pair of sunglasses with D&G logo on it and it was so cool. I wished for something like that. But I guess I just have to settle for cheap sunglasses. I can even go for replicas! It won’t matter to me as long as they’re of good quality and they can protect my eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

I saw this online and it’s a replica of Versace sunglasses. Hmmm… With its shape, I think this will look good on me.

Children’s Bazaar

It’s the change of season once again and one way to dispose of old clothes here is thru a bazaar. Yesterday we went to a children’s bazaar in Oberkochen. We thought we have to buy winter clothes for the kids. I was glad we found some clothes which are still in good condition and a good buy. But not only snow gears are on sale, there also toys and some baby items like strollers and carriers.

These are the items we bought…

sweaters and snow gears
a purple leather jacket for my little girl

And since my size belongs to the teens section, I got one for me! (still big though…)

We were also able to buy a few toys for the kids.

We spent €48 or $66, a steal! Imagine if we bought those in malls, we could only take home 3 to 4 items for €48!

Aside from food, clothing is where we spend the most here because of the seasons. We just really have to go with the fashion for us to also be comfortable.


Life and then SomMamee and Me Fashion

The celebration continues

When we went back to our city’s festival last Sunday morning, I was surprised when a woman from Red Cross approached us and gave us two yellow bands to be put around my kids’ wrists. We were instructed to write my kids’ names and our mobile phone numbers. It’s a security measure that in case my kids got lost they can have information about my kids and they can call us to our mobile phones. Neat, isn’t it? Unfortunately I had no photo of the bands. Hubby already threw them thinking I already took a photo of it. He even suggested to make a post about it! Hehe…

Anyway, I mentioned in my previous post about our festival and there will be a flohmarkt or bazaar right? Well I was able to buy a bag! Here it is..

The moment I saw it I liked it immediately because as I’ve said I need a big bag so I can put my book and all my stuff for my language course. I bought it for €8 or $11.70.  I don’t know if I really bought it at a discount or what because I don’t have an idea if the brand is popular or not. 🙂

The pink carriage she loved to ride on. She had just became familiar of the story of Cinderella that’s why when she saw this she immediately rode on it.

Compared to Saturday, more people came on Sunday to celebrate. The stores, though are normally closed on Sundays also opened their doors at 1pm.

It was a hot day but I’m glad that we experienced the fun and saw how people here take time to enjoy this festivity.