New Domain

I want a new domain. I was hoping  to open one for my kids before the start of their summer vacation this month. It would have been perfect because I will be with them 24/7 for the whole month of August. I wished to have that site exclusively to record everything they do. Sort of a journal that I can leave for them to read back when they have grown up. But I didn’t get the chance to buy one when godaddy sold domains at a discount. I was in slumber that time. Good thing there’s Pasko sa Agosto Giveaway: $20 or Domain Name plus $ 10 by Online Money Maker. I hope I’ll be lucky to win here.

Cool Awards

 Whoa! Award? For me? Really? Waaaah!!! I guess this is the price I pay for stalking a cool momma, Rachel Joy of Cool Bean Mommas, who is also a Filipina and happens to live also in Cubao. We hope to meet up when I go back home someday. These awards have been “given” to me and to six others a week ago and it’s only now that I’ve got the right state of mind to blog about it.  Still surprised for this, actually.  Anyway, when I read her blog about these awards I was shocked! Being a newbie, that’s understandable right? My initial reaction was, what shall I do??? I really had to ask her because I only see these awards to other blogs and actually was wondering how they got it. And now, it’s my turn. She said I have to share seven things about me and pass these to seven other blogs. Here comes the hard part… I can’t seem to think of seven interesting things about me! (I think this is the main reason why it took a lot of time for me to blog about this. :P)

So, here goes…

1. I’m a mind speaker. Blurts out what I think instantly. Tactless to some, though. 🙁

2. I started to join declamation contests when I was in first grade until the sixth. Now my sharp memory lost its luster. Yeah, yeah… it’s the age.

3. I have a weak hand and eye coordination that’s why I’m not having fun when hubby and my son are playing game consoles. Good thing I learned to drive. Just had to crash our car twice. lol!

4. I love puzzles. Word, number or jigsaw puzzles which I think my daughter got from me. Boring right? Hehe..

5. I’m one of the guys. I love to hang around and kid with them. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m the only gal in the group. Though, girlfriends take me to a different emotional level when I’m with them.

6. I sing.  That’s why I’m missing my videoke sessions with my colleagues. I miss “belting out” and singing my heart out! I dance, too. Total performer? Haha! But again, the age started to creep in.

7. I’m married to our high school salutatorian and I’m very proud of that! He had the uniquest name in our school. Since our surname is common in the Philippines, we combined the consonants from our names and gave our kids also the uniquest name we could think of. We could only make up two so that stops us for having another kid! lol!

Now, I pass these awards on to seven other blogs. Check them out!

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7. Ruby Ricafrente at Pinay Mommy Online

So there! Thanks again Rachel Joy for these recognition. 🙂


Pink or peach?

Looks pink to me… 😛

This sweater just gives me enough warmth I need when it’s not too cold to wear a jacket outside. I’m very comfortable wearing this with its wool material. I bought this one in a surplus shop (yeah, ukay-ukay) before I went here.


Hubby’s world

Two weeks ago, hubby brought me and the kids to the housewarming of their new office in Westhausen. He showed us what he does everyday. I’m not really that knowledgeable in his work because he doesn’t usually discuss it at home. Maybe he thinks it’s too technical for me.  You see, Zyzi is a Metallurgical Engineer. He worked as a Failure Analysis Engineer with two semiconductor companies back in the Philippines. During those years he gained wide experience on several analytical tools and techniques such as Acoustic Microscopy (microscopy that employs very high or ultra high frequency ultrasound. Acoustic microscopes operate nondestructively and penetrate most solid materials to make visible images of internal features, including defects such as cracks, delamination and voids – Wikipedia) thus opening an opportunity and landing him a job here in Germany as an Applications Specialist for Scanning Acoustic Microscope. But aside from this, he was also exposed to different aspects of the industry not only to the theoretical and technical part but to the company’s health and safety issues as well. In industries like this, compliance in high standards regarding health and safety is important. Occupational health and safety specialists are hired to ensure prevention of harm to employees, workplace, the environment and even to the public. Actually I was surprised because it was the first time I heard of this kind of job. I previously worked in a bank and I don’t think we had like these people. I just learned from him that they are more likely to work in factories or production companies. Occupational Health & Safety Specialist Jobs are available everywhere as long as there are industries which could bring hazard to one’s health and jeopardize safety of environment.

a positive mask of a blue ray disc scanned by an acoustic microscope

Aside from testing samples sent by clients for analysis, his job sends him to other parts of world where they have clients who availed of their machine. He conducts trainings and assists them in its operation.

Living with someone who has this kind of technical knowledge makes me proud. For me it is unusual to have this kind of expertise. Sometimes the nerd in him just comes out and I find it funny. I remembered laughing when he explained the effects of concave and convex lenses while we were riding in a train. I bet you have already forgotten this and me too.  But it’s convenient for me especially when I had to recall things I have already forgotten the day after they were taught. Hahaha!!


I’m late to submit on this week’s theme. Honestly because I’ve been thinking of a word that I usually misspell. Alas! I had thought of one and it’s the word LICENSE. Hahaha! I remember I was usually confused on what goes first, the C or the S. And that was until I was working, hehe.. shamefully.

I was about to post for this week’s theme but I thought of misused and not misspelled words. Anyway, I still want to share my irritation when I see the pronouns YOUR and YOU’RE are not used correctly. I’m not being miss perfect here but I think this is very elementary! You may find it funny but even in text messaging I make sure I use the right one even if it’s in shortcut. I use UR or URE even if it sounds the same and texting is really an informal form of communication.

Sharing for


Blogging, what have you done to me?!

When I first came here in Germany I was in high spirits. Who wouldn’t, knowing your family will be together at last after a year of separation and start anew. When hubby returned to work after a month of vacation and only me and the kids were left at home, reality sunk in. Aside from doing the chores and attending to the kids’ needs, I did nothing for the whole afternoon. Everyday! That was when my sister-in-law, Ate Rossel of Mom’s Ups and Downs suggested that I start a blog. She told me to write just about anything and so, armed with a pen and a notebook since I had limited internet access then, I started to write. One thing that blogging has done to me is I became aware of the simplest things around me. I even had an article about my dishwasher! I appreciated more the times I spent with my family. You can see it with our trips that were documented. Blogging made me sane. It made my stagnant mind think and work.

Blogging became a diversion. An outlet could have been my main purpose. But sometimes there are thoughts and emotions that you can not just let the public know and would rather keep to yourself. I missed everything and everybody back home since I used to work and be around with people for 13 years. I cried every time I thought of my family, my friends and even my work! I had no one to talk to here. Hubby and kids leave for school and I’m left alone. Just imagine that! People I wanted to communicate with were unavailable. Friends I thought will be always there in times of need were unreachable. I was in the brink of depression. Actually, I was in depression. If there are stages of depression I think I reached the first stage. But blogging sent my attention to a more positive and meaningful outlook. It made me look forward to something new everyday as I open my site. Simply put, it makes me happy every time I see a comment on my posts.

I gained online friends. Three months passed after I started to have my own domain and reached more than 20 posts, I was introduced by sis-in-law to these communities of bloggers. My life just took a spin. These communities made me feel I still belong somewhere. They helped me in  so many ways since I’m still a newbie. People I only knew by their profile pics. Their thoughts I only knew through their posts. People who I know will be there in times of “need” or “trouble”, at least with regards to blogging. And most especially people I laughed with and keep me happy! People who I hope to meet, if not all, at least some of them. I once said, you lose some you win more!

My source of income. This was a part of my purpose, honestly. I don’t have work here and it’s not easy to leave my parents at home who were kind of dependent on me. So I would still like to earn and give all to them. And these communities are very helpful to share what they have and how they earn. I was glad that my blog became an earning tool and yes, I hope to have advertisers and additional paying sites.

Blogging is addicting, I recently found out. That’s why I’m planning to open another blog for my kids. I hoped to have it while they are still in vacation and it would have been perfect because I’m with them 24/7 but sadly I didn’t get a chance to buy that discounted domain when godaddy went on sale. It would have been nice to document every funny and even sad happenings in their lives. Soon…

I will always be thankful to Ate Rossel and to the bloggers in the communities I belong to. When I came here, my life had a 360-degree turn and changed drastically. But now I can say, blogging turned my life back on track…

How about you, what has blogging done to you?


Ads in our doorstep

I wonder how cheap advertising is here in Germany… Don’t get me wrong but I’m just amazed how stores here spend so much in that department. They would send out flyers, magazines, pamphlets to showcase their promo items just for the week. Furniture stores and supermarkets mostly do this. They even hire people just to deliver these ads to every household and during school breaks, they get students to do the job. Our mailbox would get filled with these ads every week. And mind you the materials used are not just some paper like a newsprint. They are in those glossy paper and you’ll really know that their Marketing Department is really into it. It shows in their concept and design.

I think it’s a good strategy that these marketing materials are delivered right to our doorstep. I find it effective since we ourselves go to these stores and buy some items on sale. Specialty stores benefit from this because unlike in supermarkets where we go every week and find what items are on sale, we don’t go to furniture stores to do a weekly shopping right?Like this furniture store near us, Rieger (pronounced as reeguh), we found this closet in the ad at a discount. From €77 we bought it at €42. But we wouldn’t go there if we didn’t see it on the print ad.

Getting informed by these ads really is helpful especially to those like us who are finding ways to lower down expenses and making cost of living here in Germany affordable.

Looking for a new car

I can’t wait to go back to Munich to visit the BMW Museum. I’m getting so excited on what I’m going to see there. I’ve mentioned in my last post that I’m not really that much of a car enthusiast but I like seeing beautiful cars! I can already imagine my two kids hollering! (Maybe, me too but silently. Haha!) They usually do this when they see BMW convertibles on the streets and I tell you, we have plenty here now that it’s summer and the sun’s out with rage! Europeans love the sun (I don’t!). Understandably, they only feel the heat 3-4 months a year unlike me who have felt it my entire life! For me, what I liked about the BMW cars I see now are their LED xenon headlights. They call it the angel or halo eyes. They’re so incredible! Well, I just hope we can have a BMW even if it’s not a convertible. It’s not really practical for a family with two kids. But a good SUV will do. Lately I’ve been hearing some clanking underneath our old wagon. I think it’s high time to look for a new one. Of course we can’t afford a band new so we might as well settle for a preowned.

I like this one!!


Hah! Finally, I’ve got the time to blog/brag about my trip to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. This is the second car museum we’ve gone so far. The first was the Mercedes Benz‘ also in Stuttgart. I know guys and girls car enthusiasts would really want to see this and I’m very fortunate to have this opportunity. I’m not really that much of a car lover, though. I just admire them for their form and beauty. I’m not very particular either of their engine or materials they are made of. So when I toured the museum I just took pictures of what caught my interest not minding what their names are or their features, hence no captions. Haha! Expect photo overload here. And these are just some of them…

Porsche Panamera - the only 4-door sports car
having the feel of riding on some of the Porsche cars
Photo opps! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my presentation. Hahaha!

Our next destination… BMW Museum in Munich! And I do hope we can have the chance (read…budget) to visit the Ferrari’s in Italy.

Kraut Salad

I am not a good cook. My cooking skills are very limited. Sometimes I think about taking online cooking classes. It is very convenient for me since I am a stay-at-home mom. I’ve heard that California Culinary Schools is good and I bet I’ll learn more recipes, especially techniques from them.

Before I came here, one of my worries was what will I cook for my family. I know only a few recipes and that’s it. Last week I posted to my Facebook status asking for a suggestion on what else can I do with cabbage because hubby bought one as big as a watermelon and I used only a slice for my coleslaw that night. I could only think of two recipes for cabbage, coleslaw and boiled pork. Good thing my bestfriend commented Ginisang Repolyo or Sautéed Cabbage. I did it and glad it was a success. Hubby liked it and even brought some to office.

The first time I went to a supermarket here I was really surprised to see cabbages this big. Then later I heard of a salad where cabbage is the main ingredient. It’s Kraut Salad. Germany is known for this kind of salad. I think it’s like a German version of our Atchara or Pickled Papaya. So here’s a recipe I got from a food blog.


White Cabbage.
Onions, Medium.
1/2 cup of sugar.
1/2 cup of vinegar.
2/2 cup of Oil.
Tsp salt.

Cut white cabbage and the onions in shredded, very tiny and small ones. Mix all together the rests of ingredients, and cook for a while. When you’re done, pour this cooked dressing all over the cabbage. Wait until it is cold, then serve. The best serving time is, when you kept this German Kraut Salad longer.

I haven’t done this but I plan to try it next time. And maybe taking the online class can show me what more I can do with cabbages!