Building Self Confidence

When I and Zy had a meeting with the educators from Kindergarten, they discussed about their assessment on my kids’ character and behavior. I heard praises noting that my kids love to play with the other children and they don’t bully them. They also said that Zyc was patient to small children. And they sometimes see caring Ryz, asking her brother what’s wrong when she sees her sad Kuya in one corner. They both know how to follow rules and I found it funny when they told me that Zyc is a whistle blower. He reports to them kids that don’t follow the rules. Haha! They also discussed their weaknesses and what struck me most was them noticing Zyc’s low self confidence. How did they see it? They gave him a blank bond paper and let him draw himself. They were surprised when Zyc just drew a little boy. They interpreted it as Zyc seeing low of himself. Actually, we already noticed this once but I didn’t know that other people would see it. He’s actually shy when other people are watching him do his stuff. We still have to push him a little bit. He doesn’t usually brag about his good works. So at the end of the meeting, target was set. (This is one thing I liked about the meeting, setting targets for the kid’s improvement on his growth and development.) For the next school year, of course building his self confidence was the main objective in addition to his language proficiency since he’s about to go to the big school.

Good thing that weekend we went to Stuttgart where there’s a festival for children and teens. Different booths were set up where children can explore, participate, play or just grab the freebies. We brought him to booths where we know he can excel and at the same time boost his confidence. At first he was shy just to stand in line and wait but later on every time he see’s something he wants to do, he just went on it.

he loves football! got only 1 out of 4 tries yet still happy w/ the small candy as a price!
4 hits out of 6 tries, all grounders... not bad


they were all scrambling for the ball, at first Zyc was shy but later realized he has to fight for what he wants
...and got it! w/ little sister's help... hehe..

I hope this is just temporary and he overcomes his shyness soon. I’m really worried since he’s going to the big school on September next year and I don’t want him to be bullied around. I don’t want his lack of self confidence to affect his social development aside from the fact that he has to learn the language here and adapt to a very different culture.


Our little home

This is one of my favorite in my daughter’s pink possessions. We gave this to her as a birthday gift just last month. My favorite because we just made happy memories inside it. I called it “Our Little Home of Laughter”.


As she sees it


RJ in an educational trip

The other day I saw in the news that it rained in the Philippines non-stop and later on became a typhoon causing floods everywhere. It is the rainy season now and it is normal there to suspend classes in elementary to high school levels due to heavy downpour and floods. And when classes in college levels are also cancelled, you really know that it is really raining cows and horses there! (you know what I mean).  Classes were suspended yesterday and I found it funny when I saw the status of my 9 y/o niece, RJ, in Facebook hoping that classes resumes and she wanted to have lessons today because she’s getting bored at home. And it’s just one day! Funny because when we were at her age we prayed that there would be no classes! Even if it lasts three days, ohh… we rejoiced for it! We loved to play under the rain (because there was no acid rain yet during our time!), or play with our childhood friends or even just snuggle in bed. I’m just proud to have her as a niece. She’s a really diligent student. She’s the youngest among her classmates and one of the top in her class. I admire her hardwork and she values education that much. I hope every student realizes the importance of education like she does.

Joining contests

I don’t usually join contests. I guess maybe because I don’t feel lucky enough to win one. But when I saw When SAHMone Speaks’ contest, it caught my eyes. I would love to have those Mary Kay Products. I’ve been using their mineral foundation for months now. It really lessens the appearance of my blemishes and wrinkles. And I like its metallic cover, you can use it as a mirror too. Hehe… Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to buy a new one before I left for Germany so now it’s almost empty. I know if I win this contest I can’t have them either but I would love to give them to someone as a gift and this would really make her happy.

No bags for groceries

Plastic bags don’t come free with your groceries here. They are bought for a few cents depending on size. But since we don’t want additional garbage here at home we decided to buy this basket. We buy our groceries weekly so this is really useful. With its durable hard plastic  material it could carry a week-long supply of food. It is also convenient to use since we ourselves put the things we bought in the container (yep, no baggers here!). I hope people back in the Philippines can also do this, especially those with cars since they can bring the shopping cart to the parking lot. It can be so many things like a laundry basket, right? Very useful!


Pink bargain

I love pink. I like wearing them even if I was a little tan back home (I really got dark here because of sunburn!). That’s why when I saw this shirt on sale I took it right away. Imagine, from €9.99 (approx. Php 600.00) it’s priced at €2.39 or Php 145.00. Cheap isn’t it? I don’t usually see shirts my size on sale here. (I’m XS here while back home I’m M. Yup, too small! I could fit into clothes from teens section!)And aside from its bargain price, I’m more comfortable wearing them, plain and simple me. I also thought I needed some shirts for summer since most of the clothes I brought here are with long sleeves for the cold season. Now off to shop for more shirts!

Trash talk

Germany has a really good system in garbage disposal. Although a little costly  (there’s a monthly fee charged to every household), at least we can see where our payments go. We had to buy our own bin for the Restmüll (Other waste), had it registered and a “chip” was attached to it. There are also bins for Altpapier (Old Paper) and Bioabfall (Organic waste).

Gelbe Sack (Yellow bag) for plastics, tetra pak and other recyclable materials.

Metals, brown, green and transparent bottles and old clothes or textiles go to these containers found along the streets and areas near residences.

Bottles with this sign have cash equivalents and go right back to the manufacturer.

Terminals are situated in supermarkets where we put these bottles and issue a “receipt” which can be used to buy items from the store. Nice right?

Restmüll bins

Altpapier bin

Old appliances and furniture are brought to a Bau hof (lit. Construction yard) for disposal. Even green waste are collected during the Spring and Fall seasons.

A schedule of garbage collection for the whole year is given upon registration. With this you’ll know when to bring out these bins. That’s why you won’t see bins and sacks everywhere which makes the surroundings clean.

Haay… If only every Filipino learn to at least segregate their wastes! I just wish we’ll have a system like this in the Philippines! But, I know I’m wishing for the impossible and every Filipino can just dream on.


A wake up call

Before I came here to Germany and started to become a full-time mom/housewife I admit that I really didn’t have that enough time spent with my kids. Since I was a working then, they only see me in the mornings and in night time. There were even days that they didn’t see me at all because I left while they’re still asleep and I went home and found them already sleeping. I was so dependent on their nanny and dad in taking care of the kids. I bring them to malls to spend time with them, yes, but not regularly. Last week, me and hubby had a meeting with the kids’ “guardians” in the Kindergarten. (They don’t call them “Teachers” here since they are not really teachers in the true sense of the word.) In the meeting, the developments of our children were discussed. How they have changed since they started in the Kindergarten until now. We were also asked what we have observed and what are the changes the Kindergarten brought to the kids. Questions like What are the names of other kids they play with?; What stories do they tell when they get home?; These questions made me realize how important listening and spending quality time with them is. It was a shame when I needed to pause and think hard what’s the answer to  those questions when I should have known in a snap because I am the one who they spend most of the time with. I know they have told me stories. I know they have told me the names of their friends. It’s just that I think I don’t pay too much attention to them. That’s why after the meeting I asked the kids what are the names of their  friends and listed them down! It was truly a wake up call.

The fall of the tooth

Zyc’s milk tooth fell off last night. A first for him. He and hubby were just playing around when Zyc suddenly kneeled, burried his face on his hands and wailed! I was really shocked! When he raised his head up I saw blood. I thought it was a wound made by hitting his lips somewhere then I realized his loose tooth was gone. He was really wailing I couldn’t pacify him. More so when I let him rinse his mouth and saw blood, he panicked! I don’t know if I will laugh at him or pity him. (Bad mommy!) He doesn’t want to see blood. He has this line every time he bumps or scratches or hits on something, “Mommy, is there a big blood or small blood?” When I answer “nothing”, he’ll ask “just red?”. We let him eat ice cream (even though it was before dinner) just to let the blood clot. Now, ask how did he stop crying? When daddy promised to buy him a new Bakugan toy! He even wanted two but we told him we’ll only buy one because it’s expensive. We’ll just buy another one when another tooth falls again. Hahaha! Kidding aside, I realized one thing. I just thought what if I wasn’t there when it happened? If I was at the office and still working? I would have missed this moment, right?  Well, this is just one of the perks of being a full-time mom.