Color-shifter feet


It was a tiring but fun stroll in Stuttgart and after a day (est. 6 hours) of walk, I knew my feet deserved that much-needed massage. Who else gave me this but sweet hubby. Yeah, sweet ‘coz he gave this while we’re still on the train on our way home. Imagine what would other people say when they saw him doing that in a public place, right? That’s why it was a sweet thing to do for me. Hay… I suddenly remembered when we were not yet married, we loved to go malling the whole day and when we get home we would lay down opposite to each other and massage each other’s feet. Yiheee… So, you wonder why the title? If you’re familiar with the Hot Wheels cars, they have a product called the Color shifters. These cars change color (hehe.. as the name suggests) with hot and cold water sprayed or poured on them. Notice my sun-burned feet? When my son, who’s a Hot Wheels cars addict, saw them he suddenly blurted out, “Mommy look, Color shifter feet!” I was really amazed and found it funny. He’s such a quick thinker!

A day in Stuttgart

The first time we went to Stuttgart city center was the day we went to the Mercedes Benz Museum. We stayed there only I think for two hours or so. But last Saturday, we spent the whole day just walking around and enjoy the sites of the city. Historical landmarks are found here. Hope you enjoy the views as much as we did!

Schlossplatz” (Palace Square)

das Neue Schloss” (The New Palace)home to kings of Württemberg from 1746 to 1797 and 1805 to 1807…


Schillerplatza square in honor of German poet, philosopher, historian and dramatist Friedrich Schiller…

And some pics of the rest of the busy city…

After long hours of walking, we just sat down on the grass and got some needed rest. Good thing it was a little windy that day it didn’t matter if the sun’s out.

Lastly, what’s my visit to this city without having my favorite coffee drink? Starbucks Caramel Frap! When I had my first taste of their frap here (not at this store) I was actually disappointed. (In search of the taste I was craving, I bought two flavors from two different stores but was still not happy. Argh! spent almost €10 for those!). It was a little sour (I don’t know if it was because of the milk) and it was really hot that day there were long lines to every store I went to so I guess the quality was compromised. But this time they got the taste right. Yummy! Hope to be back there soon!



Our first train ride

In celebration of Ryz’s birthday, hubby took us to our first train ride here in Germany. Although it’s only an hour travel going to Stuttgart at least we had the experience of riding one and I really need that exposure so that I can go to many places as I want to. (Now I can go to Frankfurt or to some cities to meet up with my other classmates from Goethe Institut!) Hubby taught me how to buy a ticket through the machine and what and where to look for information regarding the trips. We had the chance to ride on a double-decked train. Of course we sat on the second level for the kids to have a clear view outside. (Although there’s nothing much to see but houses and farms all over.) It was a nice ride looking at my kids enjoying the scenery calling at every animal they saw. In travels like this, I think one should carry a book or something to tinker on especially when you’re alone to pass up time. Me, I just took pictures of my kids having fun.

Ryz’s 4th birthday

Our little princess just turned four last June 18. Since me and hubby always tell them they have to wait for their birthday to buy the toys they want, last Friday she enumerated all the toys which are according to her, “she needed”. Tinker Bell puzzle, a Barbie, a RC car (Zyc is really the one who wants it) and another one I can’t remember because I already interrupted her and asked why it’s too many and she answered “I need four because I’m four years old”. Waaah! Kids! And guess what she ended up buying? A flute which she just saw that night! She had already forgotten the ones she enumerated that morning! While she’s looking around for some toys, we secretly bought a Disney Little Princess  tent as our gift because we noticed that lately she loves to convert some parts of our home into her “house”. Under a table, beside our bed, beside the sofa as long as there’s a chair covering the entrance as her door, that will do. The funniest house I saw she made was two inverted side tables and a pillow on it. She even fell asleep on it with her legs bent because she’s too big. Ah… our little girl. She never fails to fascinate us and make us laugh. The comedienne between our two kids, she just loves to make silly faces, initiates tickling and utters remarks that make it to my Facebook status! I just wish she’ll still grow up to be a woman with finesse even with that humor and silliness in her body. Hahaha!

Our new hideaway

I love malling. I can spend hours inside a mall shopping, more so if there’s a SALE going on, or even just to window shop. I remember when we’re back home, we used to spend our weekends in SM Mega Mall. We would go there just before lunch and spend the rest of the day walking around, buy things we really don’t need and let the kids play in Timezone. I even called Mega Mall our second home. Here in our city, there’s no mall like the one that I got used to. Mostly here are specialty stores. I think there are only less than five stores that cater to every need of every gender at every age here. Sadder part is malls are closed on Sundays (as I have mentioned before in my “Sunny day Sunday” post). So what do we do on Sundays? Unless it’s raining, we go to parks. There are many parks and playgrounds  here to spend your leisure time with your loved ones especially the kids. Structures were built which are very good for the development of locomotor skills of children or even just to play around. What’s a playground without the usual see-saws, swings and a slide. But what’s good about the playgrounds here is they add structures that won’t make it boring and put some twists to the usuals to make it more challenging. As for us mommies and daddies, we can just bring our rackets for badminton or table tennis or even just sit there and enjoy the sun and the cool air.


My first bus ride

I’ve been here in Germany for six months and it was only last week that I got to ride on a bus. “Why only now?”, you may ask. Well, mainly because we have a car and I don’t usually go out on weekdays when hubby uses the car to go to work. If there were times that I had to go the city center, I prefer to walk and enjoy the nice weather. But last Friday I just had to ride one because I left home late morning and I had to get back before 12 noon to cook lunch and pick up the kids from school. I felt mixed emotions for I didn’t know what to expect on that ride. My Deutsch is not good and I don’t know if drivers here know how to speak English. That was one of my fears, how can I communicate… While on the bus stop I saw  different information posted on its glass wall. A timetable, the bus route, and the fare matrix. So there came Bus #37 (I can only ride on buses #37 and #28 unless I want to go some place else and doesn’t want to come back!). There was the driver and unlike in the Philippines, he’s the one who collects the fare (you just have to put the money on a tray, actually), and with some buttons pressed on a touchscreen monitor your change (if you must have one) and your ticket come out from the machine. There are three doors, the door near the driver is used mainly for those boarding and the two doors are used for disembarking. You should not forget to press the red button near you to send signal to the driver that you have to disembark to the next stop, otherwise you will walk a few hundred meters back! I just wish we have this back home but I guess this will really be impossible. Unless the bus operators are willing to invest in a sophisticated machine like the ones used here and bus drivers be educated enough to operate those machines. Also, this system I think will not be effective on mass transportation where people are all on a rush. And of course, the bus stops! Drivers and passengers don’t really have that discipline to use these stops. Or just maybe in small and selected areas like The Fort. Generally, it was a nice experience and an accomplishment for me. Now, I can go farther away from our home, on my own.

A day at the museum

I remember telling you that I will post pics of great cars I see here, right? But instead I’ll just show you some of the pictures I took when we went to Stuttgart and toured the museum of one of the most famous cars all over the world, the Mercedes Benz. Enjoy!

Wait for our next stop, the Porsche Museum! I just hope I won’t forget again the most important thing in tours like this, my camera!