I survived…


my profile pic in FB

For the past months I have been contemplating on deactivating my Facebook Account. It started when I had just arrived here and I really missed my home, my work, and my closest friends. I thought maybe it’s better to close my account to lessen the pain of missing them. Many of my friends stopped me. They told me that in my situation, which is miles from them, I need FB. This is the easiest way to communicate with them, know what’s the latest, blah blah blah… But 1:00am yesterday I did it. It was a slightly hard decision for me but I guess I just had to do it. For one, I can’t anymore find those people who stopped me from deactivating it in the first place. Talking of keeping in touch, huh! It’s disappointing not receiving a response from  those whom you thought are your friends and who’d care if you’re still alive! All I did was wait! I’d look for someone to chat with, upload pictures and comment on updates of people I’m not even close to. And very recently I started playing a new game, Gardens of Time. (See how bored I am here?) Which leads me to my second reason, it’s wasting my time (I just realized that after months of “using” it.) I had low productivity here at home. Sometimes I will pass up some chores just to upload pics or view profiles of people I hardly know! But partly, I’m just lazy doing them, hehe… Lastly and the most important, I just want to focus on learning the language here. I’m really having a hard time. Although I don’t have someone to talk to verbally, which is what I really, really need, I’ll just review, read more and do something worthwhile while I wait for September when I can enroll in the formal language course. So yesterday was my first day of no FB and I survived! There were tempting moments I admit. One of my weaknesses is poor self-control combine it with poor time management skills and voilà! Nothing happens! But I told myself, “Che, you can do this.” And I did! (I just wonder until when, hmm..?) ‘Til my next log in!



Stranger smiles…

It’s very seldom we encounter people, strangers for that matter, to smile at us with no hidden agenda. Usually a stranger does this and later approach us to ask a question. Well that is back in the Philippines. Here in Germany you can come across with people just smiling at you and even saying a simple “hallo”. I walk during mornings and it’s really true that morning greetings can put a smile on your face. Sure it’s a great way to start a day.



I love solving puzzles! May it be a crossword puzzle or a number puzzle like Sudoku. But what I love most are jigsaw puzzles. And one name that always pop into my mind when it comes to puzzles is Ravensburger. Known here in Germany, its name is derived from the city of Ravensburg in the state of Baden Württemberg. It has high quality puzzles and great designs to choose from. Landscapes, beaches, safaris and even cartoon characters. I started loving them six years ago when I was pregnant with my little boy. I’d spend all day putting them together even if it meant hunger, backaches and muscle pains. I even remember my legs getting numb because I was sitting on the floor for hours! At first it was just me solving it but hubby got interested too and started to help. It was our bonding time. I’ve done puzzles ranging from 200-1000 pieces. I wish I could have brought all my puzzles here to hang on my walls. I have also tried a puzzle ball here. I like designs with a romantic touch in it and those that are challenging, meaning few colors and with almost the same shades. Puzzles make me relax and not mind the things that are going on around me. Besides I have nothing much to do here! I’m glad my daughter is also into it. We even have the same technique, we seldom look at the picture. We solve it just based on the piece’s print and shape. Her kindergarten teacher was even amazed how fast she solved a jigsaw puzzle she just saw for the first time. I think puzzles teach us to be analytical and focused, but more than these it teaches us to be patient and persevering and thinking that in time, everything will fall into place the way we want to.