I badly need a manicure, a pedicure and an eyebrow threading. Since these are pretty expensive here (15 Euros minimum), I haven’t had one since I got here. Yeah I have twissors but they’re not that good and for my eyebrows that have grown too long it will be really painful to pluck. Hubby was about to buy me a battery-operated one as a birthday present. I stopped him. No way I would let him spend 20 Euros for just a shaver! Even for a manicure and pedicure set. We saw one of these gadgets and it costs 40 Euros! I’m not planning on making a career from it, though I think it’s a good product. It comes with a nail file, a cuticle remover, a buffer and more. Cleaning nails here is different from how it is done back home. Here they just clean the surface, remove the cuticles and put on a nail polish. They don’t remove ingrones. Funny I asked my family to include disposable shavers and a manicure set in the package they will be sending. I really miss “Let’s Face It” for my eyebrow threading and Weng, my manicurist in Freshaire. I guess I just have to do them myself..

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  1. Oh my God! It´s just like me for 22years, looking for manicure and pedicure, my hands were totally dried, looking for a good hairdresser, ´twas a disaster. Now i´m already used, just did it alone! And it´s really very expensive here and they call it here “luxus”, which is in Pinas normal, di bah!?
    Anyway, i just learned to accept everything for my Family, became”stark und selbständig”. By the way, on Wednesday i´m in Aalen bei Frau Emir, want to join me!?

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