My Dishwasher

My DishwasherAt last, a dish washer (Geschirrspüler) for me! It is really a big help since I have been complaining to hubby of what frequent washing has done to my hands. Because I wash the dishes three times a day plus strong dish washing liquid, aside from washing the kids from time to time, my hand became very dry. Of course the winter season was a big factor. The lines in my skin became very dry and looked like small scratches. Once I saw blood between my middle and ring fingers and wondered where it came from, I was surprised it was from a tiny cut on my skin. I put lotion but not regularly. Skin color became uneven, dark areas became visible like burnt marks. I even remembered feeling a little pain and sometimes numbness in my hand. But aside from my skin not being dry anymore I will have more time to spend with my family. I felt this one night when after eating, hubby and my kids just sat on the couch and played. While me, still in the kitchen washing dishes. That’s approximately 35 minutes less time spent with them. By the time I finished my back was aching and I have little strength to join them. So even if it’s a little expensive (229 Euros or Php13,000) we still bought one. Convenience and comfort and more time to spend with loved ones, it’s all worth it!

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