Breathtaking Refuge…

Missing everything and my loved ones back home and going through the adjustments of being a full-time mom, I must admit I have been down lately. I felt like I’m another person. Not the usual cheerful Che. Last Sunday hubby asked if I want to go to Neresheim. At first I was kinda reluctant. It’s a 20-minute drive from our place and it was already 3pm. I was planning to do some ironing that afternoon. Nevertheless we still went there and I was surely glad we did! I really enjoyed the drive, seeing the vast green fields along the way. They were so beautiful that sometimes we had to stop and let the kids run to their delight. When we got there, it was then I knew why hubby was so persistent in bringing me to that place. There is the Neresheim Abbey (Abtei Neresheim). A monastery founded in 1095 by Augustinian Canons and was later changed to Benedictine abbey in 1106. It’s a baroque church and it’s ceiling paintings were in European baroque style. The paintings depicted the scenes in the life of Jesus. It’s the first time that I have seen such a great artwork. With its colors and details even those who don’t have an eye for art will surely be awed. They are truly amazing! (I just wish I can post all the pictures here!) Of course before appreciating all these I first prayed. Thanked Him for His love and every blessing I have received which sometimes I know I don’t deserve, asked forgiveness for my shortcomings and most of all, asked that He’ll give me more strength and help me face whatever I’m going through. I know I can always count on Him to seek refuge. Thanks to hubby who was so instrumental in bringing me to this serene place. I know I’ll be back, CHE will be back…soon.

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  1. God will always give you strength to bear your cross.. Just kepp your faith and hold-on 🙂 If you look around you, there are more who have heavier crosses..Cheer-up 🙂

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