Leaving everything and everyone…

Leaving is such a sad moment in one’s life. Whether leaving for a new job, new home and in my case, new life. When I was processing our visa application it felt like they were just ordinary papers. I just looked forward to being together with hubby and our family to be whole again. Three months after submission of documents, our visa applications were approved. Reality started to sink in. I thought of everybody and everything I’ll be leaving. My parents who are kind of dependent in me, my only brother who I’m very close with, my friends who I have loved and knew the true “me”, my home which saw every single day of my life and my career which I have mentioned was just starting to soar. Even our car! Hubby laughed at me when I almost cried over the thought of leaving it. I told him I was just beginning to get attached to it. The feeling gave me mixed emotions. I was happy because finally, after one year of being apart my family will be together again. Sad because I’ll be leaving every bit of my life and start anew. New country, new language, new people to meet and hopefully make new friends.

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  1. Life in a new country will be easier if you will join a community. Try to look for couples for christ community there and just open your hearts and mind to the idea. God have His reasons why you are there. Just follow His lead and you will never regret anything. 🙂
    Keep us posted with your journey in your new life in Germany. I’m sooo loving every bit of news from you 🙂

    1. Oh Dhez! Thank you! I think I still have to go to Stuttgart to have that kind of community. We’re like only 11 Pinoys here in our little city! I’m now okay.. slowly accepting everything and embracing what I only have, the joy of being a mom and a housewife.
      Thank you for following my journey!

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